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MUSCLE COMPOSITION: Most people think that the higher the numbers are on the scale, the bigger you look. But in reality, how much you weigh really doesn't matter. I look way better weighing only 150lb(cut) than when I'm 165lb(bulk). This is because when you're lean all your muscles are visible. If you're gaining more than 1 to 2 pounds a month it's pretty much all gonna be fat. No matter how much you train, your body has a set limit to how much muscle you can build in certain period of time. Honestly, I just look in the mirror and if I'm looking fat then I cut and if I'm looking small then I bulk. So main point is keep things simple and don't confuse yourself by checking your BMI and your body fat percentage every 5 min. (This vid was taken like 6 months ago but I'm around 158lb now)
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(Swipe for transformation) Freshman year to senior year of high school. [130lb to 155lb] If you are starting off super skinny like I did, EAT. The most efficient way to build mass is by being in calorie surplus, so make sure you are getting your meals in. I like to bulk for 3 weeks and then cut for 1 week every month. That's pretty much how I stay lean year round. But if you don't care about aesthetics, I would suggest bulking for at least 6 months for some solid size. Then cut slow for like 4 months so you're not losing muscle. [DRINK MORE WATER]
MIND TO MUSCLE CONNECTION: Probably the most important aspect of bodybuilding. Making sure you contract your muscles properly while doing an exercise helps recruit more muscle fibers and prevents you from injury. When working on building a better mind to muscle connection, start with light weights and just focus on contracting/extracting a specific muscle during your set. Once you get more familiar with it, focus on the "negative" or the extraction portion of the movement, performing each rep really slowly. Trust me, you will have a really good pump and you will also burn out your muscles out a lot quicker, so you don't have to spend as much time in the gym.
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MOTIVATION: So a lot of people ask me how I am able to stay motivated and go to the gym everyday. Truth is, I don’t need any motivation because I genuinely enjoy working out. In fact, you can say I’m addicted to it. Watching myself grow and transform brings me happiness and content. If you don’t enjoy your workouts you will never feel satisfied and you won’t be putting in as much effort as possible. My advice would be to constantly try out new exercises until you find something you enjoy doing. Then going to the gym won’t be something you hate, but rather something you look forward too.
CALISTHENICS: We all have 2 types of muscle fibers, the first type are fast twitch fibers and the other type are slow twitch fibers. Fast twitch fibers are used when you do heavy weights with low reps. Slow twitch fibers are used when doing lights weights with high reps. Some people have more of fast twitch fibers then slow, so for them it is more effective to lift heavy. If you’re on the other end of the scale and have more slow twitch muscles fibers like me, it is more effective train with light weights/ body weight for high reps. Most people only train their fast twitch fibers making them stiff and their muscles useless. By training your slow twitch fibers you can be more athletic and your muscles will be more functional.
Guten Morgen zusammen.... da ich mich ja viel mit Ernährung beschäftige um immer wieder neue Diäten versuche um die beste für mich zu finden, bin ich immer über dieses Wort Anabolesfenster gestolpert... und was soll ich sagen 🤦🏻‍♂️ endlich habe ich es gefunden und ich bin drin im Anabolen Fenster ... endlich ist meine Suche beendet😂😂 aber es sollte mal geputzt werden.🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ so geistiger dünnpfiff erledigt ✅ und jetzt ab ins gym und anschaffen wie immer 😀🦆😀 bis später dann zum stalkertreff💪🏽💪🏽 #picoftheday #family #bodytransformation #bodybuilding #model #bootybuilding #naturalbodybuilding #anabolediät #happy #diät #abnehmen #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmodel #gainz #mcfit #training #legday #mensphysique #gym #cheatday #gymlife #dog #lifestyle #flex #fitfam #fitnessfood #fitnessfreak #perfectbody #goldsgym 📷 @1schlumpf2 @pumping_grisu @fit_zimi @eva_i_am @allaboutthegains86 @rudiw_fit_ @pumping_gorilla @d_mitro @tinu_sieg @fitness__jessy
MOBILITY: By understanding how each of your muscles and joints function and work with each other, you can increase your strength & prevent injuries. Working on your movement also improves your posture and blood flow. Start with dynamic stretches and use a tension band to improve your range of motion. Yoga is a great way to improve your mobility but if you want something more fast paced, I would suggest martial arts or dancing.
