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What am I doing with this AH-MAZING oil + roller bottle filled with equally fantastic rose crystals you ask?! I’ll announce in a few days, but for now I’m calling it my “Grace” blend, because as mommas, we all need to give ourselves a little more grace. Am I right or am I right friends?! • #imright #giveyourselfgrace #roseEO #hugesplurge #soworthit #rosecrystals #rose #yleo #rollerbottle #blend #PPD #youvegotthis
Wise words for a day in which I failed miserably to accomplish everything I desperately needed and wanted to do. All of the little accomplishments mean nothing when the most important go unattended. I’m still trying to learn how to give myself grace. This indeed continues to be one of life‘s most elusive challenges. Like everything else these days, I’m working on it. • • #blegh #frustration #poortimemanagement #giveyourselfgrace #giveyourselfabreak
Falling (or jumping) off the wagon... we’ve all been there. Instead of a cheat meal, I basically had a cheat weekend that followed me into Monday as well. I fully enjoyed my weekend home and well... #sorrynotsorry 🤷‍♀️ I firmly believe that good diet and exercise shouldn’t have to be something that causes stress - it’s supposed to do the opposite. Don’t let an obsession with clean eating and exercise ruin a vacation, family/friends time, or just your general sanity. . There was a time when I’d be super hard on myself for falling off the wagon, but I’m learning to give myself lots of grace. Yes, I basically long-jumped off the wagon, but I’ll get back into my routine - and I’ll do it in a way that makes me happy and doesn’t control my whole life. #liveyourlife #allaboutbalance #giveyourselfgrace
I have never felt more connect to a piece of writing before in my whole life. You need to STOP what you are doing and buy this book RIGHT NOW! I also HIGHLY recommend the @audible_com version narrated by @msrachelhollis herself. . . Listening to this book opened my entire view of my own life. By listening to the lies Rachel was told I realized I was telling myself these thing. I’m not good enough, I’m too fat, I need a hero, I need that food, I need a drink. NO! I need to tell myself that I am worth so much more than those lies. . . If you are struggling with self-doubt, low confidence, loss, or you can’t find your path in life then you need this book. Rachel’s words and emotions come through in so many ways and have inspired me to believe in myself again. I have listened to it twice and will probably listen to it again and again. . . . #njteachers #teachertribe #teachersofinsta #readingteacher #braidedhair #writingteacher #teacherlove #teachersofig #elementaryeducation #teachersofthegram #teachertired #iteachreading #iteach4th #migraines #iteachtoo #iteachfourth #fitteachers #jerseygirl #giveyourselfgrace #makeachange #selflove #teacherthings #inspiredlife
This biggest lesson I've had to learn over this past year 👇👇 I'm not the same as other coaches. I don't have free time to myself to get work done. I have to do my workouts with kids hanging off of me. I couldn't tell you the last time I got 8 hours of sleep. I have permanent mom brain. 🤦 So I give myself grace instead of beating myself up about not being at the same "level" as my peers. No two people are the same + that can be hard to see sometimes. We WANT so much, but our paths to getting there are always going to be different; and that's okay. We can do this side by side though 👭 because having a team full of support is WAY better than going it alone.
