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One of my happy places is meal planning. No really! I find it so exciting to put together a diverse menu of new foods that taste good and feel good in our bodies! Interested in how I do it? Send me a message and I can let you in on the not so secret secret to our healthy success! #workbetternotharder #fitfabfun #fitteacher #teachercoach #fitlyfe #teacherlyfe #sweatyteacher #dogmom #catmom #healthyfastfood #prayforteachers #workitworkit #fitteachersrock
Yumyums came in the mail! Which do I try first? #workbetternotharder #fitfabfun #fitteacher #teachercoach #fitlyfe #teacherlyfe #sweatyteacher #dogmom #catmom #healthyfastfood #prayforteachers #workitworkit #fitteachersrock #beachbar #proteinbar #healthyfoodbar
#feetupfriday • Y’all....I can see the light. Happy #friyay • Btw I have had this light box since August and this is the first time I use it. Can’t think of a better use for it!
Chocolate Rainbow Picnic Shake: vegan chocolate shakeology, 1/4 cut rolled oats, 1 cup rainbow chard, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 tsp matcha, 1 tsp bee pollen, 1 cup coconut milk, 1 cup water, edible flowers. #workbetternotharder #fitfabfun #fitteacher #teachercoach #fitlyfe #teacherlyfe #sweatyteacher #dogmom #catmom #healthyfastfood #prayforteachers #workitworkit #fitteachersrock
Happy Friday! It’s been a bit of an #upsidedown week with so many ladies sick. Have a relaxing weekend #bfitters #ladiesstudio #fitlifestyle #fitteachersrock
Fasted morning Workout done! Such an amazing feeling! And all it took was 30 minutes! Now, time to get to work on my research paper!😅 I would love to share my workouts with you, DM me for more details ! #workoutmotivation #girlswithmuscle #morningworkout #workoutwithme #girlsthatlift #musclegains #girlswhosquat #workout #fitnessmotivation #fitteachersrock #fitnessgirl #fitnessjourney #journey #messybackground
This week’s #bsf is Shawn! He is a 6:00am athlete that gets after every WOD he does! His day job of teaching and coaching baseball tends to keep him busy but he doesn’t let that stop him from getting his fitness in. If you need help in finding great hard rock, he’s your guy! Keep up the great work! #fivealarmcrossfit #fivealarmstrong #bloomingtonil #fitteachersrock #backinblack
Anothet week to progress to advance, to develop toward a better more complete you. So proud of @mitsumoti26 on her hard work! #watchmeworkfitness #womentraining #womenfitness #strengthtraining #upperbodyworkout #ageisonlyanumber #Healthiswealth #changeyourlifestyle #fitteachersrock
Want to make your heart stronger? Message me and I can mentor you through the steps to feeling healthier! #workbetternotharder #fitfabfun #fitteacher #teachercoach #fitlyfe #teacherlyfe #sweatyteacher #dogmom #catmom #healthyfastfood #prayforteachers #workitworkit #fitteachersrock
Just as a testament that you can start where you are and get some really awesome results, here are some transformation pictures that are not mine. • These women all are busy. They work. They’re moms. They have social lives. It wasn’t easy for them. But they showed up and did the damn thing and it shows! • I’ve got 1 spot left to fill in my 80 day obsession group starting next week. Is it yours?
