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You guys, further proof that our milkshakes bring ALL the boys to the yard. 📸 @meghan.e.rose
au revoir Montreal it's been real 🙌🏻 #dietstartstomorrow 🙈
Y'all know I struggle with food addiction. I recently had someone ask me "if you WANT to get better, then why don't you just stop eating those bad foods?" . That's the thing with addiction, though - there's a piece of me that DOESN'T want to get better. #theuglytruth . If there were no negative consequences, I'd want to be left alone with my addiction in peace. Just me and an entire Bojangles restaurant ready to cater to my whims, forever and ever. No judgment. No weight gain. Just me and spicy fries. . THAT is where the struggle with addiction comes in. . I WANT to lose weight, I WANT to be healthy...but I also WANT to be left alone with my carbs for comfort. . That's why I don't put much stock in willpower or "you just have to want it bad enough." Because I DO want to lose weight SO MUCH - but I ALSO want to eat SO MUCH. . If you wait til you're ready, you'll end up waiting FOREVER. There IS no perfect time to lose the weight - life will always be messy, holidays and birthdays will always pop up, and that little voice will always be whispering from the back of my mind that "just a few fries won't hurt...just a few MORE fries won't know what, better just order a second batch." . MINDSET is EVERYTHING. Changing your ATTITUDE toward food so you eat from a place of peace, instead of a place of emptiness and addiction. Learning an action plan that lets you eat well without feeling guilty, that takes the judgment out of eating and still helps you reach your goals. Surrounding yourself with a support system because it's a learning process, and you're not going to be perfect overnight - so having that encouragement helps you get back up and keep going. . There's no such thing as willpower, not for an addict. But there IS such a thing as SUPPORT. And that's exactly what the Mindful Eating Fitcamp gives me. 💕I'm losing the weight between my ears so I can lose the weight around my waist. . Down 4 pounds so far and feeling GREAT!! 🙌🙌🙌
How do the Rangers start a Monday with @mrsleahvalentine at the helm? S’mores brownies 💯❤️🐻 #bearanger #dietstartstomorrow
Ramadan Promo 2018
Been in holiday mode for too long!! Sooooo much wine and crappy food .... Back to heathly eating .... Made a some lush homemade carrot and corrinder soup #homemade #healthyfood #dietstartstomorrow #mealprep
The transition from internal life Repressed and unseen Forgotten Lurking in the shadow of your mind Losing yourself is the key To leave everything behind Losing yourself is the key The shadows become our past The migration of the soul Picks up where it leaves the flesh And enters the finish line Sustained through another time Life is the trial And the passage is death Storming through oblivion Life is a trial And the passage is death Storming through the veil As withing so without As above so below #dimmuborgir #eonian #bodybuilding #nodiet #needadiet #dietstartstomorrow
#mealprep ▫️▫️▫️ Krabben, Quinoa, Spargel, Paprika, Tomaten, Mais, Zwiebel, Avocado, Schafskäse, Cashewnüsse ▫️▫️▫️heute gab’s nochmal Reste von gestern (swipe ➡️) Und zum Nachtisch natürlich wieder ein Magnum😅▫️▫️▫️#mealprepping #mealplan #mealprepideas #foodcreations #foodinspiration #foodstagram #instafood #foodpics #foodblogger #fitness #fitnessfood #fitfood #fitgirl #fitfam #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthycuisines #diet #dietstartstomorrow #absaremadeinkitchen
Pizza apakah ini???? Enaaak
Because I couldn't fucking wait 😅 #UbePie #JollibeeKillingThePieGame #DietStartsTomorrow
