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y’all. look how this pink tree matches the pink house! we drove through the wilson block of swiss avenue today on the way home from an errand. i sometimes forget it’s there, and then am happy to rediscover it, with all these old houses in such lovely condition.
a slice of old #dallas. i get so excited when anything of history is still standing in this city. the ben griffin ford building is a real beauty.
afternoon #walk at the #arboretum was seriously beautiful. #nofilterneeded 🌷
i love this strange house and its pops of pink that match the little flowering trees right now. 🌸 #thecedars
saturday #happyhour after the launch of the MAC POP garden. @themacdallas @promiseofpeacegardens @tierrafirmetx excited to see how this develops!
one of my favorite buildings in the neighborhood, but i’ve still never been inside. 🎱 it looks like an old trolley stop. anybody know if that’s true?
the #texas version of snow this week. 🌞
d cut into this before i could take a photo of the whole thing, so here’s half a #pie. 🥧 happy monday! #iamnotafoodphotographer
well that was some excellent exercise. it’s been a real long time. now i wanna go every week! #skate 💥
tiny #garden #blooms in our courtyard. 🌿
color in the courtyard. #springhassprung
on a walk in LA. #love ❤️
the #solarsystem lawn model @griffithobservatory is so interesting, for #space nerds and #design nerds alike! each planet’s orbit is scaled around the sun, and a foot represents roughly 20 milllion miles. isn’t it pretty? 🌎 #latergram
#hollywood #latergram ✨
the cutest #terrarium and #succulent stall ever, don’t you think? spotted at the grove in LA.🌵 #latergram #losangeles #plantaddict
our last stop this weekend was this small #museum, which had some really interesting #ceramic work on display. the gift shop is one of the best i’ve visited, and i love the building facade too.
this #market is pretty great, a vibrant maze of smells and visually lovely stalls. it’s busy this sunday morning. we came for green juice and then huevos. 🍳🌶
definitely worth a trip to sunset. quite british. 🇬🇧
so glad the rain cleared and we could make the trip up to this spot. amazing building, and what a #view! the camera obscura was a nice bonus, and we got to see the tesla coil in action. ⚡️ . . . #griffithobservatory #griffithpark #losangeles #hollywoodsign #saturday #california #instatravel