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Happy Sunday from me & my mini mini me! @enikohart with the photo cred #Harts
The Golden State Warriors just beat the Houston Rockets by a Nowitzki (41 points). Is this series over? 📸: @nba
Rockets or Warriors tonight?
Iggy dunking back his own miss. 👀🔥
Ref wasn’t having it. 😅😳 (via @icetraybu , Submitted by @nfl.tharris )
Audience comes first. One of the most critical (and enjoyable) parts of my job is getting my movie in front of test screening audiences to get their direct feedback on how to make our film better before we release it to the world. Check your ego at the door and create a safe environment for your audience to be real about the aspects they loved in the film and what they didn’t. Most important relationship I have in this business, will always be the one I have with my audience. Thank all you so much for your enthusiasm and open dialogue. An exciting time as we gear up to deliver SKYSCRAPER later this summer. One more test screening to go. Why the hell do I even bother wearing a hat? #AudienceFirst #SKYSCRAPER @sevenbucksprod
My first award show in a few years and it was so much fun thanks to you 💗 I love you guys. PS thanks @versace for this ✨delicate✨ dress. 📷: @gettyentertainment
Getting @robertaspizza at @eeeeeatscon LA is way better than anything your coworkers did this weekend. Let them know when they ask tomorrow morning. #DailyPizza #EEEEEATS 📸: @meetjakob
In-Hand look at the Travis Scott x Air Force 1 in the upcoming Sail colorway. For a complete look at the official images, tap the link in our bio. 📸: @gizmothagreat
Officially a New York resident for a couple months 🤪 who’s here?!
🌸Billboard Awards🌸 @gettyentertainment
LIFTOFF! Orbital ATK’s Antares rocket carrying the Cygnus cargo spacecraft lifted off at 4:44 a.m. EDT from our Wallops Flight Facility (@NASAWallops ) in Virginia. It is on its way to the International Space Station (@ISS ). Cygnus is carrying about 7,400 pounds of supplies and payloads, including critical materials to directly support dozens of the more than 250 science and research investigations for the orbital laboratory and its crew. Photo Credit: NASA/Aubrey Gemignani #nasa #cygnus #antares #orbitalatk #launch #rocketlaunch #science #space #rocket #rocketscience #fire #picoftheday #pictureoftheday #wallops #nasawallops #liftoff
@thegoodadvicecupcake is cute and you need to follow them right now
Comment with an emoji that shows how raclette makes YOU feel! 🧀 (10/10, @bakedcheesehaus !)
Every sleepover ever 📹 @roofusandkilo - #9gag
Photo by @FransLanting Two half grown cheetah cubs sit next to their mother while she is surveying the landscape ahead for signs of trouble and opportunity. We followed this family day in and day out and got an intimate understanding of the challenges a female cheetah faces as she does double duty. She is a single mother and a working woman. She has to hunt, but minimize risks to herself while she chases prey and she has to keep her cubs out of trouble as well. Males play no role in the upbringing of cheetah cubs. It takes a year and a half of constant risk assessment and decision making for a cheetah mom to wean a litter of cubs to independence. And she teaches them by example as you can see here. It is amazing to see the drama of the daily lives of cheetahs play out in real time. Follow us @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom for more intimate encounters with cheetahs. @Thephotosociety #Cheetah #BigCats #Endangered #Wildlifephotography #Motherhood #Wildlife #Safari
from Kenya
Who wouldda thunk it?
🏆 #7heChamp10ns🏆 OUR CHAMPIONS! ¡NUESTROS CAMPEONES! ELS NOSTRES CAMPIONS! 👏 @laliga 👏 🔵🔴 Força Barça! — #FCBarcelona #igersFCB #ForçaBarça #Barça #Infinit8Iniesta #Iniesta #team #laliga #champions #campeones #campions #AndresIniesta #CampNou