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Bali Blessings 🙏🏻 Mummy getting a blessing in the mountains at The Goa Gajah Temple. #baliblessings #bali #spiritual #balimountain #xbomfamily #mummy #goagajah #goagajahtemple
Give others inspiration today, share a photo of your @bali_blessing_cards 🙏🏼 Thank you @kerrinhill for your stunning photo. ・・・ Thank you @bali_blessing_cards for my cards today. Most appropriate. "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will " Mahatma Ghandi "To love beauty is to see light" Victor Hugo . #baliblessings #feelingblessed #startyourdayright #loveashk❤️ #baliblessingcards #dailyinspiration #dailyquotes #dailyupdate #balidaily #baliyoga #yogaeverydamnday #peace #gratitude #earthwatch #giftsforher #giftsforhim #positivethinking #mindfulness #mindfulnessmatters #presence #islandofthegods #present #baliretreats #baliretreat #balisurfergirls #balitrip #balibogans #balitour #baligift
~ Essential Nature ~ Nature speaks to us in many different ways. Is on the right time and right place where we can understand its language. Almost impossible to connect with #nature in the cities or during daily chaos, spending some time surrounded by natural sounds and energy, allows to connect with our own #realnature In #bali our #mujeryviajera had some opportunities to experience and enjoy the green of this island. @mujeryviajera
Bali Beauty 🌺🌼🌴
🌺Terima Kasih🌺 to the 100 beautiful people out there that have followed our @balitrecia page 🙏 So grateful for your support! Stay golden & keep smiling✌🦋 #appreciationpost #followersshowinglove #terimahkasih #Baliblessings #thankyoueverybody #staygolden #muchlove
I made it back home after a little road trip to the Ocean and the inside of a volcano. It’s nice to have somewhere to call home in Ubud- it’s cozy and sweet and peaceful and it’s here waiting for me to come home from the adventures I need to honor my inner wild child. . Where do you go when you need to leave the ‘bubble’ of your home? What do you do to feel connected to the mystery of the wilderness? . . 📷@heatherbonker . . #ubud #baliblessings #homeiswheretheheartis
Always in my 💓 You call or email to say you’re so sorry, you can’t make it, or you come to my door feeling so bad because you can’t now do what you promised me you would do. So now, let me tell you this, my amazing friends: I don’t judge you and never will. I do not feel anger, nor do I look into what my mind may be telling me. I don’t focus on the why – I now know everything is as it should be. So, if you can’t make an appointment, it’s because I need the break. If you can’t do what you said you were going to do, it’s because the universe has something more important for you to do. If you come to my door feeling sad, it’s because the universe has brought you here and my door is always open for you. I will always be here for you – you are always my friends and need never explain why. Don’t forget, I already know why and so does the universe: everything is exactly as it should be and you are perfect in every way. Mark Bajerski Healer of hearts #flow #trust #intuition #relax #beyou #rush #slowdown #dontworry #itsallasitshouldbe #Love #baliretreats #baliretreat #baliblessings #balispiritual #balibliss #baliubud #pureenergyhealing
~ Essential Wedding ~ This special day when you want to publicly express your love for your partner, can be celebrated in Bali in a very unique way. With a stunning scenario and tropical setting, for only the two of you or with friends and family, we can help you to create beautiful memories that will last forever. Luxurious, exclusive or spiritual, you decide to say "Yes I Do" on your own way. Only available services for limited number of weddings per year.