Y’all!!! This doesn’t even look like the same person 😳 Sometimes it’s hard to really notice a change in yourself even if it’s a big one because you have had such a negative self image for so long. I know I still struggle daily with seeing myself still as that girl on the left. Heavier, unhappy, depressed. I’ve come a very long way since that girl (and that picture was only like 3 1/2-ish years ago). But then I come across old photos like the one on the left and it really is like holy crap I really have come a long way. I might not be fully at my goal yet but damn it I’ve done really good so far. I’m so very proud of myself. The girl on the right is learning to embrace and even love her unique quirks and flaws because they make her one of a kind. She is finding her voice and is on her journey to fulfill the purpose God placed in her heart. And she is learning that the bruises and scars she has are what give her incredible strength and vulnerability and embracing them lets her live her most authentic life. So very thankful and grateful to be where I am at now on my journey... living a healthier, clean and optimal lifestyle! 💕💕
For years, I thought other people deserved more than me. I admired the lives they seemed to effortlessly construct until one day, a colleague (who I respected) said if you want to change, it’s not enough to be sick of it and fed up. You need a plan! And so it began... I figured out a way to begin living my dreams, one choice at a time. 💕 Some months later I began #freelance writing more and had the pleasure of interviewing Nelson Mandela’s great granddaughter about her wine biz, and God continued to open many doors... I say none of this to brag, but to remind you, the only one standing in your way is you. 💕 If you’re an actress who wants more roles, start writing your own content (look at @issarae whose determination to push beyond the stereotypes of women of color in TV and film pushed her to grind it out long before anyone noticed). You may only have a few folks notice at first, but keep moving. And the same principle applies for any creative discipline! 💕 Every bit of progress is a win! Why? Because you are learning, growing, and most importantly, creating the life of your dreams! 💕#MantraMonday is a new weekly series focused on giving you tips & strategies to live more fully in your creative power! Walk In Your Creative Power, E Founder Women Creatives Chat Inspiring | Empowering | Connecting Creative Women Authentically #womencreativeschat #womenempowerment #womenwriters #womenartists #worklifebalance #bmorecreatives #bmoreartists #baltimoreartists #womencreatives #creativemamas #creativepreneur #creativesontherise #mondaymotivation #progressnotperfection #womemempoweringwomen #womeninthearts #selfcarematters #mimdfulnessmatters #booklovers #mybaltimore #giveyourselfgrace #healingplace #womeninspiringwomen #vibratehigher #freeyomind #mondayslay #whatcanilearn
But seriously, beating yourself down will not help anyone. Look at the positives and move on the the next moment. There’s so many more to be had!
Today's nugget from Havilah Cunnington... "Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows." He's in the waiting, precious friends. Give yourself grace in your process today. ❤️ #inthewaiting #truth #giveyourselfgrace
Day 50-69 has drrraaagggged on and on and on! A 20 day span of workouts has turned into over a month! From my toe getting sprained, ladies prayer advance (which was absolutely amazing and wouldn't change it for the world!), poor poor eating choices and moments of depression setting, it has been a fustrating long part of my fitness journey. But you know what! It's o.k.! Because it's my journey! Do I feel some sort of way? Absolutely. I feel that I robbed myself and sabotage my results that could have been. That I let not only myself but people watching my journey and being an incoragment to them down. I don't take this lightly. It stinks! BUT God doesn't won't me to feel this way! He wants me to learn from this, get back up, dust off my knees and give my self grace! With that being said, that's what I'm going to do! Easier said then done! If you have been watching my journey with this long 80 Day Obsession program please give me grace! Know that I am trying my very best! My results may not be what they could be! But that's o.k because I haven't given up! #blessed #giveyourselfgrace #day69 #80DO #aaa #absarmsandbooty #hesmystrength #dontbeatyourselfup #keepgoing #workingprogress
Self talk. On Repeat. . . . #selftalk #onrepeat #repeat #positivevibes #positivewords #bekindtoyourself #bekindtoyourbody . . . WHAT you feed your mind you’ll believe. . . . #mindispowerful #openheart #beautfulsoul❤️ #giveyourselfgrace #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitspiration #fitnessfun #health #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #livelively #turf #laketappstrong💪🏼 #outdoorfitness #outdoorstudio #mondaymotivation #mondayvibes
Give yourself grace. ▫️ We can’t give it to others if we can’t give it to ourselves. ▫️ At the end of the day, most of us are doing the best we can. We are all carrying something. Whether it’s trauma from our past, difficult relationships, depression, fear that is holding us back, financial difficulty, paying for mistakes we made a long time ago, or a million other things. ▫️ I’m not perfect and neither are you but we are all here together and it’s all connected, so let’s take it one day at a time, with grace and gratitude. ▫️ Say I’m sorry, and I love you, and you mean so much to me, whenever you can. And do the best you can to appreciate today and this moment because it is truly all we have. ❤️
