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Warning: this video contains an insane amount of magic... for info about Ondalinda 2018, make sure to sign up at - link in bio ☝🏻#ondalinda #ondalindaxcareyes
Warning this video contains an insane amount of magic... for info about Ondalinda 2018, make sure to sign up at - link in bio ☝🏻#ondalinda #ondalindaxcareyes
Los Angeles is a sweeeeet place. You can wear teenage clothes all day at whatever age. There is no one in the streets at 7am. There is wild blooming green beautiful Nature in the city. And you can find or make any dairy alternative with pride. Wake up to that AND GO AND SEE BEYONCÉ in the evening. #yesplease
🙏🏻🧘🏻‍♀️*** YOGA ****🧘🏻‍♀️🙏🏻 *** Niki @nikitrosky has a unique style of teaching that incorporates her studies with different indigenous masters from around the world. Her specialty is curating transformational experiences to enhance well being and self awareness. *** Niki will be teaching at Casa Corazon between April 22nd to May 3rd @ 10am except during Arte Careyes the 27th & 28th April that will take place at El Careyes Club & Residence. *** Please book your spot with 🧘🏻‍♀️🙌🏻✨
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Down the rabbit hole. #ondalindaxcareyes #ondalinda #careyes 📸: @staciehess 🌈
It’s all it takes. 45min in the early morning. Get out of bed at 6.30am, go sleep walking up any hill or mountain around. It will for sure change your day for the better. It’s like jumping in the ocean. Cold or not, you NEVER regret it. #natureisabloodysavior #natureholdsalltheanswers
Life is always better at the beach. 📸: @nicholaskhess thank you for capturing such beauty. #ondalindaxcareyes #careyes #ondalinda 🐚🌴☀️
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Cheers from paradise. @lulupantoja #crazyforcoconuts #ondalindaxcareyes #careyes #ondalinda 🌴☀️🥥
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Daydreaming of this paradise. Still in awe by the beauty of these villas at @costacareyes. #ondalindaxcareyes #careyes #ondalinda 📸: @andrescarretero_ ☀️
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Serious thrills with @bedouin_official Sat night at @_ondalinda_ in Careyes, Mexico 🇲🇽 on the @_mayanwarrior_ 📷 @nicholaskhess #careyes #ondalindaxcareyes #ondalinda
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Is there really a better way to start your morning than #yoga in the jungle? Huge thanks to @kishanshah for teaching such a beautiful & enlightening vinyasa and meditation class. 📸: @nicholaskhess #ondalindaxcareyes #careyes #ondalinda 🌿
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Our incredible mud healing ritual took us on a 1.5 hour journey through the inner and outer self. This healing ritual involved shamanic copal cleansing, muds, essential oils & the ocean to detox the mind & body while bringing us to a higher state of consciousness. #ondalindaxcareyes 📸: @nicholaskhess 🙏🏽 #careyes #ondalinda
Be sure to check out our incredible set by @holgerhecler now available on our #soundcloud (LINK IN BIO) 🙌🏼 This was the opening set on top of the @_mayanwarrior_ on Saturday night at our Night of Samadhi Party on Teopa beach. #ondalindaxcareyes #careyes #ondalinda 📸: @peterruprecht 🔥
@peterruprecht was able to capture so much beauty from our Night of Samadhi party on Teopa beach. #ondalindaxcareyes #careyes #ondalinda 🌟
An incredible performance curated by Philippe Moellhausen at our Ultraviolet White party at the Careyes Polo fields. Guests dressed in all white & danced into the morning to music by @_lemurian_ , @monolinkmusic , & @instavroz 📸: @peterruprecht #ondalindaxcareyes 👁 #careyes #ondalinda
Freedom is a state of mind. #seeingrainbows #ondalindaxcareyes @luisafgf 💗🌈💜 #careyes #ondalinda
Amazing Akasha performance, a symbiotic dance with the cosmos #OndalindaXCareyes #careyes #ondalinda 📸: @peterruprecht 🌟
@pamallier knows how to soak up those rays in beautiful @costacareyes #ondalindaxcareyes ☀️ #careyes #ondalinda
May the new year be filled with: positive experiences, positive people, & positive energy. #ondalindaxcareyes 📸: @nicholaskhess ✌🏼 #careyes #ondalinda
The amazing @carlitodalceggio painted live this outstanding painting during this year’s Ondalinda. It is up for sale with 100% of the benefits going to the Huicholes and Purepecha. Please tag anyone who would be interested! 📸: @nicholaskhess #ondalindaxcareyes #careyes #ondalinda 🎨
Such a magical night with @_mayanwarrior_ at #OndalindaXCareyes #careyes #ondalinda 📸: @luisafgf 🔥