Tirta Empul Holy Water Spring Balinese people have taken ritual baths in the waters of Tirta Empul since it was founded in 962. The waters are believed to have healing powers, both physically and spiritually, so people come from all over the island to purify themselves under spouts of cool water in the long stone pools. Worshipers place offerings or say a prayer at each of the spouts from west to east. Nonworshipers can bathe, too, and the experience can be very moving as our guest Reto featured in this video ☝️ is immersing into. Experience the profound effects when you Bath in Holy Waters at Tirta Empul Water Temple at both of our signature Detox Yoga and Transcendental Meditation retreats. We've also included this experience as 1 of 4 complimentary excursions/activities you can book into when bringing your own retreat to us at Villa Gaia. _______________________________________ VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO VIEW OUR OFFERINGS🔰 Visit ♆ Email ♆ gaiaretreatbali@gmail .com
Daily blessings ❤️ #ubud #bali #balitemple #baliblessings #buddah
There are times when we feel lost and helpless, and it's OK – it really is – to look for the answers within our issues, but please, please don’t dwell on them for too long. This way, you can start anew; you can now start to focus on what really, truly matters – all your beautiful dreams. They will come true – it’s just that your mind tells you that if what you think you want doesn't happen in the time your mind sets for you, then it’s all gone wrong. It hasn't gone wrong at all – it’s all happening exactly as it should and in your divine moment, when you least expect it, when you truly surrender yourself to life’s beautiful flow and divine timing,  that’s when you accept your life – whatever comes your way. Today, please let go of the ‘why’ and the ‘what ifs’. Today, start anew. Surrender, accept and flow. Spirit loves you and holds nothing whatsoever against you; everything will work out exactly as it should do. Trust, and remember, you are so special. Mark Bajerski #bali #baliretreats #baliretreat #baliblessings #balispiritual #balilove #baliubud #trust #Vegan #yoga #retreats #retreat #healingacademy #heart #healyourbody #healyourmind #healyourself #balance #flow #innertruth
Ten weeks until I'm back amongst the many blessings of Bali but who's, 68 days to be exact 😉👍🙏 #bali #indonesia #holiday #cantwait #lucky #blessings #selamatpagi #lovebali #baliblessings #balilove #balinese #canangsari #baliisland
Yesterday Adelyn turned 5 months old and was blessed by a Hindu Priest in our friend Kadek's village of Tabanon in Bali. My heart is bursting with so much gratitude and love for this day! Thank you Kadek and family for making this happen and for treating us like YOUR family. We will never forget this day! Thank you Luke for capturing this incredible moment for us and thank you Steve for your partnership and love and for our sweet beautiful girl, Adelyn (Putu). Here are a few of the photos & videos :)
Monday morning blessings to you all... 💕 Looking forward to a massage, poolside cocktail and some great company at the @flatoutmum Bali Retreat in a few weeks time 🌴We have some great options for the women attending, to do as much or as little as they want. The choice is all theirs! 🍍 #selfcare #womensretreatbali #baliblessings #baliprivatevillas #luxuryvillabali
Monday morning blessings to you all... 💕 Looking forward to a massage, poolside cocktail and some great company at the @flatoutmum Bali Retreat in a few weeks time 🌴We have some great options for the women attending, to do as much or as little as they want. The choice is all theirs! 🍍 #selfcare #womensretreatbali #baliblessings #baliprivatevillas #luxuryvillabali
Grateful for the honor & joy of teaching my 1st #naiAsana class in Bali ✨🌺✨ at Robin Lim’s world famous #birthingcenter of all places! ✨🌏✨ What a gift to connect with these women from all over the world!! So much was birthed in this experience- new friendships, perspectives, movements, and possibilities ✨💃🏽✨ and this was only one of the many blessings from this visit to the center 🙏🏼 @bumisehatbali #iburobinlim #birthingnewparadigms #awakenyourheart #sacredfeminineenergy #sacredmovement #yogadancer #danceyoga #somaticmovement #hawaiianinspired #baliblessings #poidancing #poidance #poidancer #yogaforwomen #shaktiyoga #flowartsyoga #mindbodysouljourney #globalsisterhood #soulflowalchemy #soulflowpoi
One of my favorite things to do in Bali is go to a water temple for a purification blessing. I take some of my students here after trainings and have found one particular temple that not many know about. No one ever tells you how cold the water is 😂. Photo by @ulrikereinholdphotography #catkabira #shamanic #waterpurification #waterblessing #blessings #baliblessings #ubud #bali #temple #sacred #yogateachertraining #water