AESTHETICS: Bodybuilding is an illusion. Don’t expect to always look shredded 24/7 . Most of the pics you see on the internet are taken with the perfect lighting and angles(including this one). As you train, you will learn that you can be looking completely shredded one week and look fat the next week. This can be due to various things but mainly diet and water weight. If you want to look aesthetic, I suggest you focus on training your shoulders and upper back. This will make you appear bigger without having to gain tons of muscle. Also, you don’t have to train abs everyday. Just focus on your diet and try to keep your body fat around 15 to 10% depending on how shredded you want to look.
MEDITATION: The body is a physical manifestation of the mind. “Meditation is mind without agitation”. Most people think that meditation is some spiritual shit only monks do, but it’s literally the healthiest thing you can do for yourself. By letting go of thoughts that constantly run through your mind, you can reduce your stress. Especially for people trying to build muscle, stress creates cortisol which breaks down muscle tissue. If you just can’t meditate for some reason , even just sitting out in nature is proven to reduce stress levels. There is no point of having a healthy body if the thing that controls it is weak.
SYMMETRY & PROPORTIONS: Growing up, I was always obsessed with having perfect proportions and never really cared about how much weight I could lift. In this vid, the first part is when I was 15, second part was when I was 17 and the last one is my current state. If you go in to the gym and just start lifting without thinking about your proportions you’re gonna end up looking like shit. I see too many guys who “ego lift” and get big, but are never satisfied with how they look. Proportions are crucial in your first few years of lifting because that is when you build your foundation. Focus on building a v - taper(wide shoulders thin waist) and don’t skip leg day.
INTERMITTENT FASTING: If you’re struggling to lose fat, this is the answer. Even if you are already shredded there are tons of health benefits. I’m not gonna go into all the science, but if you’re interested, look up Thomas DeLauer on YouTube. He describes all the health benefits of fasting and shows real studies for any skeptics. Our bodies run a lot more efficiently when we fast because that’s what we had to do for thousands of years when we had to hunt for our food. As cavemen/primates, we would go days without eating and our bodies developed accordingly. Fasting is also a great detox because your body goes into autophagy, where it breaks down and recycles old cells in your body. After fasting for more than 12 hours your body goes into a flight/fight mode and all your senses get enhanced(feels similar to the effects of caffeine). This is great for when you are training because it feels like you’re on pre-workout without needing to take any. I have been eating ONE meal a day and have never looked/felt better. Most people think that they will lose size if they don’t eat 6 meals a day and make sure to get carbs in right before their workout. Don’t get me wrong, I was under the same impression for years too. Surprisingly, when fasting, you can increase your hgh(human growth hormone) and testosterone levels naturally by up to 300%. The longer you can hold your fast, the more your hgh and testosterone levels will increase. I noticed the differences in my physique within a week. Now I wake up, gym and have nothing but water till around 6pm. Then I’ll usually make salmon w/ coconut oil, quinoa or brown rice, a spinach/kale salad, and top it off with some avocado and lime. YES, you can also have dessert! My favorite is banana bread but you can have whatever you want as long as you portion it right. If you are trying to build muscle: (Make sure you are still getting enough calories in to grow.) If you are trying to lose fat: (Try fasting for 24 hours or even 48 hours once a week to really make sure you keep your calorie intake low and reap all the health benefits of prolonged fasting.)
« La force ne vient pas du fait de gagner. Tes luttes développent tes points forts. Lorsque tu passes par des difficultés et que tu continues malgré tout, voila ce qui fait ta force. » Arnold Schwarzenegger
LEAN BULKING: For 2018, I’m gonna focus on putting on size. This year, I will be lifting upper/lower every other day. I find that if I have a rest day in between my workouts I recover a lot quicker. My strength and energy is a lot higher compared to lifting 4-5 days in a row. I will be in a calorie surplus while still continuing my intermittent fast. I’m also gonna cut my cardio down to only 2 days a week.(Either boxing or stair masters). During 2017, I stayed pretty lean because I was focusing on calisthenics(body weight workouts). But I find the most optimal way to put on size is with weights. Not only can you constantly progress in the amount weight you are lifting but you can also isolate specific muscles. When doing calisthenics you are always using more than one muscle group. If you just want to get lean & shredded, calisthenics is great. If your goal is to look massive, focus on compound lifts, free weights, and machines(for isolation). Last thing, don’t go to heavy on deadlifts or squats cuz your waist will get too wide. Just go light but do your reps really slowly while focusing on your mind - muscle connection.