Build muscle vs lose fat by @smurray_32 ➖ - Follow @macrolabnutrition for daily fitness content 🔥🔥 - 👇🏼Build muscle👇🏼 •Calories: Eating in a kcal SURPLUS will allow you to optimise LBM gains as opposed to in a kcal deficit (Aragon et al 2017). •Protein: Protein intakes of ~1.2-2g/kg (Phillips 2006) have shown to be suffice when in a surplus to allow for growth of LBM (Lambert et al 2004). •Lift weights (duh): Food creates an environment for growth is NOT necessary (Longland et al 2016). Training however, is the STIMULUS for growth & without it, you won’t cause your body to grow new muscle tissue (Ploutz et al 1994). •Do *some* cardio: As much as you may not want to hear it, keeping *some* cardio in during a bulk will aid in increasing CV fitness (Geliebter et al 1997) which can translate to increased lifting performance/recovery. Furthermore, cardio can help keep your surplus in check & improve nutrient partitioning (Forbes, 2000) thus further advantageous for “LEAN gains. ➖ 👇🏼Lose fat👇🏼 •Calories: Fat loss occurs ONLY when kcal in < kcal out (Hill et al 2013) thus creating a consistent kcal DEFICIT either via diet, training or a combination of both is essential for fat loss. •Protein: Just as important when on a cut as it will aid in preserving LBM. While on a bulk you may get away with a lower protein intakes of  1.2-2g/kg, in a deficit, higher intakes of 2-3g/kg have shown to be best to retain LBM (Helms et al 2013). •Lift weights:  Though the gains you make whilst in kcal deficit will likely be less than those made in a surplus, lifting weights is CRUCIAL for augmenting the preservation of muscle mass so you don’t end your cut looking like a stick insect (Bryner et al 1999, Donnelly et al 1993). •Do some more cardio: Though a kcal deficit is all you need for fat loss (Romieu et al 2017, Hill et al 2012), sometimes on a cut, decreasing kcals is not further feasible. Thus, as there are 2 sides to the energy balance equation (in & out), cardio can definiently aid in rapidly increasing energy expenditure (Lee 2014) as it usually burns more kcals/unit time than weights. ➖
my way of “starting my diet tomorrow”, my go to meal from @diginn 😋😋 steak, broccoli, & MAC #foooodieee #diginn #dietstartstomorrow #nyc #macandcheese #broccolifest #steak #wildrice #lunchtime #stacked #stuffed #bae #heaven #heavenly #greens #socheesy
PRE WORKOUT MEAL By @iqphysique96 Before you read anything, remember that hitting your overall calorie and protein intake is most important. All nutritional factors are secondary to these. Check out my Nutrition 101 series on my YouTube channel, IQphysique for everything you need to know about nutrition. - - If you want to optimize performance, you want a pre-workout meal 1-2 hours before training. This meal should primarily be composed of carbohydrates and protein. Too much fat and fiber can slow down digestion or upset your stomach while exercising. Maybe having a little bit of fructose from fruits can help if you train for long periods of time (e.g. endurance/sport longer than 1 hour). - - The number of carbs and protein depends on the individual and your total calorie intake for the day. But let's make it simple. Just have some a handful or two of a carb source and a palm size of a protein source. This may be something like a cup of rice and a 4 oz. chicken breast. - - Just play around with different foods based on preferences and how you feel. Then stick with it. Having structure is almost always better than sporadically eating with no goal. Hope this helps, my friends. -
Macaroons to the moon #nothealthy #dietstartstomorrow
Chipwrecked #thefoodmood
If I am being honest, I don’t remember most of the names of the shops we ate at because I can’t read kanji or speak Japanese. But it’s been fun to explore and eat all the food (even when not knowing what it is). So here’s a round up of some favorite treats, with and without names. Poifull is a gummy bear/jelly bean hybrid and I brought back 10 boxes back #noshame 📍Japan
Loved our cow juice shakes and potato noodles.🐄🥛🥔🍟
