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A few of my favourite things... Bae, cider, home and Albie 😍😍😍 @geoffsachtler
First leg day in 4 months and now I can barely move 😣 Took it super light/bar weight only to ease my ankle back into lower body workouts and also because I no longer have any leg strength at all it seems 😥 Next few days are going to be interesting, hope I don't have to get anywhere fast 😒 @olympic_gym_ @beatsbydre @protectyourbeats
First gym sesh in 4 months done after time off with a broken ankle 👊 Have major jelly arms now but there's no looking back 😡 "I love the person that I've become, because I've been through shit to become her" ❤ @beatsbydre @protectyourbeats
Loving being able to get these @nikewoman scuffs out heaps this summer 👍
The Girls 💕
Accurate ☝ Current feels 😂
Super chuffed about this summer weather! The face says it all really 😁
White blooms 🌼