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I took this with a DJI drone and you can win one too! Just pop over to the contest by clicking the link in my bio - just enter your email there and it both subscribes you to my newsletter AND gets you a good deal on my fun new video tutorial for drones! #Dji #Mavic #Giveaway #Drone
It was a damp but pleasant day, after raining all morning. I was inside a tiny little cafe near Kyoto having a green tea. It was warm and smelled so nice. I drank it while I watched the rain outside and watched a few people walk by with purpose and umbrellas. I saw a tiny edge of light in the sky and thought things might change, so I [somewhat reluctantly] geared up with all my camera equipment and hiked over to this nearby bamboo forest. The sun came out and started melting all the morning rain into a foggy mist that fell down around and behind me. #hdr #kyoto #bamboo #bambooforest #japan
Here's some of my favorite drone photos! I just released our new quadcopter/drone set of tutorial videos in our store at These are some really fun lessons aimed at all levels, from beginner to advanced. One of my favorite lessons there is the one about how-to-edit drone videos. Hopefully, I can help save you from many of the mistakes I have made! 🙂 #quadcopter #drone #tutorial #lesson #guide #dji
From a single jpeg to... You can see more about this super easy process here: #plotagraph #plotaverse #orange #red #animate #mountains
Not too far away from the last photo in Sydney is this spot, under the Harbour Bridge around midnight. #Sydney #Australia #harbourbridge #HDR #cityscape
This morning in our neighborhood is trash day. So I always get up early with my son to get all the trash together, throw the trash cans in my pickup truck, then drive them down to the main street where they do the collecting. But, in the middle of taking out the trash, I saw this hot air balloon taking off from a new place behind our house! I threw down the trash and ran over to get my camera! Note this was edited with the new Luminar - you'll love all the new filters! Grab it at #luminar #skylum #Queenstown #newzealand
Colossus by the Sand-Ocean I go to Burning Man every year to refresh, recharge, and get inspired by the sheer randomness and light of it all. It's the one place you go where you have no idea what you're going to see, but you know it's going to be awesome and interesting. #burningman #giant #art #sculpture #people
We have a fun contest where you can win a new DJI Mavic Air 🎁🎉 - Just sign up by clicking the link in my bio! . . I'm doing this to celebrate the new release of my All-Drone Video Tutorial! When you sign up, you'll also get a 20% off code for the new tutorial. It's 7 different videos covering everything from photography, videography, editing, tips & tricks, and rules/regulations. The rules and regulations is the most boring one, I'll admit, so that's why I put it at the end. But the others, whoa, they're way better than that rules and regulations one. (I don't know why I used this photo because it was not taken with a drone. But it reminds me of a dronish shot. It has drone-like-qualities.) #Drone #DJI #Mavic #Giveaway
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A beautiful night along the coast in Sydney. #sydney #sunset #operahouse #sydneyoperahouse #australia
Here's the massive new sculpture at The Hills golf course in Arrowtown by Sean Henry.
Where Jules Verne would perform experiments on animalkind This is perhaps the most-awesome and least-visited place in Paris. Everyone goes to the Eiffel, Arc-de-Triomph, Louvre, Orsay, etc, etc, but who would take the time to visit the Museum of Evolution? Just me and other cool geeks like me. I had a hot tip from a friend that said, "If Jules Verne were to design a museum, he would make this." Say no more, I was there immédiatement! #paris #france #museum #evolution #hdr