🥚Egg Yolks🥚 ...⠀ Tag a mate who still thinks eggs are bad for you⠀😏 ...⠀ Okay real talk - I love eggs. So much so that I have a dedicated egg pan. I take them very seriously and they will forever hold a special place in my heart. So naturally, when I hear people talking shit about eggs I get a little down. ⠀ ...⠀ Whole eggs are super healthy and pack a tonne of benefits. But I understand it's hard not to get caught up in the hype of what Sharon in accounts read on Facebook about eggs, or looking at everyone in prep eating egg whites and thinking - hey, whole eggs must be bad. ⠀ ...⠀ Yes, egg whites are great. High in protein and low in calories, every gym going dieter's wet dream. I use egg whites myself, love in fact. But the whole egg is where the magic happens. It's a great source of healthy fats and cholesterol, vitamins and choline. Which as you can see above are all pretty great things to have.⠀ ...⠀ For a good while I was focused on losing body fat as quickly as possible, and for a good while I was doing just that. Till I burned out. Since then, I've been focusing on health and wellness and guess what - spoiler alert - I was still losing body fat, while feeling great. The reason? I was eating more nutrient dense foods. Eggs are a great example of that.⠀ ...⠀ So okay the elephant in the room - that study showing they lead to heart disease. That study was flawed, hugely so in fact. It left a tonne of variables out and was pretty much just sensationalised - trust me, eggs are legit. Unless you have an egg allergy. In which case, you forever have my sympathy.⠀ ...⠀⠀⠀ Look after each other and chat soon, ⠀⠀ Ryan⠀⠀⠀ ———————————————⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📸 Instagram: @ryanc_fit .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📩 Email:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🌐 Web:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🐥 Twitter: ryanc_fit⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ———————————————⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #fitness #alphalete #fitnesslifestyle #bulking #diet #flexibledieting #ifitfitsyourmacros #iifym #deadlift #squat #powerbuilding #hypertrophy #physiology #workout #physique #cleaneating #irishfitfam #ukfitfam #fitsporation #proteinshake #preworkout #cardio #cardiosucks #fitstagram #highprotein #weightloss #dietstartstomorrow #nutritiontips
#dietstartstomorrow lol #Breakfast Burger from #lastnignt complete with #doughnut bun , hash browns, fried eggs and extra fried eggs onions, peppers, cheese and beef patty . Along with a little current abs check. Not bad for enjoying every minute and every bit of #food on an ideallic #vacation with no lifting and a hectic but crazy #fun few days in Albany , Saratoga and Troy. Now a day or 2 to rest up and then back to #clients . Tomorrow diet actually does start and it happens to be #legday . Fitting in a month worth of #photoshoot s btw late June and late July. #Photographer s serious about wanting to work with me, please reach out as things are looking to be busy . #malemodel #modeling #physique #muscle #tattoos #abs #yummy #burger #meat #workout #fitness #fitnessmodel #physiquemodel #delicious #bodybuilding #powerlifting #prep #shape #art @ Albany International Airport
Day ✌🏼 of the 🦐 challenge and we have pigeon for you - not the sleeping variation obviously 🐦 And again this pose is about avoiding pressure in your lower back. So we build a strong base. First make sure that the angle of your knee allows you to keep the hips straight. Lower your pelvis and both hips towards the floor and don’t spill to one side. Maintain actively this position of your pelvis and push down. Now lift the lower rim of your rib cage and your chest to the ceiling. You can support that with your hands on your fingertips beside you or you can play a little and come into a mermaid bind or kind pigeon. For me pigeon is definitely one of my favorite asanas. It requires openness and strength in the whole body. But from time to time you can open a little bit more and play with different variations. And finally, the emotional effects can be so overwhelming 💫 Don’t forget to check the variations of my cohosts 🦐🦐🦐🦐 Are you in??? All you have to do to participate is to follow these easy steps: 1️⃣ Follow all hosts and sponsors: 2️⃣ Repost this flyer and tag 3 friends on it 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️ 3️⃣ Post a picture daily with the pose of the day and tag sponsors and hosts. 