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7 tags and 4 profiles in descriptionPhoto by @amivitale for @rippleeffectimages . In the capital of #Dhaka , the impact of the great climate change migration is already being felt, with half a million migrants arriving in the city each year. In Bangladesh alone, there will be 20-35 million #refugees by 2050. The biggest reason they give for learning their homes and moving to the city is environmental degradation. Fields inundated with salt water are unable to produce food and sources of clean water become undrinkable, meaning villagers have to travel further and further for water. Unpredictable rains make fishing a deadly occupation. The sea is claiming the very lands their homes are built on. To learn more about #climatechange and its impact on low-lying Bangladesh,follow @amivitale and @rippleeffectimages #photojournalism #globalwarming #climaterefugees #refugees
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1 tag and 6 profiles in descriptionPhotograph by @andyparkinsonphoto /@thephotosociety Mute swan at dawn – The conditions on this particular morning about two years ago were absolutely perfect, conditions which I have rarely experienced since. In fact I can’t recall a dawn in the last two months that has come close, reminding me endlessly to never put off to tomorrow, or next year, an opportunity that arises today. With his partner incubating eggs in the nest this male swan was having an idle day up at the far end of the lake, drifting around aimlessly and stopping occasionally to preen. It was during one of these moments of relative inactivity that I was able to capture this image, the strange ethereal image enhanced by my camera shooting at exactly water level. Again, shooting an image such as this by using aperture priority would be an incredibly inaccurate and error strewn thing to do as the image is dominated by vast expanses of dark water, trees in shadow and a small sunlit swan. Much better to simply commit to the aperture at which you want to shoot and then, by using your histogram to gauge the accuracy of the detail in the whites, set your exposure manually. That way, as long as the swan is in direct sunlight then the exposure will be correct but, be mindful to ensure that as the sun rises, and so do the light levels that you either incrementally increase either the shutter speed or the aperture to accommodate this. Or you can just stick to aperture priority and randomly try to switch between -2EV and -3 EV depending on how big the swan is in the frame, or at what angle it is, or how much of the swan is in sunlight or in shadow. My mantra is, when the light is consistent and the fall of light upon the subject is consistent then take control and use manual! Please do #followme at @andyparkinsonphoto to keep up-to-date with my images @andyparkinsonphoto @natgeo @thephotosociety
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11 tags and 5 profiles in descriptionPhoto by @jasperdoest while #onassignment for @wnfnederland in #Galapagos // Plastic waste in the mangroves in Puerto Ayora, Galapagos. Mangroves, which are renowned for their ability to grow in near-permanent or permanent bodies of water and/or extremely high levels of salt. Galapagos mangroves are particularly remarkable due to their age. These trees grow from volcanic floor with limited nutrients and therefore grow very slowly; any developed mangrove habitat in the islands is most likely thousands of years old. When cleaning up these mangroves in Puerto Ayora, while I was #onassignment in #Galapagos for #wwf , 80 volunteers mobilized by local fisherman Alberto Andrade found 228 plastic bottles and 245 plastic bottle caps within these waters, threatening the local ecosystem. Solutions to the problem of plastics in our oceans are being pursued all around the world. Scientists and researchers are working to devise methods to help remove the plastics currently overwhelming the oceans. Perhaps even more important than removing the plastics already in the ocean though is the need to stop plastics from getting into the water in the first place. Solutions to that problem are not as simple on a grand scale in the way the Ocean Cleanup project works, however, it is an issue that each one of us can help to address by simply reducing. Follow me @jasperdoest as I will be posting more recent work from Galapagos in the coming weeks. @thephotosociety @natgeo #wwf #planetorplastic #environment #stopmetplastic #beatplasticpollution #plastic
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8 tags and 2 profiles in descriptionPhoto by @anniegriffithsphotography . Happy Father's Day! At a family picnic near #Petra , a Bedouin father holds his young son and warms him at their campfire on a cool night in #Jordan . I’ve been lucky enough to have spent many evenings with Bedouin friends, and count those evenings as some of my favorite memories. @rippleeffectimages #middleeast #family #fathersandsons #children #bestfriends #love