Ubud is renowned to be close to a range of famous Balinese spiritual, historical sights and breathtaking nature. A couple of the attractions featured below are included in our 2 signature programs: Detox Yoga Retreat 🔹 Transcendental Meditation Retreat. And if you are planning on hosting your own retreat at Villa Gaia, we offer 2 of the trips for your guests at no extra cost. . Kecak Fire and Trance Dance 🔹 A mesmerizing theatrical hypnotic dance and repetitive trance-induced chorus that the men chant rhythmically in perfect unison - chak-ka-chak-ka-chak - enacting a battle from the epic, Ramayana. . Tirta Empul Holy Water Spring 🔹 Spiritual cleanse at one of the largest water temples in a Indonesia founded in 926 A.D containing two purification pools believed to have healing powers under the 30 water spouts that feed the pools. . Historical Temples & Meditation Chambers of Gunung Kawi 🔹 A series of 15 temples set in a beautiful deep river valley next to towering cliffs. Small stone caves served as meditation sites complement the shrines, where Buddhist monks used to sit and contemplate. Cahaya Mutiara - Villa Gaia Charity Partner🔹🙏 A foundation supporting everyone with a physical disability. "Cahaya Mutiara means Shiny Pearl. Although a shell may not be as beautiful as a flower, if you let it grow and support it in a good environment, it will produce a very beautiful pearl. Cahaya Mutiara strive to be like that sea shell. While we may have physical disabilities and our lives are challenging, when given the chance and support, we will become unique and beautiful pearls" ⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋- In addition to all of the above, we offer additional trips to Monkey Forest, How to make Flower Offerings (Canang Sari), Sunrise Rice Paddies Walk, Tengungan Waterfall, Private 1-1 Spiritual Blessing and more. ⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋ Visit our Activities & Trips page for more info and videos 🕊
Ceremony is so important in Balinese culture. Taking time to give thanks and be grateful is something I 💕 about Balinese way of life . Weekend blessings to you all 🙏🏻☀️🌈
WHEN YOU ARE LIVING IN THE VISION ✨🙏🏻 . . I remember when I used to pray for the things I have now. Making list, upon list of what I want to create in my life. Looking deep into energetic ties to conditioning of why I couldn't allow myself to receive what I truly wanted. Always in dreamland on "one day" Now those one days are here. I have blown my mind by truly making inspired action. Hustling in the good way and being committed to my evolutions. It's truly easier than you think. . . Today was one of those days that got me excited about why I came here. To share my wisdom on holistic health. To empower others to take back their power of healing the body naturally and educating them on ways to bring more self love into their life. This group of women were so beautiful, present and receptive in learning the ins and out on holistic health with essential oils. I truly love teaching. Wow did I just say that out loud? YES teaching hasn't come easy for me, but now that I got myself out of the way-- I am just showing up for sharing the infinite wisdom we all carry. As we all have gifts to share and offer this world. I am so blessed to be able to have the privilege to teach ancient education on essential oils and teach the true medicine of Yoga here in Bali. Along with sharing my deepest passion of heart centered healing Bodywork. . So today I celebrate this. This expansion to allow myself to fully show up in many ways in the future. To continue to rise into the embodiment of my highest potential. Deep gratitude. What are you celebrating today? . . . . . #livinginthevision #essentialoilworkshop #lovethislife #ubudbali #baliblessings #inalignment #lifeisamazing #yogateacher #holistichealth
Join Mark Bajerski in Bali for a life changing Experience BALI Dates 2018 TWO PLACES AVAILABLE !!! 29th September to October 6th A gorgeous un-spoilt destination with an award-winning vegan chef, Bettina, spiritual guide Mark and outstanding Yoga by Sri Ajan. The Heart Healing Retreat offered in Bali is the most perfect escape away from the stresses of daily life. Surrounded by lush tropical jungle this beautiful Balinese Heart Healing Retreat calms and nurtures with Sri Ajans approach to Yoga for all, Bettina´s plant-based cuisine and Mark´s incredible ability to touch far and beyond within your heart. In between your Healing, you will enjoy customised outings to ancient temples, lots of yoga, beautiful workshops, cooking and walks amongst rice fields before treating yourself to an indulgent spa treatment on this one of a kind Retreat. Love - Together we will guide you through intuitive healing therapy, touching deep within your heart core, revealing aspects of your soul that were there all along. Eat - We will nourish you with healing foods to help and nurture your body and soul. Move – Through beautiful ancient movements you will heal and release past and present pains. Experience - Everything that beautiful Bali has to offer incorporated on your spiritual journey. Walking amongst beautiful never-ending green rice fields, meditating in an open air yoga shala and experiencing the magic this spiritual island has to offer. A welcome gift Airport transfer (in line with pick up and drop off times) Amazing venue for your stay Plant-based meals prepared by highly-acclaimed vegan chef, Bettina Campolucci-Bordi Sugar & Gluten free ( All meals included) Daily Yoga classes by (Morning/afternoon) #baliretreats #baliretreat #bali #retreats #retreat #YOGA #Vegan #healing #letgo #innerhealing #happiness #joy #baliblessings #balispiritual #balibliss #calming #peaceofmind #balance #treatyoself
Saraswati Paper artisans at work ❤️ #bagus #saraswatipapers
we stumbled on this magical moment as we were leaving the temple. watch til the end for a very special cameo. (ps. @miamuratore_ a dragonfly landed on my phone as this happened) #eleven #missyousnaps #travelhard #baliblessings #templetrekkers #puratirtaempul #holyspringwatertemple #bali
All dressed up in our ceremonial sarongs, this is where we prayed at the fountains. I won’t go into massive detail in how you do it, but it involved head wetting & drinking the holy water out of those fountains. We repeated the same thing over and over along most of the fountains. To say it was special was an understatement. I don’t think I have ever been that relaxed, and it’s stayed until now, a day later. And some of the things I prayed hard for have already come true..... #bali #baliblessings #tirtaempul #holytemple
