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As a kid one of my favorite pastimes before bed was using my mum's typewriter to write short stories. They were usually funny and made no sense at all. Nowadays, I don't have the time to write them anymore. Guess I'm too busy living them 🤷‍♀️😉 Thanks @kaleidoscope_tattoos for another perfect design and for the super fun session, as usual. Thanks to @eduardomachina too, for the guest appearance telling your bad jokes and keeping the entertainment level high. #moreink #lostcountofwhichnumberthisoneis #typewritersarecool #80sretro #folkart #childhoodarm
A beautiful 105 year old Hammond typewriter with script, cursive fonts #typewritersarecool #beforecomputers #antiquetypewriter
What a sweet little Corona.
The Jiffy Typer — 1973 Olympia SM9 - Being that Olympia only produced office typing machines, their typewriters stood out as superior to many other produced at the time. The SM9 was a masterpiece of functional design and is among the finest and fastest typing machines one could choose to use. #olympiatypewriter #typewritersarecool
The Diamond in the Rough — 1977 Underwood 319 - This typewriter is a drab tan color and mostly made of plastic. It’s not my favorite design of typewriter on the whole. I would otherwise pass this typewriter up if it weren’t for one important detail—it has a cursive type style called Script No. 75. This detail sets this typewriter I’d otherwise pass by apart from its common model with a standard type style. Over all this one cleaned up great and is currently listed for sale on eBay! #underwoodtypewriter #typewritersarecool
The Prince — 1957 Royal Royalite - The Royalite was Royal’s super-portable typewriter. This one is one of the earlier ones (see a 1964 vintage in an earlier post) and it can be seen that it has the earlier keytops and carrying case. I personally like this one a lot. This particular machine is very dignified in its aesthetics and has a very formal “Book” font style. While not my favorite super-portable, this typewriter felt better under my fingers than the later manufactured models. This is due to the lowering of manufacturing standards and material qualities as time went on for many typewriter companies. All in all, this is an adorable and dependable design for its time. #royaltypewriter #typewritersarecool
The Good Egg — 1955 Royal Quiet De Luxe - In 1955, 4 years after Royal revised the Quiet De Luxe model body style, Royal went from the classic crackle-paint to producing typewriters new and fun glossy colors. This particular is a lovely Robin egg blue and is delightful to type on and to look at! The Royal Quiet De Luxe held its own as one of the USA’s most popular typewriters. #royaltypewriter #typewritersarecool
The Sky’s the Limit — 1961 Smith Corona Sterling - I love this color on most any typewriter. The Sky and Robin’s egg blue color typewriter always manage to bring a smile to my face. These simple American machines for the most part work as well as the day they were assembled. This one went to a happy Californian customer. #smithcoronatypewriter #typewritersarecool
The Olympiad — 1966 Olympia SM8 - Of all typewriters in the world few rival the Olympia SM line of typewriters manufactured for decades out of West Germany. The SM8 is pretty much a better looking SM9 in my opinion. If you’re looking for a reliable typing machine—this is it. #olympiatypewriter #typewritersarecool
The Hot Chocolate — 1941 Royal Quiet De Luxe - This typewriter came standard in black and brown, but far fewer of the brown were made over the years. This is one of the finest examples of this body style that I have had the pleasure to work on. The brown paint gives the look of the same color and texture used of brown suits from the time period. A favorite typewriter of many authors, the Royal Quiet De Luxe was around for many years after this one was made. #royaltypewriter #typewritersarecool
FOR SALE: 1964 Smith Corona Sterling Elite in excellent condition. 5ax body. Inquire within.