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4 tags and 6 profiles in descriptionPhoto by @FransLanting From the air the boundary between protected tropical forest and adjacent commercial agricultural land in the Iguacu area of Brazil is a hard line and the contrast is striking. The contour lines in the agricultural land are drawn to stem soil erosion and that us a visible expression of land management. What you don’t see in the forest next to it, is its contribution to global climate stabilization. The smartest investment in combating climate change is to protect our forests. They’re the green lungs of the planet. This image is included in a new campaign by the Union of Concerned Photographers sponsored by @WeTransfer . I’m a member along with @AmiVitale , @MandyBarker , @JoelRedman1 and @lucalocatelliphoto . Go to to learn more about us and hear my perspective on forests and deforestation. #deforestation #preservation #conservation #forest
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4 tags and 1 profile in descriptionPhoto by Karla Gachet @kchete77 | Dancers from the Ballet de Cámara of Ecuador, get ready before performing the Nut Cracker in Quito. #ballet #dancers #nutcracker #culture
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4 tags and 1 profile in descriptionPhoto by @joemcnallyphoto — Portrait of legendary blues guitarist and self styled, King of the Blues of New Orleans, Little Freddie King. Born in 1940, in McComb, Mississippi, Freddie is still performing every week in the heart of New Orleans. As he says, you can’t just talk about the blues, and you can’t just sing about the blues, you got to feel the blues, and “have the blues all down in your shoes.” #music #theblues #mississippidelta #guitar
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7 tags and 4 profiles in descriptionPhoto @lucianocandisani (Luciano Candisani). The ring-tailed lemurs devote themselves to several daily sun baths. The one in the photo I got yesterday when the sky opened after a rainy morning. I am leading a photo workshop with @onelapsebr in Madagascar. @thephotosociety @lucianocandisani @onelapsebr #lucianocandisani #candisani #conservation #conservationphotography #madagascar #africa #lemur
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1 tag and 2 profiles in descriptionPhoto: @ivankphoto / Minihua Huani hunts with a spear while Omayuhue Baihua carries a shotgun near the Waorani community of Boanamo, bordering the Yasuni National Park, in Ecuador. The Waorani live in one of the most bio-diverse places in the world. There are also vast amounts of crude below the ground. The extraction of oil has continued to threaten the environment and the people of the Amazon for decades. This image was shot #onassignment for National Geographic. ***Excited to see Yasuni Man (@Yasuniman ) Thursday night at the Harmony Gold Theater in Hollywood. The award winning film, by Ryan Killackey, will be accompanied by a Q & A. Check it out!!!
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7 tags and 4 profiles in descriptionPhoto by @amivitale for @rippleeffectimages . Village children play along the #Brahmaputra river in the northwestern chars of #Bangladesh . Char-dwellers survive the best they can, migrating from char to char up to 40 to 50 times in a given life and taking their collapsible tin houses along with them. Today, their lands are disintegrating in front of their eyes. Within a day, 20 feet of landscape dropped into the river and people fled their homes overnight. With the lands dissolving, they find themselves without a place to go. Eventually, many of them will be driven to take shelter in the already teeming capital of Dhaka. To learn more about climate change and its impact on low-lying Bangladesh, watch the Ripple Effect Images film "Under Water: Climate Change in Bangladesh," by Ami Vitale (@amivitale ) on the @rippleeffectimages website. #photojournalism #globalwarming #climaterefugees #refugees #chars
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0 tag and 8 profiles in descriptionPhoto by @stephenedwardferry | Zaragoza, Antioquia, Colombia | “The walls of the man-made canyon were etched with the marks of the backhoes, as though a trapped dinosaur had tried to claw its way out. In the mud at the bottom of the pit, some hundred miners were working in a moving mass, elbow to elbow, each one loading earth into his or her batea and then carrying it off to the side to add mercury and separate out some particles of gold.” From the chapter The Backhoe of LA BATEA (Elizabeth Emma Ferry and Stephen Ferry, Red Hook Editions, 2018). You can buy LA BATEA (with a spot of real gold on the cover) at “Las paredes del cañón artificial tenían grabados los arañazos de las retroexcavadoras, como si un dinosaurio atrapado hubiera tratado de escapar. Y en el fondo del pozo, una masa movediza de unos cien mineros, entre hombres y mujeres, trabajaba codo a codo en medio del fango. Cada cual llenaba de barro su batea y luego la llevaba hacia un lado, para agregarle mercurio y separar unas cuantas partículas de oro.” Del capítulo Las Retros de LA BATEA (Elizabeth Emma Ferry and Stephen Ferry, Icono Editorial, 2018). Puedes comprar LA BATEA (con un punto de oro en la portada) at @redhookeditions @ojorojofabricavisual @thephotosociety @gold @oro @iconoeditorial @efanthro
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4 tags and 1 profile in descriptionPhotograph by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto - Happy National #FlagDay ! #StatueofLiberty #oldglory #starsandstripes
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