4️⃣ Keep your profile public so we can see your practice. 5️⃣ Stay on your level, chose your variation and be safe in your practice. 🍤 Hosts: @spanishyogagirl @itsmyoga @theparisianyogi @yogacydonia 🦐 Sponsors: @dharmabumsactive @feetup @inspiritcollective @lotuscrafts_meditation @yobaby_hk @pricklypearmalas Posted by Please follow me to see more! Thank so much
One last look at paradise before heading back to the grind . . . . #cabo #omnia #sunset #ocean #views #elganzo #mexico #beach #cigars #drinks #fivedaysofturnup #dietstartstomorrow
Damn, it’s so hard though. #hard #diet #dietstartstomorrow #stresseating #stress
Sunday = fried chicken for breakfast 🍳 #itsokthereisgreenstuff #idootherthingsapartfrombabies #brunchtime
SMART WORKOUT PROGRAMMING BY @musclemonsters _ If you’re looking to maximize muscle growth, there are a few principles a training program must follow. _ 1. High Frequency: We have plenty of research showing that training a muscle group twice per week produces more growth than training a muscle once per week (even when volume is equal). The reason for this is twofold: (1) muscle protein synthesis is more frequently elevated and (2) the Repeated Bout Effect (the more frequently we train a muscle – to a degree – the more efficiently we can recover). _ 2. Managing Volume and Intensity: although we will build muscle in the lower rep ranges, we’re also increasing strength. The strength we gain from our heavier load Strength Days will then spill over into our lighter load Hypertrophy Days – allowing us to push more weight for more reps. The muscle growth we experience from the increase in volume will then allow us to push heavier loads on our strength days… it’s a virtuous cycle! _ 3. Progression: It doesn’t matter how well structured the workout is, if there’s not progression, there will be no growth. We must always apply some sort of progression method that ensures we’re gradually doing more work over time. _ 4. Practice: Strength is a skill… and the stronger we get, the bigger we grow. This is why it’s important that we practice our main movements twice per week – the better we get at a lift, the more weight we can push. As an example, one may bench press on Monday for 3 sets of 5 reps… then again on Thursday, but this time for 4 sets of 12 reps. _ Simple enough, right? Tag a friend who needs a solid program! _ #fitness #alphalete #fitnesslifestyle #bulking #diet #flexibledieting #ifitfitsyourmacros #iifym #deadlift #squat #powerbuilding #hypertrophy #physiology #workout #physique #cleaneating #irishfitfam #ukfitfam #fitsporation #proteinshake #preworkout #cardio #cardiosucks #fitstagram #highprotein #topgymtips #dietstartstomorrow #nutritiontips
Mengkonsumsi ta’jil saat berbuka puasa sudah menjadi tradisi yang dilakukan oleh masyarakat sebelum mengkonsumsi makanan utama. Seringkali ta’jil yang dikonsumsi adalah makanan yang mengandung lemak dan gula yang cukup tinggi, namun rendah zat gizi. Hal ini justru dapat memicu timbulnya berbagai masalah kesehatan seperti kenaikan kolesterol dan gula darah, serta kenaikan berat badan saat bulan puasa. Untuk itu, yuk cobain menu ta’jil ala MELILEA yaitu Cincau Soya, yang tidak hanya enak dan segar, tapi tentunya juga sehat berkat beragam manfaat dari Soya MELILEA~ . . . . #diets #dietas #dietenak #diete #dietstartstomorrow #dietbet #dietatkins #dietmulaibesok #dietapaleo #dietando #dietsetbypiano #diettips #dietfail #dietmayomurah #dietbergaransi #dietgm #dietwhatdiet #dietketo #dieta_treino #melilea #dietlife #dietgram #dietmayobandung #dietician #dietetics #dietmayojakarta