The Tuxedo — 1948 Royal Quiet De Luxe This machine was certainly one of the finest examples of the second body style to the Royal Quiet De Luxe line I have ever seen. Perfect paint, perfect mechanical operation. To boot, this machine came with a non-standard font called “small double gothic” which was intended for documents or forms where space was very limited. Super cool find! #royaltypewriter #typewritersarecool
The First Dollar — 1967 Smith-Corona Sterling - This was a garage sale find and the first typewriter I sold. It went to a local journalist. These later models had some great colors and I love the vibrant blue of this particular machine. #smithcoronatypewriter #typewritersarecool
Found a 70 year old typewriter and it works, stay tuned #oldschool #specialnotes #typewritersarecool #getmail
The Speedster — 1947 Smith-Corona Silent - Following the “Flattop” body style’s end in 1939 LC Smith & Corona Typewriter Co. released the “Speedline” body style exemplifying the Art Nouveau style popular in architectural design during the 30’s. All SMC models through 1949 were manufactured with this design. The machine pictured here sports a lovely small font listed as “Presidential Elite” and was sent to a happy customer in Florida. #smithcoronatypewriter #typewritersarecool
The Swiss — 1967 Hermes 300 w/13” carriage - Known for their excellent manufacturing and familiar green and sea foam color, these typewriters have enraptured many typists with their charm and function. This one needed a lot of love to get it back to clean and smooth running and pleasantly surprised me with a Techno Pica 10-pitch font. It is now in the hands of an ecstatic owner in Oregon. #hermestypewriter #typewritersarecool
Yup he is using a typewriter to do his math homework. Used to belong to my grandmother, then my mother, and now I have it. #typewritersofinstagram #typewritersarecool
The Little Rascal — 1964 Royal Royalite ‘64 - This super-portable machine gives any typewriter in its class a run for the money. I personally like the earlier cases and key tops, but this was a fine running machine: easy to work on and pleasant to type on. This one went to Florida to its happy new owner. #royaltypewriter #typewritersarecool
The Wide — 1971 Olympia SM9 w/13” carriage - This model was the last of the SM series produced by Olympia out of West Germany. This particular machine was different from most due to its wide carriage and having a “Senatorial” font. Seriously smooth in operation, these typewriters are among the finest in their mechanical design with an aesthetic design a decade ahead of its time. #olympiatypewriter #typewritersarecool
New song. New Desk. New Mystery Machine Facebook page (link in Bio). #tinydeskcontest #wyoming #wyomingmusic #typewritersarecool
Late-Twentieth Century Typography Machine #typewritersarecool
The Sharp Shooter — 1950 Remington “All-New” Portable - Nicknamed the “All-New” due to early ads, this body style is the first rendition of the “Quiet-Riter” name soon to be placed on these machines. A little larger and heavier than most, it was unsuspectingly one of the best portables I’ve ever typed on—unequivocal authority in every strike. #remingtontypewriter #typewritersarecool
The Eaden Special — 1963 Smith-Corona Sterling In this year Smith-Corona changed to a new body style mid year creating an overall faster and lighter machine. This one was found at a garage sale and purchased for $2 completely frozen, and $10 and 2 days of cleaning was all it took to bring this beauty back to tip-top shape. It has a special place in my heart. #smithcoronatypewriter #typewritersarecool
The Gemstones — I have had the privilege of working on a range in years of Olympia SM3 typewriters. Superior in both form and function—these West Germany manufactured machines take the cake when it comes to 1950’s typewriters. #olympiatypewriter #typewritersarecool
The Flattop — 1935 LC Smith & Corona Typewriter Inc Corona Standard Portable A true American machine sporting some of the mechanisms Smith-Corona held onto for the rest of their mechanical typewriter manufacturing years. A beautiful, and solidly designed machine. #lcsmithandcorona #typewritersarecool
The Royal Twins: Left — 1936 Royal “O-Model” Portable Right — 1937 Royal De Luxe Portable A pair of gems sporting plenty of chrome and nickel finishes, glass-top keys, and class all day long. #royaltypewriter #typewritersarecool
I had just as much fun in the codebreaking workshop as the kids did 😂 #schooltrip #dovercastle #undergroundtunnels #codebreaking #fascinating #geek #typewritersarecool
A delightful old Underwood I spotted at The Kauai Museum last month.
