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Just a little something to get your Monday off on the right foot. @tayd_dance @reeses_pieces77
Jeannie thought this surprise had gone all wrong. It turns out Jeannie was the one being surprised. @iamjeanniek
Han Solo and Lando Calrissian are here today.
Nobody here but us sheep.
#Repost @cats_of_instagram ・・・ ‪From @halu4809 : “Noooooo😱

Haluは獲物ではありません🤣” #catsofinstagram
Fox in a box #Repost @animal_unity ・・・ From @bandit_the_fox1 : How to have fun with a box 😁
Saturday afternoon.
Try not to smile watching this. I dare you. #EllensDanceDare @sir_twitch_alot
#Repost @animalonearth ・・・ Anyone know a better Dog than Babysitter Belle 🤔🤯😳🤩 By :@mvp_bullies
#Repost @pleasantcats ・・・ 📹 from @hello_iamjoy "I just thought I’d show my new friends how cool I can be 😎" #pleasantcats
#Repost @animalonearth ・・・ This baby deer got injured and left behind by her family — then this man took her in and raised her with his dog before sending her back to the wild 💙🦌 Via :@thedodo #animalonearth
#Repost @pleasantcats ・・・ 📹 from Unknown "Happy Caturday 😽🐢" #pleasantcats