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Thanks to @influenster for sending me this free box of goodies to try out! One of my favorite things in this box is the #quinoa. In fact- I have purchased this brand before and use it all the time because it’s so easy for on the go moms like me! Looking forward to trying out the other products in the #momlifebox!
How has your day been so far? Have you had any adventures? Have your learned or tried something new? Make sure to write about all the good parts of your day today. Writing a daily journal describing the favourite events from your day will help you feel positive on the days when things don't go so well. Have a magical Monday x.
‘Nuff said! #choosejoy #findthejoy #seekthegood #happymonday #teachingwithfreckles #tidbit
This kid hasn’t taken a nap yet, but how can I be upset? Look at this adorable smile 😄 // We’ve spent the morning reading books, watching chuginton 🚃, slashing around in the bath 🛁 + laughing. My little boy is my favorite little person to hang out with ❤️
Good morning! It’s the beginning of another amazing week! Believe it! I surround myself with positive messages so that I can repeat the mantras to myself. Nothing wrong with constant reminders! Have an amazing Monday! #plannersfordays #writedownallthethings #findthejoy #choosejoy #teachingwithfreckles #teachingwithfrecklesandgrace #happymonday #gettingthingsdone
There is no greater honor than to be a parent. But let’s face it, there are days when it doesn’t feel so dignified! Join me in discovering what it means to parent with Mindfulness and how we can best support ourselves, our children and each other in the journey of raising our future. RSVP required. And for those of you unable to attend, click on my link in my bio for more information on Mindful Parenting coaching sessions. ~ #smallworldmontessorischool #mindfulparenting #mindfulparentcoach #findthejoy
There’s nothing more painful than losing yourself. But there’s nothing more beautiful that finding yourself again. Keep going. There is a holy cause ❤️. #findthejoy #letitgo #purpose
Good Morning!!! ☀️ . Pink sky sunrises are my favorite! Loved seeing the sunrise on our way home from Baltimore. 🌅 . When I get see beautiful sunrises like this, it makes me thank God for this beautiful planet we live on and makes me beyond grateful to be alive! 💕 . The weekend was hectic after having to take my bestie to the hospital. We spent a long night in the ER, but I’m so glad to know she is ok. While we didn’t get much (well any) sleep and she felt awful, I love that we were still able to watch Impractical Jokers and laugh until we cried. 😂 . Mindset is everything. Finding the positive in the negative. Being thankful for our surroundings. That’s what it’s all about and how we achieve happiness even during the crazy moments of life. Have a wonderful Monday everyone! ❤️ . #sunrisesunset #sunrisesky #sunrises #sunrise🌅 #sunrise_lovers #sunriser #sunrise🌄 #sunrise_pics #goodmorninginsta #goodmorningeveryone #goodmorningworld🌎 #thankfulforhim #thankfulforlife #thankfuleveryday #thankfultobealive #gratefulheart💖 #thankfulgratefulblessed #blessedtobealive #impracticaljokers #findthejoy #joyinthemorning #joyintheordinary #laughuntilyoucry #bestfriendsday #bestfriends4ever #ilovemybestfriend #ilovemybestie #pinkskies #thankgodforanotherday #thankgod🙏
Hello Monday. I have a member that always says....have a good day or at least make the best of what's left of this one. This is the start of the day and the work week. Make the effort to find the good in the day, if you are struggling. Maybe today will be the fresh start you need to try or do something new and different....or at least take a step in that direction. Whatever you do today find the joy. #1peter5seven #psalm118v24 #findthejoy #hellosunshine
As a sat in the dark of the early morning today and rocked my new baby, I was overcome with gratitude to the Lord. I have been blessed with three beautiful and healthy children. But it has been a long hard road. Years of heartache and recurrent miscarriages threatened to harden my heart and make me bitter. And I won’t lie, there were definitely some very dark days. But in the end, light won. Our newest and last baby, was an unexpected blessing. I had come to accept that I was not going to be able to carry another baby to term. I had made piece and decided to move forward, and then she came. (I hated stories like this while in the thick of my suffering). But this is my story and I will claim it and praise God for his goodness. I am truly blessed and when I am in the midst of frustration over tantrums and sleepless nights, it is good to remember that. . . . #findthejoy #motherhoodrising #christcentered #gratitude #recurrentmiscarriage #survivor #motherhoodunplugged #momsofinstagram #forthischildiprayed #momlife #godisgood #countyourblessings #beautifulbaby #mylight #rainbowbaby #infertilitysurvivor #itgetsbetter #myrainbow
“I am going to make everything around me beautiful- that will be my life.” - Elsie de Wolf • • • Today is Monday which has everyone back to real life and I hope your life is beautiful and colored with what you want and if it’s not YOU need to make a change. I’m reading a book, The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and all I have to say is WOW. I’m not even half way done but I know this book is changing my life for the better🤓 sometimes school isn’t what teaches us the most it’s what we go out and search for that teaches us the most lessons and life skills👋🏼 I highly recommend personal development for all areas of life✌🏼👌🏼😊 we can never stop growing🌱 for real though if we stop growing we die (heard on a Tony Robbins podcast). I wholeheartedly agree, the box I used to live in has exploded and everyday I’m looking for ways to grow and change my way of thinking because everything we think is because of perception.
