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Little Sofia back in action! 👏 Last weekend Sofia led a full-house community brick building meet up @arcadia.public.library as part of their Young Writer’s Series! The event was a hit as 50+ children ages 4-7 and their families showed up eager to get their hands on our Amazing Animals activities! Stay tuned for more upcoming meetups to come! 📚
✨SNEAK PEAK✨ Check out some of the other AMAZING animals activities our newest book has to offer! Get your copy now by clicking our link in bio now! 😁
Supermom is here!💥 Check out Sofia and Natalie’s mother, Ann Kositchotitana, making a noteworthy appearance in the Top 3 Moms who are “Redefining Motherhood”. Click our link in bio to read the online feature in The Business Times now! 🎉
Mothers weave magic into their children’s lives. If you are a mom, you are a superhero, period. ✨ Wishing all the hard working mamas out there a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend spent with your loved ones. 💕
✨BIG NEWS✨ We are launching our very first Play-to-Learn Studio next week located at @westfieldsantaanita Unit D1, just right outside of Macy’s Level 1. Our sister company will be utilizing this space to host brick-building classes based on our books for kids age 4-9 years old. Follow @Playtolearnstudio as we’ll be hosting a variety of events along with incorporating an incredible Rent-a-Toy program for our visitors! Join us for our soft opening next week, May 17th and stay tuned for more information so you and your littles can be a part of the fun! 🎉
It’s been one whole week since we’ve launched our newest book, Amazing Animals - Creative Brick Building with Step-by-Step Ideas! Did you know our books are available on Amazon? Shorten the wait and have a bundle of animals ready to build right at your fingertips! Just follow our link in bio to order now! 👆
Grab a friend or a sibling and let’s build together! 👯‍♀️ Have you received your copy of our Amazing Animals - Creative Brick Building with Step-by-Step Ideas activity book yet?
Check out this colorful customer submission! 🌈 Our Sophie Starfish featured in our, Amazing Animals - Creative Brick Building with Step-by-Step Ideas activity book can be mixed and matched with a variety of colors. Your child’s creative potential is endless! 🌟
You’re never too young to chase your dreams! ✨Check out Sofia’s front cover feature in @thenewpaper and click our link in bio to read more now! Also, who’s excited for our Amazing Animals - Creative Brick Building with Step-by-Step Ideas launch tomorrow? 😄
You’re little ones are going to have a HOOT while playing with our newest Amazing Animals - Creative Brick Building Book! Make sure to lock in your copy and preorder through our link in bio! 🦉👆
Up and at ‘em! 9-year old Sofia on the go before the sun rises for her TV premiere on @mediacorp HQ campus in Singapore. #throwback
It was a busy day over here.. Got the kids started back up on their school work after our “Palmer Academy Spring Break.”😜 #homeschooolmom And I’ve been drowning in laundry! 6 people + 11 night trip = 😩🍷 #momlife Wanted to share this perfect chambray dress that everyone needs in their closet cuz it’s selling out fast! Also these super comfy wedges are 20% off with code SHOES making them only $27😱🙌🏻 You can instantly shop all of my looks by following me on the app! #liketkit #LTKshoecrush #LTKsalealert #LTKstyletip #LTKunder50 #LTKunder100 #topknotbun #chambray #targetstyle
Check out Natalie finishing up assembling Belinda Bunny featured in our new release Amazing Animals - Creative Brick Building with Step-by-Step Ideas activity book! 🐰👏
Polly Panda, Sophie Starfish, and Reina Rabbit are Sofia’s top 3 favorite figurines from our upcoming Amazing Animals - Creative Brick Building with Step-by-Step Ideas activity book. We can’t wait to see which animals are your favorites when the book officially launches on May 1st! 🐼⭐🐇
This kind of thing warms my heart so much and makes me so thankful! My son has struggled with writing. He has struggled with both his fine and gross motor skills and has been a little delayed in these areas! So it blesses my heart to see how far he has come with his writing! And love his answer 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻💕💕💕 #bestillmymamaheart #autismmommy #celebratethevictories #jesus #bibleverse #homeschooolmom #itsgettingin #thiskid #blessed #sweetboy #inspire
