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Rocked the bad tan lines and messy garage this morning.☀️💪🏻 You working out today?! I’m curious to know what workouts y’all do.👇🏻 . . #thankfulheart #iworkoutathome #garagegym
Today is day 31 of my #whole30 and I was so excited about returning coffee creamer to my life. It’s the only thing I’ve truly been missing. After 30 days here’s where I’m at: * I still want snacks, especially when other people are eating, but I’m not eating if I’m not hungry * I’m not as interested in dessert (but I wouldn’t turn it down) * fewer cravings, and not using food as comfort or reward * way more mindful about eating (and eating tons, especially carbs) * feeling in control of food; healthier relationship with food * clothes fitting better, tightening my belt more * down over 6 lbs Oh, and that coffee creamer? It had a weird after-taste 😩 and I didn’t even finish my coffee #whole30journey #nonscalevictories
What is clean eating anyway? Is that like trying to eat pizza in the bathtub? - But seriously we should all be eating foods that make us feel good. Not good that other people tell us is good for us. Kale and quinoa aren’t always good for everyone! I’m not kidding! - Let me know if you’d like me to elaborate 😆
If I’m being honest, my water intake has been sooooo low the last few weeks. And I can totally feel it. . So, I’m focusing just on today. And today’s goal is to refill this bad boy 5x. That’ll give me 100 oz of water. And I’m cool with that. 😎
Make it coffee and we have a deal!! School closed last night so naturally I’m up early! One of my goals this year was to make time to read for enjoyment more this year instead of only during the summer. So I’m going to spend sometime now drinking coffee and reading before starting my day! Happy Snow Day!
I used to obsess about the things I wish I could change about my life and specifically my past, but I've come to learn that every little "mistake" or hiccup along the way got me exactly where I am today. You live and you learn that's for sure 💜 I owe a lot to the "old me" because she made me the girl I am today and the girl I am today is opening up doorways of endless possibilities for the girl I am becoming ✨
Again this morning I was too tired and sore to do the scheduled workout so I listened to my boys. - 25 minutes of yoga flow that I made up as I went along. Looking forward to some time tomorrow after the 1/2 day of school to get this weeks scheduled workouts started!!
The face of one excited teacher 🙌🏼 ❄️BECAUSE TOMORROW IS A SNOW DAY❄️ So you know I’ve already got my plans made for helping some ladies R O C K their fit goals, read a book for fun, maybe hang out with some friends, go beast mode on leg day (obviously), and NAPPPPP! What does your ideal snow day include? . . . #firstgradefun #firstgrade #firstgradeteacher #primaryteacher #priamryschool #teachlearnplay #handsonlearning #fitteacher #healthyteacher #runningteacher #bethechange #lovethemhard #teacherstyle #snowday #begoodtopeople #teacherperks #curlupwithagoodbook
Since I’m traveling later this week & cant take my whole weight collection on the plane, I decided to move the calendar around a little bit - which made today boo-tay day!! I have absolutely loved these last 58 days - getting stronger, seeing gains in some places & losses in others, and discovering confidence in sticking to a routine! I haven’t always been the most consistent about staying with 1 program for more than 3 or 4 weeks (hello 🐿 brain!). But I have come to LOVE my afternoon sweat sessions - my mood is lifted, my attitude is better, and my confidence is through the roof!! 🙌🏻 I have missed a few workouts & my nutrition hasn’t been 100% on point (because who has time for perfection?!?). But I have stayed committed to progress in myself & in my journey. And those 🍑 gains can’t hurt! 🤣 Our next group starts Monday - a safe group, committed to progress & accountability. Not perfection, not comparison, not extremism. Support, tips, & a little bit of fun 🎉- are you in?? I’d hate to leave you out of all of our shenanigans!
#transformationtuesday . Yesterday I went to a doctor that I haven’t seen in a year and it was amazing to see her reaction to how much has changed. . I don’t post this to say wow look at me! Look how great I look 😂 but to say the last time she saw me I was a depressed hot postpartum mess. . With a lot of work and dedication I have turned my life completely around. . I have learned that I am worth it. It’s okay to take time for myself cause it will make me a better wife, mother and teacher. . It’s taken 12 months and a 40 pound difference for it to click but now that it has I don’t want it to ever change!