Common complaints I hear from myself: I am too busy, heck no you’re not get up and go work out for half an hour. I don’t have the right clothes, yes you do they’re called your pajamas. But I missed yesterday, so what get back up and try again. But there’s no room, yes there is it’s called your living room. But it’s too hard, no it’s not there is a program for everyone. Everyone is a beginner at some point. It’s too easy! Then make it harder. I’m too tired, then go to bed earlier. But I can’t do it alone, you aren’t that’s why there are support groups. Do you have the same thoughts as me? Are you always giving yourself excuses excuses excuses? That’s OK. Everyone is. But you’re not going to get better unless you start convincing yourself that you can. Give me one week and I can show you the steps to change your perspective on making yourself a better person physically mentally and emotionally. #workbetternotharder #fitfabfun #fitteacher #teachercoach #fitlyfe #teacherlyfe #sweatyteacher #dogmom #catmom #healthyfastfood #prayforteachers #workitworkit #fitteachersrock
Let me tell you the story behind these shorts. These aren’t just cute white shorts. These shorts were bought in 2016, August, end of the season. I was getting married in Florida (in September) so I was snagging up all the cute summer clothes I could get my hands on. I found these super cute shorts at Kohl’s and they were on like super clearance but...there weren’t any in my size. Only size 6. It’s fine, I thought, “I’ll lose weight for the wedding and fit into these shorts...easy.” Haha NOPE! Not only did I not fit into them, by the time my wedding rolled around I had GAINED more weight and could barely fit into my wedding dress! I mean if I couldn’t even lose weight for my own wedding, I was surely never to lose weight EVER, right? Wrong! I just needed the right plan and the right people! More than a year later (at a size 12-14) I decided it was time to get my health and fitness in check. I found an amazing community of women who showed me nothing was impossible. I got my butt into gear and made a life style change! Now, (almost 2 years later) I can proudly say these super cute shorts FINALLY FIT! Guys it’s not impossible, and it is TOTALLY worth it. If you’re ready for a healthier, fitter you...send me a message! I would love to chat! Our next challenge group starts April 30th, I would love to help you get started! #fitteachersrock #fitmomof2 #crushinggoals2018 #theyfit #summerwordrobe #movingondown #whiteshorts
Sooo I decided on a whim that I wasn’t going to wait to start round two of the program I just finished. It focused a lot on abs and a$$, while still incorporating functional full body moves. You never do the same workout twice and you see some major results! • I told a few friends I was doing it again and after seeing how I did the first time around a few have decided to join me. I’m running a group starting next week for it and I am enrolling people now! If you want to join me, let me know ASAP. Comment, like or message me because spaces are limited!
First of all, nothing excites me more than when second day hair can be worn down. No shame in my dry shampoo game over here 💁🏻‍♀️ • Second of all, WE GOT LESS THAN 30 SCHOOL DAYS LEFT YALL. • Third of all, I have been thinking it is a day later than it actually is all week and it’s been the worst feeling everyday to realize that it’s not the day I thought it was, but a day earlier. But hump day proved to be pretty good. I got a little off my routine from my last program that ended on Saturday and I’ve been feeling the effects of it. So I resolved to restructure the rest of my week to be back on a steady routine and my productivity today has been so much better. • So y’all keep on keepin’ on through the rest of this week and semester. The end is close!
Post swim selfi. Brought the mini me to work today. #artteacher #fitmom #daughters #fitteachersrock #lovemyjob❤️ #schoolgym #momof2
"I DON'T BELIEVE IN AGE, I BELIEVE IN ENERGY, DON'T LET AGE DICTATE WHAT YOU CAN AND CANNOT DO" Great early bird session with @mitsumoti26 Her 2nd week and showing progress, super proud of her. #watchmeworkfitness #womentraining #womenfitness #strengthtraining #upperbodyworkout #ageisonlyanumber #Healthiswealth #changeyourlifestyle #fitteachersrock
It’s time for the teachers in Westville/Cowies Hill to get into shape😁 #fitteachersrock #keepingupwiththekids #healthylifestyle #ladiesstudio #teacherlife
I hate waking up. I hate it early, I hate it late. I find the process to literally be the most daunting task of my entire day. I am a night owl by nature, but my job has required me to abandon that lifestyle and become an early riser. But I can EASILY fall back into my old habits of staying up late and sleeping in after just. Day or two away from work. It’s just the way I am wired. • But guess what? Sometimes we have to do things we don’t always like—that’s a part of life. For me, one of those things is getting my ass out of bed hours before I would prefer and starting my day. So I figure, if I gotta be up, I might as well make the most of that time, right? • Studies show you are your most productive in the first 2 hours after you have woken up. That’s not a very large window of time, right? So if you’re interested in being more intentional and taking some baby steps to improving your morning, and really just WINNING your morning routine, join my F.R.E.E. Group that will focus on it. It can’t hurt to have a tribe guiding you through! Message me or comment/like below for details!
The face of someone who has been having general anxiety about nothing for the last 45 minutes and is using frozen strawberries and the idea of teaching a dance class in 10 more minutes to convince them self that NOTHING IS WRONG. #anxious #generalizedanxiety #workbetternotharder #fitfabfun #fitteacher #teachercoach #fitlyfe #teacherlyfe #sweatyteacher #dogmom #catmom #healthyfastfood #prayforteachers #workitworkit #fitteachersrock
I worked hard for this prosecco 🥂