We’re leaping with joy to announce the 3 lucky winners from our #MYAMAZINGANIMALS contest! Thank you so much to everyone who entered! Stay tuned as we continue to gear up for the BIG official launch of “Amazing Animals - Creative Brick Building with Step-by-Step Ideas” activity book! 🎉 Winners please DM us to claim your prize! 📩
Kindergarten has been an amazing year. My son started as a struggling reader, and he is finishing by acing spelling tests! Week 2 of spelling, and I'm so glad I added it to our school days as an extra challenge. He is loving the feeling of accomplishment from writing the words all by himself-- no help needed this week! 😍 #proudMama #kindergarten #homeschool #homeschooolmom #earlyreader #numbers #spelling
Monday, Monday. 🙌 The week stretches out in front of us, a blank slate. Anything is possible, folks. #reallifehomeschool #getafterit 🌪️ Love getting off to a solid start ✓ TRX class at the YMCA ✓ Rod and Staff math rocks ✓ Raddish Kids box arrived and ✓ Ipsy travel size makeup for the win! ❤️ #homeschooling #homeschoolplanner #ipsy #rodandstaff #raddishkids #homeschooolmom #happylittlepiles
If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good! - Dr. Seuss
LAST CALL! 🎉 Only ☝️ more week until we announce our #MYAMAZINGANIMALS winners! Follow the instructions below for how you could win a copy of our “Amazing Animals - Creative Brick Building with Step-by-Step Ideas” activity book! We want to know what animal amazes you? Share a photo of your favorite animal whether it’s a drawing, a photo of you at the zoo, or at home with your favorite plush toy! Just make sure to include #MYAMAZINGANIMALS in your caption to enter! (Profiles MUST be public for entry to be seen) ✨Good luck! ✨
Did you know Sofie + Nate has an exclusive FB page? Anyone is welcomed to join the team by following our link in bio! Click NOW to stay up to date on upcoming sneak peeks of our newest releases as we lead up to our global launch on May 1st! We’d love to have you be a part of the fun! 💕
“These simple, easy-to-follow books were perfect for (my youngest) to learn how to build. Once he has these down, I'm sure he'll go on to build creations of his own design in a few years. The nice thing about these books is that they are simpler than typical Lego sets but still teach spatial skills, colors, and shapes.” - @thoughtfulparent
Belinda Bunny and Reina Rabbit wishing you and your loved ones an eggs-cellent holiday weekend! 🐣
Did you know crafting can give children a sense of accomplishment as well as build their self-esteem? Our Play-to-Learn with Bricks activity books are an excellent way to spark your child’s imagination and the possibilities are endless! Shop now by clicking our link in bio! #NationalEducationDay
Bahar gelmişse bahar ağacımızı yaparız . 🌳🌻🌸🌺🌷💞 #piapolyaağaç şöleni'ne bahar ağacımızla katılalım istedik.Ervamın ve Sacitalpimin birlikte yaptığı patlamış mısırla ağacımız. 23 Aylık Sacitalp bu sefer yapıştırmaktan hoşlanacağı bir etkinlik yaptı☺️Arada yedik 😋arada yapıştırdık🙌 . Mısırları patlatırken kırmızı gıda boyası ekledim ki pembiş çiçeklerimiz olsun diye☺️🌸🌸 . 🗒🎈Not;Dalları bantla yapıştırdım ,Mısırları sıvı yapıştırıcı ile yapıştırdım.Renklendirmede ise tencereye gıda boyası ekledim soğuduktan sonra su serptim kırmızı boya ortaya çıktı.Sprey şişesinin içine kırmızı boya koyup sıkabilirsiniz de😊💕Keyifli yapıştırmalar 🙌 . . . #piapolya #piapolyaanneleri #montessori #montessoriileogreniyorum #montessorianneleri #montessorietkinlikleri #nalanöğretmen #okuloncesicilginlik #okulöncesi #okulöncesietkinkinlik #okulöncesietkinlikleri #preschool #preschoollife #homeschool #homeschooling #homeschooolmom #üretkencücükler #etkinlikpaylasimi #etkinlikariyorum #ilkokuletkinlik #ilkokuldaetkinlik #bermainsambilbelajar #incemotorbecerileri #etkinlikpaylasimi #etkinliksaati #etkinlikdünyası #hergünebiretkinlik @bsma2016
Shoot for the stars little one! 🚀🌟 Have you entered our recent giveaway? Check out 4 posts 🔙 on how to enter and win a copy of our upcoming release “Amazing Animals - Creative Brick Building with Step-by-Step Ideas” activity book. 📕
Natalie, the namesake behind “Nate” in our company name, was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. She is celebrating World Down Syndrome Day today by playing with Sofia, her big sister. Together they use our Play-to-Learn with Bricks books to help with naming colors, sorting, grouping, counting, and practicing Natalie’s fine motor skills. Here at Sofie & Nate, we create fun projects for children of ALL abilities. Happy #WDSD !
Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth, for what they believe is what they will become. ✨
We’ve got something up our sleeves next week! Here’s a hint of what’s in store next Monday! 🐻❄️ Turn on post notifications so you don’t miss out when the news goes live! 😉 #AmazingAnimalsBricksBook
Join our exclusive Sofie + Nate FB Page! Stay up to date for exclusive sneak peeks of our first major book - “AMAZING ANIMALS" - before our global launch on May 1st! We’ll be hosting weekly giveaways, joint promotions with our favorite brands, and photo contests for a chance to win copies of our books in celebration of our biggest release yet! Invite your friends to play a part in our journey as well and enjoy the fun promos we have in store! Click our link in bio to join the team NOW! 👆
Our NEW Pets Brick Building Activity Book is where the fun stuff happens! Spend your Fri(yay) building a whole array of household animals! 🌟
Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve. Learn more about our Play-to-Learn with Bricks activity books and how they can teach your little ones the process of problem-solving by following our link in bio!
Would a desk setup like this work for your homeschool? #homeschoolrooms #homeschooolmom #learningspaces
The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you. Pick out one of our amazing Play-to-Learn with Bricks activity books by following our link in bio and dive in! 🌟
Meet the Author Monday’s! Say hello to Paul Bacio Jr or who we like to call “Master Builder”! His 13+ years of experience in developing and teaching brick building summer camp curriculum is what makes him a key player in the success of Sofie + Nate. His creativity tied together with challenging designs has helped inspire thousands of children to learn key STEM concepts and problem-solving skills through creative play. 🙌
Why fit in when you were born to stand out!💕 Here’s a little BTS inspiration of what’s to come for our upcoming Big Book release! ✨
Eat some breakfast, challenge your skills and conquer the day! ⛅️
Child author, Sofia Chen, in action with peers ages Kindergarten-8th speaking about what it’s like to co-create Sofie + Nate’s activity books. Whether it’s testing the projects' brick building steps to ensure that they are kid-friendly to choosing names and color themes for the various projects included. It’s never too early to become a self-starter. Double tap if you agree!
Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn! Watch them open new doors of learning with our NEW Pets Brick Building Activity Book! 🐶
Happy Valentine’s Day and wishing you a day filled with hugs and joy! Tag a loved one in the comments below and tell them something kind! ❤️
While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. 💕
Do you have a reader in your life? I have two little ones and they love these book pockets. They hang next to their beds and hold whatever book they’re currently reading. My youngest also keeps a flashlight in hers for late night trips to the potty 😊 • • Pattern: Tulane Book Pocket available in my Ravelry Store • • Yarn: Bernat Maker Home Dec by @yarnspirations available @michaelsstores
Our best seller Fruits and Vegetables Activity Book is just one out of our several Brick Building activities. Turn on post notifications to stay up to date for more upcoming BIG releases this year! 🌽🍓🍐
We’ve created a simple and fun way to teach your little builders how to organize by numbers, colors, and spatial concepts while they create fantastic fruits, vegetables and animals!
Let’s play a guessing game! How many brick pieces does it take to build this apple? Comment your answer below!
Meet the namesake and co-author behind Sofie + Nate, Sofia Chen. Sofia is a very proactive fourth grader receiving multiple character awards from Hugo Reid Elementary school. Her goal is to teach young children ages four and up about cognitive and STEM concepts through fun, engaging brick building projects. She’s also the artist of each Play-to-Learn with Bricks series, hand-drawing every illustration. 💕 To learn more about Sofia being a child author, please visit our Amazon Author Page
This tongue twister and our pear activity make the perfect pair. 😉🍐 Purple parakeets pluck pears and pineapples in pretty perfect paradise.
Oh you guys.... don't even ask. 🙈😂 in good news, they all earned a raspberry filled donut today. 🍩 🙌🏻
Does your little one love animals? Did you hear we just launched our second animal Creative Brick Building Activity Book PETS? Shop now through our link bio and get your new book within just a few days! 🐼🐢
Rise and shine! It’s time to grub and play! ⛅️ What’s your little one's morning meal of choice?