The door to my Sistas house. My home when I’m in Ubud. This is the morning.... blessings, flowers, and the delightful smell of incense wafting about. Delightfully Balinese, and something to be appreciated. #baliblessings #doorway #home #flowers #baliritual #blessed #blessings #feelblessed #blessedbe #starttotheday #waytostarttheday
Happy Sunday everyone Have a great day #baliblessings #balicultures #beautifulbali❤️🌺
#TBT to a year ago today when I arrived in Bali, a place that broke me down and built me back up in the most beautiful and authentic way at the time in life I needed it most. I am forever thankful for my Bali radical sabbatical, the friends who were along for part of the ride (and who got me there in the first place) and for feeling forever changed from this experience of a lifetime. I can’t wait to go back again this fall! #tobecontinued #bali #baliblessings #raddicalsabbatical #ilovebali @seastowe11 @coh_photo @vdille ❤️☀️🌴
The average Balinese compound requires about 15 canang – the small, square, daily offerings – to be placed in strategic areas around the home and family temple. The Padma, or temple statue in the north-eastern corner, needs two. The statue next to it – the Tugu, responsible for home security – also receives two. A fifth is left on the ground in between them to placate the lower spirits. The next is balanced on top of a compound’s well – for watery Vishnu. Brahma, the God of Fire in the kitchen, is offered one. Other single offerings are placed in the main bedroom, on the family gazebo (or bale bengong), and one on the ground in the middle of the compound for Ibu Pertiwi, Mother Earth. The last four go outside. The Pengapit lawang – the little shrines either side of a compound gate – receive one each, and the final two are placed between them on the ground for the lower spirits. Only by honouring both the higher and lower spirits of a household can negativity be balanced with positivity – thus ensuring family harmony. While the incense is still burning: the sari, or ‘essence’, is still rising to heaven. After the incense goes out, the canang returns to being an earthly object once more – ready to be swept or thrown away and replaced the next day. All that’s left is to send the sari of the canang up to heaven. Dressed in a sarong and waist-sash, our lovely Wayan is performing this daily ritual at Villa Gaia: A jepun flower is dipped into a bowl of tirta (water taken from a holy spring) and delicately sprinkled over the canang sari and incense to complete the fusion of earth, fire, wind and water. After three waves of the palm facing downward accompanied by a prayer, the smoke carries the essence of the offerings up to God.
Sometime’s you also have to remember to look down. Each day millions off handmade woven ceremony basket is being offered to the Hindu gods here in Bali. Sometimes just ones a day sometimes 3 times a day. The energy they put in, the blessings they give, the love there share. . . . . . . . #hinduoffering #hindu #bali #balibliss #baliblessings #kidness #love #respect #lookdown #nextlove #traveling #explore #surfe #blogger #nature #new #lucky #cermony #culture #balitrip #baliindonesia #balinese #balilife #balifood #baliphotography #balilove
“Your perception of me, is reflection of you 🌸 My reaction to you is an awareness of me.” Bali is full of endless blessings and learnings, what is your life teaching you? 🙏🏼👁✨ #ubudbali #awakenedmuseproductions #awareness #riseup #wisdom #healing #baliblessings
~ Essential Blessing ~ Balinese like to start any important event with a #blessingceremony Prays and #offerings for an auspicious outcome of whatever we are beginning. No doubt that for the students at the #yogateachertraining this a very important moment and many things are about to happen during the next few weeks. Om Swastiastu! . . #baliblessings #baliyoga #balitravel #baliretreat #baliyogaretreat #baliyogateachertraining #ytt #retreat #retreatbali #yogatravel #retreatplanning #wellnesstravel #omswastiastu #retreatdestination #retreatorganizer #essentialretreatorganizer @@awakenedlifeschoolofyoga
Bali the fire island. Always delivering growth at a rapid rate. Seeing the irony in life and learning to always count blessings. The classroom on my teacher training has been unbearably hot to be in as it’s outdoors. Up to eight hours a day trying to absorb so much information in sauna like temperatures, and I was thinking it was tough. One of the other students had a fan yesterday and I thought great idea but have had no time to go find one. I pull out of my gang (street) today and met Ketut. This is how she earns a living in the sweltering heat whilst still breastfeeding her small child but still smiling. I got my fan but most of all I got a valuable lesson to always count my blessings and suck it up 🙏🏽 #baliblessings
To the beautiful ocean 🌊❤️ . . . #bali #indonesia #baliblessings #ceremony #sunset #canggu
Tirta Gangga the royal water garden in regency of Karangasem, east Bali. It was built in 1946 during the region of the late Raja (King) of Karangasem #eastbali #balitourism #balitripadvisor #tirtagangga #bali #baliadventure #baliblessings #royalpalace #fountain #kingdom #baliking #instaphoto #followme #balipictures #mountagung #baliguideline
P A G I 🌸C A N A N G 🙏🏼 warm blessings to all 🤗🌈🌼🌿💕
Celebration of love with these beauties @angieluvbali #baliblessings #grateful #funtimes