No matter what we struggle with, what is bother us, how bad your day may be, or even how much you dislike waking up early... FIND JOY IN YOUR DAY! CHOOSE JOY!!!! Live your life with joy. Life is to short to live it any other way! . . . #choosejoy #findthejoy #fitmomof7 #blendedfamilyof9 #floridamove #momspushing40 #neverstopfighting
Find the joy in life even when it seems too dark. #eternalfreedom #lovedonesinheaven #findthejoy #happybirthdayinheaven
“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. “ Abraham Lincoln I read that this morning and thought, wow that is so TRUE!❤️ I’m not happy because my life is perfect or because I have no stress (🤣That’s just laughable!). I’m happy because I decided a few years back that that is how I wanted to live my life. Regardless of circumstances, I CHOOSE to be happy 😃. Life is full of ups and downs but YOU get to decide how to react to each moment. Will you choose to find the joy? #findthejoy #choosehappiness #sohappywithlife #positivityfairy #extraordinarylife #gratefulheart
After spending all day on a plane looking through seemingly hundreds of photos we took over the past week, I have determined this to be one of my most favorite pictures from the trip. Admittedly, it doesn’t look like a desert photo. But the way the sun casts a unique “filter” on the whole space gives the photo an ethereal kind of vibe, don’t you think? 💚🌿#nofilter
When you really love yourself and feel comfortable in your skin it shows. The love you have for yourself overflows to others as love and kindness and beauty and brings you a peaceful happiness. #love #beautifulsoul #loveyourself #beautyinside #inside #bethelove #kindness #kindnessmatters #selfacceptance #findthejoy #happiness
I started because I wanted to lose weight. That's the bottom line. I lacked energy and I knew, deep down, my choices were unhealthy ones. I knew my weight was a reflection of that. I lost the 40 pounds slowly and steadily, but I'm so glad that the transformation goes far deeper than the weight. I never anticipated the Lord to be working on my heart so much in the process. When I started, I didn't realize the extent of how my health was all connected to every other area of discipline (or lack thereof) in my life. But I soon learned it. You see, once I started following a plan and system for my eating and exercise, that discipline filtered into other habits...reading my Bible, praying, spending Intentional time with my family. That's when I realized this is about so much more than me and a few pounds, which fueled my passion for helping others see that. It informs how and why I coach, and it's a powerful reason for me to be committed to each individual who trusts me to help them. If you can relate to anything I shared, I would love to encourage you, even if you don't want to consider my group. Please direct message or email me so we can chat. 💛
Last week on Nurturing Habit, I spoke with Mara Glatzel, who dropped this gem in our conversation. IT was so powerful, so true, something so necessary for each of us (but how many of us actually do it?). Not judging myself is such a difficult practice for me. I am extremely self-critical. I speak to myself the way I would NEVER speak to anyone else in my life. And I'm working on it, every day. But I had never thought of it as self-care before. She's wise, that @maraglatzel Listen to Episode 12 now by clicking through the link in my profile or find it in your favorite podcasting app.
🤭😃😜☺️. . . . . #myroom #craftroom #myspace #creativetime #blooming_4_you #blooming4you #findthejoy
Posting a #throwback to a few months ago pic of us religiously going out for runs! We’ve been soooo behind eversince ... LYFE ( housebuilding, house loans paying and the usual 🤣😌) So this pic means... we are going to start our physical exercises again! Yeah! 💪🏽 Ini foto bbrp bln lalu waktu kita masih #briskwalk dan lari secara sangat taat seakan2 ibadah ha ha. Namun seiring waktu, tau kan kegiatan #inangproyek hampir setahun berkembang menjadi #inanginterior dan inang pindahan tak kunjung beres ha ha, nah kegiatan itu agak terbengkalai. Jadi dengan foto ini, hanya ingin bilang: kita akan MULAI lagi! Bersiap2lah untuk foto kemringet di feed saya di waktu mendatang! Ha! ( my dear husband yang nggak begitu suka kl diseret olahraga...BE. READY!!! Muahahahaha *sinisterLaugh* ) #findthejoy #hatiyanggembiraadaahobat Btw, dengan briskwalk ( jalan cepat ) dan lari kalau bisa, juga membantu memperlancar system cerna loh! Beneraaaan.coba deh. Jangan lupa stretch and BREATHE sebelum dan sesudahnya and say: THANK YOU LORD for another Monday to start over again, kali ini denganMU Tuhan! Pasti lebih baik!