Did you know parent-child play has been shown to contribute more to a child’s ability to give structure to early social interactions? Nothing beats the joy and satisfaction of getting your parent to play with you! 👩👦👧
We are head over heels for The Masterpiece Society Studio 🎨 The drawing step by step course has been occupying Mr. F for two solid days now! Art is an incredible gift, a great way to learn history, and a fabulous high school elective. With art lessons to cover PreK- high school and Mom and an awesome introductory subscription price, you really need to check out #MasterpieceSocietyStudio ! Learn more through our referral link here: Or click through our #linkinbio . #everydaygraces #homeschoolart
Have you ordered your copy of our newest release, PETS? This kid-friendly activity book will be sure to make your little one smile! 🌞
Our NEW Pets Creative Brick Building Activity is here! Follow our link in bio to shop NOW! 🐶🐱🐠🐰
Our NEW Pets Creative Brick Building Activity is here! Follow our link in bio to shop NOW! 🐶🐱🐠🐰
Our NEW Pets Creative Brick Building Activity is here! Follow our link in bio to shop NOW! 🐶🐱🐠🐰
Our NEW Pets Creative Brick Building Activity is here! Follow our link in bio to shop NOW! 🐶🐱🐠🐰
Our NEW Pets Creative Brick Building Activity is here! Follow our link in bio to shop NOW! 🐶🐱🐠🐰
Our NEW Pets Creative Brick Building Activity is here! Follow our link in bio to shop NOW! 🐶🐱🐠🐰
Let them be little... they’re only that way for awhile. 👦👧 Stay tuned this week as we gear up to launch our newest activity book for your kiddos to enjoy! 💫
It’s #TendingListTuesday so I’m sharing a little of my PowerSheets goal number 4 for the year. Honestly, it’s a little more vulnerable than I am usually comfortable with but I think maybe some of you can relate. This past summer we got an official diagnosis of dyslexia and ADHD for Mr. T. It was a relief to have confirmation and know we were headed in the right direction. It was also an explosive reaction on my part where I started doing all. the. things. I started researching, we added in this, added in that, and then hit a wall. I lost our joy. And then I lost steam. And friends, it happens to all of us, but more often to moms of kids with special needs and challenges. As I worked through my goals for this year, recapturing our homeschool joy was a big one. And we are progressing nicely. Little by little, there are more giggles. Day by day, there is more excitement. Prayer by prayer, there is more grace, more gratitude, and more joy. Don’t let the academics or a diagnosis derail the most important part of your homeschool: relationships. #everydaygraces #cultivatewhatmatters
We’ve got some exciting news for you! Just a few more days until our newest activity book launches! Here’s a sneak peek of one of the activities that’s included. Swipe right and comment below what you think this creature is! 🤔
Encourage your children to think outside the box to make something truly spectacular! ✨
This boy is amazing! Snuggled up on the couch, reading out loud to himself 💖 10 months ago this felt like a pipe dream. Then we found a program that worked for him. After many years, prayers, arguments, and frustration we finally found a program that works with him and ADHD/Dyslexia/Apraxia. Homeschool gave us the freedom to pursue the testing we needed, to adjust curriculum, to stop using methods that didn’t work for him. Individualized education is just one of the incredible blessings of homeschooling. Parents are invested in their children’s hearts, minds, character, and education. That is why I am the best teacher for my children and you, my friend, are the best teacher for yours. #everydaygraces #thisiswhywehomeschool #ihsnet
Can you master this tongue twister? Carol and Claire can cook carrots, corn and cabbage!
Real life. I let the boys craft away while I was sick. They had a blast, or set one off in the school room. I’m really not sure. But it’s curriculum evaluation time and I need to go through everything anyway. Send coffee and a search party if I’m not back by Monday 😂😳🙈 #everydaygraces
The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.
Made many family memories yesterday at LEGOLAND Florida! It's our first theme park visit as a family, and I know it was the right one! We kept busy, but didn't feel overwhelmed or rushed and our kids could ride just about everything (at only 7, 5, and 4). So happy we chose an experience gift for Christmas this year. As a friend said, the kids will remember this much more than a trinket under the tree! . #hosted #legolandflorida #lego #legoforlife #familytravel #familymemories #themepark #visitflorida #visitfl #travelwithkids #travelblogger #homeschooolmom
Always let your goofiness come out to play! 💕