Day 2/21 : Because being healthier means putting good fuel in. Pork chop & lots of asparagus for my dinner tonight. 2 years ago I hated asparagus & now I can’t get enough of it. #teach #teacher #teacherlife #healthyteacher #fitteacher #iteach #iteachtoo #runteacherrun #health #healthandfitness #healthyfood #eatyourveggies #21dayfix #fitnesslife #fitness #fit #fitfam #fitnesslifestyle #healthylifestyle #healthy #eatwell #eatingbetter #fitnessjourney #healthjourney #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #beachbody #iteachk #teachertribe #healthmatters
I’ve definitely been stuck in this illusion, even pretty recently. Reality checks ensure that we realise goodness comes from within, not from looks #itswhatsinsidethatcounts 💗🌸
Here’s an emotional Transformation Tuesday photo. On the left, I needed to find a dress for my brother’s college graduation and all my dresses were too tight and I didn’t like the way they looked. So I bought this dress in Kohl’s and it was an XL and it fit perfectly, but the belt that came with the dress was sooo small and couldn’t fit around my waist! 😱 And so I had this other pink belt that I put on the dress to try to make it work. And it was almost June and you can see I’m wearing a black long sleeve sweater, because I alwaysssss hated my arms and felt so insecure about wearing anything with my shoulders showing! 😣 When I had to take this picture, I was freaking out on the inside because I HATED to take full body photos.... I hated the way I looked but then again, never did anything about it! 🙄 Then this week, I was cleaning through my closet and found this dress and tried it on to see how it looked and couldn’t believe how it’s almost a tent on me now!!! 🤯 It’s such a hugeeeeee difference and testimony to how I or anyone else can make a lifestyle change for the better and how hard work and dedication goes a long way!!! I am amazed of my progress thus far and can’t wait for the months to pass by to see more amazing results 💪🏻💜 #fabfitfunlife #changeispossible #donotgiveup • • • • #iteachfirst #teachersofig #beforeandafter #teachersfollowteachers #strongwomen #motivationmonday #transformationtuesday #healthyteacher #worklifebalance #21dayfix #21dayfixresults #fitandhappy #newteacher #findyourtribe #fitteachers #happyclassrooms #nyteacher #transformationpost #transformation #weightloss #brooklynteacher #firstgradeteacher #brooklynfitness #italiangirl #iteachtoo #targetteacher
Been trying to up my #salad game lately. Getting into the habit of making fish for dinner Sunday night, and using the left overs in Monday’s salads! 🙌🏻 • Any other great, vegetarian- or pescatarian-friendly salad ideas for me? 🤷🏻‍♀️ . . . . . #saladlover #healthylunch #healthyfoodlover #cleaneating #foodisfuel #fitgirl #fitteacher #fitwife #healthyteacher #fitcouple #keepitsimple #easymeals #foodspiration
I love what these 3 steps are doing for me! If you’re ready to see what they can do for you, visit to create your FREE account. If you buy your capsules and mix, I’ll buy your dfts for you. Just create your account and I’ll email you the info! #thrive #weightmanagement #joinsupport #moreenergy #mentalclarity #digestivehealth #makeachange #justdoit #yearofyou #getbeachbodyready #springtime #carpediem #bossbabe #healthylifestyle #healthyteacher #teachersofinstagram #girlmom #healthymom #momlife #busy #dft
This salty kale recipe changed my outlook on kale! Knowing how healthy it is I kept trying it, hoping to find a way it was palatable. Enter salty kale! Sautéed in butter and cooked until crispy, it’s almost like popcorn! Click the link in my bio to get the recipe! #kale #eatyourgreens #leafygreens
May the next few months be a period of great transformation. 🐛 . I started this journey feeling tired, overweight, shy, ashamed, bloated, miserable, and so many more bad things. This hasn’t been an easy process, but it has been so worth it. . In the last few weeks I have totally changed the way I feel on the inside and out. I feel so confident in the way I look and the way I think about myself. I know I can achieve anything I put my mind to!🦋 . If you’re ready to change everything about your world, shoot me a message and we’ll chat.
Trying to finish my #80dayobsession stretches and Capone found a place to nap😂😂🙄🙄 Now time for some protein - and hey- NO EXCUSES 😂😂🙌
❄️ I told some of my 5th graders that I might have to sleep at school because of the snowstorm 😂...and they thought it was the BEST idea ever! 😍 . Here's our snowstorm sleepover itinerary that we (somewhat) agreed on: . •5:00am morning workout •6:00am motivational time •6:30am smoothies •7:00am quiet meditation or reading time •8:00am on===>>>make SLIME & poke slow-rising Squishies!!! 😜 . (The boys will be in the corner playing Fortnite)!!! 😂😂😂 . I think they really think we're going to have a sleepover!! 😬 ❄️ #marchnoreaster2018 #teacherlife🍎 #fifthgraderocks #laugheveryday #dogmom #commuterproblems #whole30alumni #healthyteacher
Today my students were learning about descriptive words. It’s always a gamble having them describe me, but my kiddos are so sweet this year! Proud teacher moment was when one student said I was healthy because I’m always eating healthy foods. A year ago this was not the case so it meant a lot to have them notice this habit. #teacherlife🍎 #teachersofinsta #teacher #innercityteacher #descriptivewords #healthyteacher #goodhabits #imnotanartist #phoenix #phoenixaz