Finally fulfilled my Hemmingway-esque dream of sitting at a typewriter drinking and smoking....even if it was just pretend. This is what nights out are for. #writergoals #pubpropaganda #krakow #typewritersarecool #travel
If I was still typing on one of these, there would be no blog to post to. How far we have come! A new blog post will be up tomorrow. . . . . #yegstylist #yegweddingplanner #yegblogger #hairstylist #typewritersarecool #blogcomingsoon #lovemyjob #2018isours #technology #sopretty #howfarwehavecome #lovethatcolour #style #fashion #hair
My new toy. 😍The #wermemorykeepers #typecasttypewriter was a Christmas gift. I’m looking forward to using it for my Bible journaling and scrapbooking. I love the idea of an old fashioned typewriter and with all the ribbon color options, it’ll add a fun touch to my projects. #typewritersarecool
Some new acquisitions to our typewriter collection. #typewriters #thisiscle #indiebooks #steampunk #vintage #vintagearmy #typewritersarecool
It only took them 3 months to ship it to us...but I finally got my Anniversary present 💕 #typewritersarecool #vintage
I loved that the #2017bestnine included the Little Free Library. And I adore all of you for your likes and comments and follows this past year. Blessings and love to all of you in the New Year!
New typewriter for the library! It’s retro and oh so neat. It also works, so come try it out tomorrow! #typewritersarecool
My SIL sent me this shot of a wonderful old Underwood she spotted in a Denver bar. Ah, to know the secrets, lies and lines hidden beneath these keys.
This wonderful little gem is a 1930s Royal Deluxe Touch Control portable typewriter. The portable part always makes me laugh. Royal came late to the portable typewriter race, but quickly dominated the field. I actually started to type on a portable Royal my mother had owned for years. #typewritertuesday
This is (I believe, since I couldn’t find another model like it) a late 30s or early 40s L.C. Smith typewriter manufactured in Syracuse, New York. Spotted in the window of an office machine shop in Rock Springs, Wyoming. It could stand some love, don’t you think?
Busted out my lovely little typewriter this afternoon 💙 . Finally going to list some things in my etsy shop, so needed a way of getting my etsy URL onto the back of my greetings cards. . My typewriter is the perfect solution 👌#beautifulanduseful #typewritersarecool
This is one of the 449,000 Oliver No. 9 typewriters produced between 1915 and 1922. Clearly, it's been well loved. I can't help but wonder what stories and secrets it's pounded onto pages over the years. (Seen in an office machine store window, Rock Springs, WY.)
An early 1930ish Woodstock 5. Advertised for it's "light action, open face construction, speedy in operation." Made in Woodstock, Il. Light and speedy, every writer's dream.
A 1906 Underwood 5. The perfect sort for dashing off your latest pages. From @gem_of_southern_wyo.
"Margaret don't let anyone in my office" @ucbtla @theucbmidnightshow @packtheater #madwoman #typewritersarecool
Just got an awesome typewriter today for free thanks to the Bements! I have been wanting one for awhile and now my little dream has come to true! I'm so thankful and so excited! #oldschool #typewritersarecool
The Venerable Corona 3 With fans from Hemingway to Teddy Roosevelt, the Corona 3 was the original coolest gadget around. Writers of all stripes loved this portable workhorse—with more than 600,000 of them sold in the first two decades of the last century. Hemingway even wrote an ode to his Corona 3. Huffpost has a wonderful article on the history of the Corona. Give it a Google and learn all about it.
I got a new keyboard for my computer. It's a mechanical keyboard that looks and feels and SOUNDS like a typewriter. It makes me happy. Hopefully it doesn't cause me to go back to double spaces after periods. As a blogger, I write a lot of stuff but very rarely can tap into the real writer in me. The one that has won scholarships and contest money for her writing. The one who can capture a reader with her words instead of relying on her photography. Maybe this little step back in time can inspire me. . . . . #typewriter #typewriters #ilovetypewriters #writersofinstagram #writingcommunity #writing #typewritersarecool #vintage #writingspace #writinginspiration
Vintage 1960s Smith-Corona typewriter. I don’t know what I love more—that I learned to type on one of these or that wonderful aqua color. Source: spotted in a repair shop window in Rock Springs, Wy. #typewritertuesday #rocksprings
Monarch Typewriter 3, built around 1913 in Syracuse, NY. Love that it still types. Source: Picture taken at the Grand Encampment Museum, Encampment, WY #typewritertuesday #grandencampmentmuseum #gemmuseum
The ultimate snail mail. 🐌 #idonthateit #typewritersarecool