As legend says, “Our Pizza Is Our Pizza, None of Your Pizza”😂😂 . Pizza is the perfect symbol of the truest, purest form of love and probably a boon for mankind😍 . And for vegetarians, Amour Bistro brings a Big Treat that got all, onions, capsicum, mushrooms and golden corn to top it all.❤️ . With the unique flavour combination, this Pizza fits right in, in any hangout plan from a casual get-together to a romantic date❤️❤️ . And when it comes to food @amour_delhi is always a heavenly retreat and with this veggie pizza, it will make all your vegetarian friends turn up for the party.😍😍 . Follow me @mixed_platterand and#mixed_platter for more such amazing food stories. . @mixed_platter @mixed_platter @mixed_platter @mixed_platter . #emiliomartinez #ivanmartinez #twins #eat #pizzathat #foooodieee #pizza #socheesy #stacked #stuffed #nodiettoday #dietstartstomorrow #bae #heaven #heavenly #pizzaparty #getinmybelly #thursday #snacktime #vegan #govegan #crueltyfree #plantbased #cleaneating #health #mixed_platter #healthy #vegansofig
Anyone else about to tuck into a slice of summer? 😍 🍴🍰💓#dietstartstomorrow #welovecake #feastwithfriends #longweekend
‼️COMPOUND LIFTS VS ISOLATION LIFTS👀‼️ - - For all my beginners! i would definetly reccomend all the isolation lifts so you can get down the proper form down. Another reason isolation lifts are perfect for starters is less risk of an injury! - - Compound lifts are perfect for those that have mastered proper form and are ready to move on to more advanced lifts. Focusing on having a belt, wrist wraps, knee wraps or knee sleeves, and even bands will all assist you on lifting more and making sure you dont hurt yourself! Remember safety first kids 😉😂 - - 💪🏼💯⁉️🤩🤪😈🤙🏻 #fitness #alphalete #fitnesslifestyle #bulking #diet #flexibledieting #hardworkingwomen #iifym #deadlift #squat #powerbuilding #hypertrophy #dedication #workout #physique #cleaneating #goals❤️ #proteinshake #preworkout #bootygainz🍑 #cardiosucks #fitstagram #highprotein #dietstartstomorrow #nutritiontips #1stphorm #legionnaire #100to0 #1stphormathletesearch
แค่ดม พุงก็ออกละ 🤭 #dietstartstomorrow
Start your week off right with a double cheeseburger, brisket blend, crumbled bacon, dill pickles, & comeback sauce 🤤🔥👅 | Grab this burger from @_thelocal150 in Coral Gables while its still National Burger Month 🍔🐓 #MrEats305 #TheLocal
😆Bring it on! 😋Pad See-iw for TWO $18.90✌ 🔊EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT. #sydneyeats #sydneyfoodshare #dietstartstomorrow #liverpool #chippingnorton #moorebank
Panera out here saving lives this Monday morning with this cheesey bagel. Not pictured: iced coffee . . . #bagel #cheesebagel #breakfast #mondaymotivation #dietstartstomorrow #foodporn #food #panera #foodies #rochester #rochesterny
Monday night 60 second microwave #chocolatebrownie in a mug #dietstartstomorrow
When in Japan 😘 I would never forgot my first noodle cup I've ever made and it's absolutely the best instant noodle I've ever made!! 😍 #foodlover #lovinglife #heavenly #dietfail #hereforthis #dietstartstomorrow #cupnoodle #worthit #instantnoodles #lovinglife #japan #yokohama
sausage egg and cheese😁🍴 ⬇️Tag Your Friends⬇️ 📸 @thefarebear
I have eaten my weight in bbq meat these past weeks, probably the reason I’m starting to resemble a nice fat juicy sausage... even though the puddings are fruity they more often than not have a bit of cream for good measure! #dietstartstomorrow #summer #alfresco #bbq
I really dont get why people stare at me while im eating a box of doughnuts by myself with a camera on a tripod pointed at me like its not something normal people do...pfff haters 🤷🏻‍♂️