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The first #freckledhenblooms of the season (!!), good coffee & a slow breakfast✨ The very best of Sunday on my kitchen countertop 💛
My mom-in-law has given me a hydrangea bush for every grandparent I've lost. 💕 I didn't think they'd bloom this year, but it's October - just before our first frost - & every vase within our home is overflowing with them. 💕 These are most certainly my most treasured #freckledhenblooms Happy Wednesday, dear friends!
Harvesting 🌼 for a friend in need of a little sunshine✨ #freckledhenblooms #flowerstagram
"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower" 🌾 #freckledhenblooms #flowersofinstagram #flowerfarmer
I would love to one day work on a flower farm - to learn the ins & outs of growing & arranging market flowers. Until then, I'll keep harvesting my own homegrown flowers & sharing them with friends 💕 Late September flowers - a reason to celebrate! #freckledhenblooms
It may be Fall, but our flowers are still going strong! 🌸💕 This afternoon I'm excited to begin planting our spring bulbs! I think I may have a problem 😬 #gimmealltheflowersbasketsandcoffee #freckledhenblooms
Last day of Summer bouquet for a friend 🌸💕 #freckledhenblooms #flowersfordays #growyourown
Happy Monday, friends! Just finished my walk, caught up on my favorite podcasts & now I'm making myself a yummy smoothie! I fell off the wagon this weekend (hello, intense sugar cravings! 😵), but I'm back at it because health is a ✨journey✨ & it's all about ✨progress✨, NOT perfection! Can I get an AMEN?! 💫 SO. I've got a couple of non-related questions for y'all: 1. That furniture piece just below the rack - I plan to repaint it soon & I am thinking a similar color to my green chalkboard for a little pop of color. What do we think?! 2. What are your favorite sources for #wallpaper? I've spent countless hours searching & it's very clear - I have champagne taste & a happy hour domestic beer budget. #bless 😂 All thoughts, tips, sources are welcomed! Happy new week, y'all! #freckledhenfarmhouse #freckledhenblooms
I will never regret spending the $19 on a tiny rose bush that just four months later continues to shower us in the sweetest smelling blooms! 🌸 If you want to feel rich, grow a flower garden 💕 #flowersfordays #freckledhenblooms
Harvesting the very last of our tomatoes for sauce, making quick pickled okra (anyone with a favorite recipe?!) & arranging homegrown flower bouquets for the farmer's 10 year class reunion!✨ We've been together - friends or married - almost all of those 10 years. I love the life we've built. 💛 #freckledhenfarm #freckledhenblooms
I was tempted to type, "Bright flowers on this beautiful morning!" or something equally positive & vague. But this morning I'm just. not. feeling. it. 😐 #grumpypants #essentialoilswhereyouat
Late summer sunrise on #freckledhenfarm 🌅🌸 #freckledhenblooms
Bringing mini bouquets of #freckledhenblooms to @thefreckledhenfarmhouse for this afternoon's painting workshop with @thepaintedjackalope! A grateful heart for the honor to do this work that I love so much. 💓 Oh, & my favorite addition to summer bouquets - basil! It is such a wonderful fragrance & really makes a room smell oh so good! Happy Sunday, dear friends! 💕
When you get home from work to find all of your teddy bear sunflowers have bloomed!! 🌻 They're just the HAPPIEST! 💛 #simplejoys
So much rain today, but I managed to harvest a few bouquets for @thefreckledhenfarmhouse! 🌸💕 #freckledhenblooms #flowerfarmer #simpleliving #homegrown
If I was flower growing wild & free, all I'd want is you to be my sweet honeybee. 🐝🌸 (@lukefreeperson 😘) #freckledhenblooms
Coffee with a side of sunshine (& homemade zucchini bread)! Happy Hump Day, y'all! 🐪
This week's #freckledhenblooms bouquet inspired by those gorgeous summer sunsets we're having. 🌅 Tucked inside thrifted pottery - the best kind, yes? 💛 #flowerfarmer
Had a buzzing little helper in the garden today 🐝✨ #freckledhenblooms
We sold out of #freckledhenfarm bouquets at the shop today. I guess everyone needed a little $5 pick-me-up. 🌸💕 Harvesting fresh blooms in the summer rain this evening. This is the good life. 💓 #freckledhenblooms
I mean, who doesn't love zinnias?! 🤷🏻‍♂️ #fridayflowers #freckledhenblooms #freckledhenfarm