For every terrible thing you say to yourself, replace it with three kind things. . . #stopsayingshittythings #selflove #bodylove #bekind #bodypositivity #iloveme #ilovemyself #mondaymotivation #motivationmonday #motivationalmonday #monday #newweek #happy #behappy #behealthy #loveyourbodyloveyourlife #fitness #inspiration #inspire #bekindtoyourself #giveyourselfgrace #stopbeatingyourselfup
Sometimes looking up into the clouds let's your mind release the negative which tries to grab hold. What do you do for self care when the negative feels heavy and too real? #clouds #aprillove2018 #releasethenegative #speaktruthtothelies #giveyourselfgrace #selfcare
Ok, Monday. Let's do this... ⠀ ⠀ Last week was a wild one, y'all, which lead to a bit of radio silence over here in my little corner of Insta-land. Sometimes, there just aren't a lot of words. ⠀ ⠀ And as a person on this social media platform who happens to also be a business owner, there tends to be this pressure to post regularly, no matter what. ⠀ ⠀ I get that, but sometimes there just aren't a lot of words. And that's ok too. ⠀ ⠀ I'd rather drop off for a little bit than force something pretty into my feed if it's just smoke & mirrors compared to what's really going on. ⠀ ⠀ There was an incredible amount of good, and there's been a lot of hard recently, and I think it's time to get back to more regular conversations here... but if you're a person on this social media platform who feels the pressure to consistently post a picture-perfect highlight reel no matter what, I want you to know it's ok where there just aren't a lot of words. Because life isn't a highlight reel. And that's ok too. #bmariephoto #realtalk
Jus sayin... 🤷🏻‍♀️😊 #maketodaycount #giveyourselfgrace #youareamazing #laughoutloud #yougotthis #BeEncouraged
🔥 👆 #ExtremeExercise . Fitness tips & inspiration ➡ @extremeexercise . . You are a work in progress... PROGRESS being the key word. You don’t have to be at your goal today. You just work a little every day to get a little better, and eventually you will be at your goal. Until then, celebrate ALL your accomplishments along the way. Because you deserve it! 😘 #TakeBackControl #fitforlife #sclerodermawarrior #homeworkouts #fitnesscoaching #legday #legworkout #yougotthis #bepatient #giveyourselfgrace #progress Credits: @rachelzentz
You are a work in progress... PROGRESS being the key word. You don’t have to be at your goal today. You just work a little every day to get a little better, and eventually you will be at your goal. Until then, celebrate ALL your accomplishments along the way. Because you deserve it! 😘 #TakeBackControl #fitforlife #sclerodermawarrior #homeworkouts #fitnesscoaching #legday #legworkout #yougotthis #bepatient #giveyourselfgrace #progress
If you want to... ✔️lose weight ✔️tone/define your muscles ✔️find your happiness and self worth, ✔️become the best version of you I lost 2.25 inches- 1.75 in. from my waist, gained 1.25 inches in my arms and legs and lost 1 pound. I cried when I put these pictures side by side last week. The physical transformation you can see is just a small part of how much I’ve changed over the last 3 months. I’m happier. I’m confident. I’m proud. I view food and alcohol in a new, healthier way. I pushed myself and challenged myself in ways I never have before and overcame challenges and excuses in ways I’ve never done before. I embarked on this journey looking for a physical transformation- I had no idea how much I’d change inside and out. I had no idea that when it was over I’d be so excited to do it again. I didn’t think I’d gain a whole new set of friends who cheer me on and add so much positivity and love to my day. If this sounds like something you can benefit from, message me today!
This glorious afternoon was spent hacking at the #jungle of blackberry vines creeping over the fence from my neighbor’s yard into mine. #TallChickie and I clipped and yanked and hauled several loads of vines to the scrap pile. As I sat down to drink a cup of some sort of iced tea concoction that my #TinyChickie created for us, I actually murmured in silent prayer “thanks for this body, Lord”. 🤔 . Might not be a big deal to most, but it is to me. See- I’ve struggled with my weight and body image for a lotta years. I don’t think very highly of my body and know what? That’s wrong. 👎🏼 . Day in and day out it is strong enough to get out of bed at the crack of dawn to provide for my girls, carry sick people out of houses and into my ambulance when I’m at work, hoist both my girls on my hips at the same time (which brings them great joy) and get me through the tough workouts that I do in an attempt to gain strength and stamina. 💗 . I want to purpose to me more grateful for this body God has given me and treat it with more kindness and grace and care. 🙌🏼 . . #thanksLord #strongbody #blessed
👊🏻3 Life Lessons You’ll Learn on your Fitness Journey👊🏻
1️⃣Dedication > Motivation
You’re not always gonna feel like it. Action creates motivation. Not the other way around
2️⃣Discomfort = Growth
Pain builds physical and mental toughness. That pain usually means we are in the process of rebuilding, becoming stronger and more resilient
3️⃣You conquer yourself to conquer the world
It shows you you are capable of making a difference, making a change for the better, for those around you as well as yourself. It bleeds into other areas of your life.
It shows us we are the authors of our circumstances and capable of creating our destiny. Few ever get to experience the power. But why not you?