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0 tag and 4 profiles in descriptionall my friends have a love/hate relationship with fashion parties. so @_benjib and i made a new format. the night will always start with a sit down performance. this session is @badbadnotgood featuring @charlottedaywilson . after that wave we’ll always book a dj we admire. this first one the crew of us will give it a go. all c/o @louisvuitton
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0 tag and 3 profiles in description“1.1 millionaires” @louisvuitton in honor of @pharrell & @nigo ~ things that the runway show might not show✨
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0 tag and 1 profile in description... @louisvuitton
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0 tag and 1 profile in descriptionone down, another to go... @off____white streaming live now ~ link in bio
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0 tag and 1 profile in description@off____white show & set design inspired by those crazy summer NYC nights when it’s just as sticky hot at midnight as it was at noon. thugs and skaters hanging out with the rich and elite in mini urban parks. channeling “DONDI WHITE” and the golden era that made our now. I ❤️ NYC. show streaming live on - ~ link in bio
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0 tag and 3 profiles in description@louisvuitton runway show “sound design” in-progress. original score c/o @badbadnotgood & my musical director on that front @_benjib
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0 tag and 1 profile in description“wait on it” @off____white -1 day
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0 tag and 1 profile in descriptionmen’s ss19 @off____white ™ runway show - 1 day
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0 tag and 2 profiles in description“TELEVISED RADIO” c/o @jackie_nickerson ~ now broadcasting live from my office @louisvuitton 3 days before that runway show. Tracklist here. Peter Saville “Helvetica”. Link in bio. Pedro Engineering™ 1- “Pink & Blue” Outkast 2- “Whenever” Kid Cudi 3- “Pelas Sombras” Arthur Verocai 4- “La Lune” King Krule 5- “Stone Woman” Charlotte Day Wilson 6- “A Pledge” Gesaffelstein 7- “Reborn” KIDS SEE GHOSTS (Ft. Acyde & Peter Seville) 8- “The Colour in Anything” James Blake 9- “Paradise Valley” Jay Daniel 10- “VIVID DREAMS” KAYTRANADA (feat. River Tiber) 11- “DAS CAP” Lil Yachty 12- “Little” Octavian 13- “Agony” Yung Lean 14- “Seigfried” Frank Ocean 15- “Cómo Me Quieres” Khruangbin 16- “J.L.T.” T2 17- “Cs60” BADBADNOTGOOD 18- “Hey Baby” Ensemble Economique 19- “Wonderful Place / Waiting for You” N.E.R.D 20- “435” Tyler, The Creator 21- “Planned Attack” Quasimoto 22- “Soul Power” Common 23- “Workinonit” J Dilla 24- “Dove” Cymande 25- “No Hay Nada Mas” Mos Def 26- “IV” BADBADNOTGOOD 27- “I Thought About Killing You” Kanye West 28- “Structure No. 3” BADBADNOTGOOD 29- “Rock Out” Brodinski & Lil Reek 30- “Straight Rhymez 1” Aitch 31- “Bottle Service” Shoreline Mafia 32- “Wow Freestyle” Jay Rock (feat. Kendrick Lamar) 33- “Yes Indeed” Lil Baby & Drake 34- “All Mine” Kanye West 35- “Sold Out Dates” Gunna (feat. Lil Baby) 36- “Spider Feet” Suicideyear (feat. Yung Lean) 37- “Bigger Than You” 2 Chainz (feat. Drake & Quavo) 38- “Pure Water” Skepta 39- “R.I.P. Fredo” Playboi Carti (feat. Young Nudy) [Notice Me] 40- “No Time” Playboi Carti (feat. Gunna) 41- “Middle of the Summer” Playboi Carti (feat. Red Coldhearted) 42- “R.I.P.” Playboi Carti 43- “Mo Bamba” Sheck Wes 44- “I’m Upset” Drake 45- “Praise the Lord (Da Shine)” A$AP Rocky (feat. Skepta) 46- “OFF WHITE” Mo G 47- “Judge Scott Convicted” Young Nudy
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0 tag and 3 profiles in description“TELEVISED RADIO” c/o myself and all the djing, art and design world obsessed friends i have. the sort of design talk radio show stretching from the most ambient chill records we’re listening to in the office in the morning to the super loud ratchet rap music late night. classics records and soundcloud kids were finding right before the deadline. recorded live from my office @louisvuitton in paris, france airing on @applemusic @beats1official today. for airing time click the link in bio
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0 tag and 1 profile in descriptiongoogle “helmut lang louis vuitton grandmaster flash” that and a conversation with @tiga in a do booth no less about his life hack of a record box that you can put your coat in while djing shielding it from smoky clubs and spilled drinks lead to this 2.0. -3 days till the runway show
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0 tag and 2 profiles in description“TECHNICOLOR 2” collaborative artworks c/o @takashipom & i june 22nd @gagosian
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