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6 tags and 1 profile in descriptionfilling up your glass for #nationalwineday ? don't forget to fill your bathtub, too! which philosophy scent are you pairing with your celebratory vino? shop at @macys . #bubblebath #bathtub #wine #summer2018 #lovephilosophy
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2 tags and 0 profile in descriptionwe’ve got hope by the bag! which hands of hope scent speaks to you? stay moisturized with all 8, tap to shop. #handcream #lovephilosophy
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5 tags and 1 profile in description#tbt pure zen vibes on the beach in oregon! where are you headed for memorial day weekend? #repost @rrayyme #simplenotbasic #memorialdayweekend #lovephilosophy
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5 tags and 1 profile in descriptionpictured: this year's best acne treatment and bestseller award winner at the @cewinsider awards! have you tried the clay mask that virtually eliminates blackheads in just two uses? tap to shop! #claymask #skincare #powerfulpureandsimple #puritymadesimple #lovephilosophy
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4 tags and 1 profile in descriptionrenewed hope has your face covered at every step of your get-ready routine—from moisturizing to concealing to adding extra glow! shop these makeup and skincare must-haves at the link in our bio @ultabeauty . #hopeneverrests #skincareormakeup #skincare #lovephilosophy
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4 tags and 3 profiles in description"had an incredible time this weekend with @lovephilosophy celebrating the new purity ultra-light moisturizer! we spent the day at @ioka_farms where the meadowfoam seed oil in the moisturizer is grown and harvested! the incredible fields of meadowfoam provide an oil that produces a product that is much more light weight than other oils! it was SO cool to get to meet the people behind this incredible family run farm. they went above and beyond to welcome us into their home to teach us about their business that has been in the family for 5 generations. wow. it’s so cool to actually see the people and LOVE put into making a product." - @officiallyquigley #repost #simplenotbasic #powerfulpureandsimple #partner
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2 tags and 0 profile in descriptioncare for a handful of berries? meet new hand creams berry & sage: savory and zesty, with a yummy lychee-meets-tomato-leaf experience, and fig & pomegranate: bright and juicy, with the sweetness of sugary fruit and the softness of violet, almond and amber. #handcream #lovephilosophy
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5 tags and 0 profile in descriptionwhat, you don't have a mantle dedicated to your favorite moisturizer + hashtag? 😉 while we're so sad that our #simplenotbasic oregon adventure has come to an end, we're forever grateful to the amazing people who made it possible! 🙌 💛#puritymadesimple #oregonlove #powerfulpureandsimple #lovephilosophy
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6 tags and 1 profile in descriptionit's okay to not be okay, and if you're not okay, you're not alone —1 in 5 of us are struggling with mental health issues. leave a 💚 to spread love for mental health month! #repost @recipesforselflove #mentalhealthmonth #howareyoureally #hopeandgrace #mondaymantra #lovephilosophy
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4 tags and 1 profile in descriptionwill never get over this view, or the fact that this field of meadowfoam flowers could create enough meadowfoam seed oil for ~1.6 million purity ultra-light moisturizers! 🚜🌾 #repost @rrayyme #simplenotbasic #puritymadesimple #partner
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4 tags and 3 profiles in description"philosophy: purity is finding balance and embracing our true selves 🌸 feeling so grateful to experience this beautiful town with even more beautiful souls this weekend! this meadow foam field is grown + harvested for the @lovephilosophy Purity Made Simple Moisturizer! HOW COOL IS THAT?? such an amazing experience at @ioka_farms that I will never forget 🌿 " @caitlinbea #simplenotbasic #powerfulpureandsimple #lovephilosophy #partner
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6 tags and 1 profile in descriptionafter getting our hands dirty at @ioka_farms yesterday, we're excited to spend our last day in oregon refreshing + recharging by the beach with our favorite #simplenotbasic purity ultra-light moisturizer! 💛✨ tap to shop. #skincare #puritymadesimple #weekendvibes #oregonlove #lovephilosophy
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