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when you think everything is going great...
Sports at night in Hong Kong... #80Stays #RCMemories #ritzcarltonhongkong #football #soccer
A crab walks through time - this new composite image of the Crab Nebula uses data from our Hubble (@NASAHubble), Chandra (@chandraxray) and Spitzer space telescopes and gives new insights to this celestial object. We've learned a lot over the years about this intriguing exploded star and its pulsating core. It was one of the first objects that our Chandra X-Ray Observatory examined with its sharp X-ray vision, and it has been a frequent target of the telescope ever since. There are many reasons that the Crab Nebula is such a well-studied object. For example, it is one of a handful of cases where there is strong historical evidence for when the star exploded. Having this definitive timeline helps astronomers understand the details of the explosion and its aftermath. In the case of the Crab, observers in several countries reported the appearance of a “new star” in 1054 A.D. in the direction of the constellation Taurus. Much has been learned about the Crab in the centuries since then. Today, astronomers know that the Crab Nebula is powered by a quickly spinning, highly magnetized neutron star called a pulsar, which was formed when a massive star ran out of its nuclear fuel and collapsed. The latest image of the Crab is a composite with X-rays from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory (blue and white), Hubble Space Telescope (purple) and Spitzer Space Telescope (pink). The extent of the X-rays in this image is smaller than the others because extremely energetic electrons emitting X-rays radiate away their energy more quickly than the lower-energy electrons emitting optical and infrared light. Credits: X-ray: NASA/CXC/SAO; Optical: NASA/STScI; Infrared: NASA-JPL-Caltech #crabnebula #chandra #hubble #spitzer #telescope #astronomy #xray #nebula #space #nasa #astronomy #science #picoftheday #pictureoftheday
Isto foi o que aconteceu quando apresentei a Sofia, a nova box do @Meoinstagram, à Sophia 😂
Tag your friends 😂❤️
Over 7,000mm of rain a year. That equates to some of the lushest rainforest on the planet. I was shocked to learn it actually rains more in Milford Sound than the Amazon. Given the steep vertical walls, trees & foliage have no choice but to grow upon the rock faces. If the forecast says rain and clouds you are in luck. That is truly the best way to see it.
Filling the letter with florals 🌿 Gorgeous work @defnegunturkun
LOL, watch the full video in @BuzzFeedObsessed's stories NOW 😍😂
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Weekend vibes ⚓️ | #superyachts
Miami mornings with @hauteliving x @rollsroycecarsna
Mac n Cheese Dogs FTW 💃💃 #PHAAT
I am so cold what is going on
Afinando para Rusia 2018. #ProfePekerman estoy listo..💛💙❤️
In pizza we crust😊🙏🏼 TAG YOUR BEST FRIENDS⬇️ @paulsfoodhaul
Want a shoutout???? The first 3 people that can name the resort in the background will receive a shoutout this Sunday! (Hint it’s the cover shot from a VIDEO we recently posted)
Always a treat when the performance world and street style come together. Check out the Extra Butter x adidas Alphabounce Beyond pop-up in NYC - tap the link in our bio for a detailed look.
⚽️🔝 Beautiful moments on the pitch - and now on Instagram! #WelcomeXavi Benvingut @xavi!
How to kill #marchmadness...
Who Make Paisley like that? I love these ties amazing design & quality..check this beautiful at