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{ 5 m o n t h s p r e g n a n t } and honestly the baby/belly is giving me better leverage when I squat. Feels soooo good to squat 🙊🤰🏻💪🏼 #aialovesfileomignon
We are ready for some business! . . There are some days i see my belly small and others like today that i see it popping 😍 #iminlove #dilipreggolife #21weekspregnant
Daddy loves you mi amor 👶🏻💗 anxious to meet you 🙏🏻 #dilipreggolife #21weekspregnant
Love to take time and admire what’s going on inside that belly❤️ starting to feel more kicks but we can’t see them or feel them from the outside yet and it’s driving us crazy! We love you baby Reed! As much pain your causing mama already😂 I love you❤️ . . . . #21weekspregnant #21weekbump #decaf #coffeebreaks #mamatobe #augustbaby or #septemberbaby #backpain #bunnymom #catmom #fitpregnancyjourney #fitmommas #militarywife #marinewife #militaryspouse #usmcwife
Good morning ❤ . . #21weekspregnant . #babygirl . #family
Sehat yaa nak 😘 #21weekspregnant
from Depok
👈🏻hating life to loving & living it 👉🏻 . I was 193 lbs and MISERABLE in my skin (clearly represented by my pro resting Bitch face). . Fast forward to the right, nearly 3 years later.. I am now 22 weeks pregnant, and I couldn't be more confident, despite being less than 5 lbs away from my starting weight on the left. I mean check out that SMILE would ya?! . My life isn't ANY better than yours. I just made a choice to own my worth, control what I can control, and go after what I know I deserve. . I'm not here to convince you to do ANYTHING. that's on you. But I am here to give you the invite to drop into the group that changed my entire life. It helped me lose 50 lbs, grow this baby the healthiest way possible, and find my happiness again. . You ready to LEVEL UP or you gonna just stay CREEPING?! Your move. Which will you choose? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Just finished a MUCH needed workout!! I was in a FuNkY mood earlier and did not want to workout! I’m so happy I did! Then while trying to stretch this little ball of crazy was all up in my space!😂🐶
Watch the play-by-play of Ryan and I finding out that we’re having a little baby BOY! 👶🏻 🍼 💙 I think I have a new favorite color. 💙💙💙 #genderreveal #teamboy #ITSABOY #21weekspregnant
Pictures with the #bigsister! #ItsAGirl! 💗👶🏼 #babybleaucomingsoon #littlegirlbleau #lilybugsworld #LisforLilyBug #21weekspregnant #girlmom #momlife #babynumber2 #secondtrimester
My 21 weeks pregnancy ❤️👶🏻 Yg gerakannya udah mulai kenceng, terutama klo malem (pliss dek jgn hobi begadang klo besok udah lahir ya 😩) ga kerasa udh lebih dari separo perjalanan.. perasaan baru kmrn iseng TP wlpn baru telat sehari 🤪 itupun gara2 mama curiga udel mama jadi super guatell krn ga biasa2nya udel gatel 😂😂 sebenernya ga ada hubungannya juga udel gatel = hamil. Wkwk, entahlah.. 🤣 . . #preggymom #pregnancy #pregnancylife #pregnancyjourney #21weekspregnant
I started diving into the world of blogging when I got pregnant with my son. I loved finding mommy bloggers and reading all of their product suggestions, tips and insight into the world of pregnancy & motherhood. Now is my chance to pay it forward! For all my mommy’s, pregnant compadres and my babes that are “trying” soon, I’ve created a list of my must-haves that got me through the first trimester and beyond 👶🏼 🔜 (link in bio) #21weekspregnant
Starting to work on some of the nursery 💕 #nursery #babygirl #stella #21weekspregnant
점점... 영역을 확장하는 그녀... #21주 #21weekspregnant Expanding her territory...
It’s a nice pillow 😀 #21weekspregnant
Update on the #bump definately there.. no doubt about it now.. #21weekspregnant #andcounting according to the doctors it is a very active baby.. cant wait to meet you little one. #lovedalready
All of me loves ALL of you! 💕 #21weekspregnant
What will it be? Swipe to see!💙💗 #itsaboy or #itsagirl ? #babybleaucomingsoon #21weekspregnant #secondtrimester #momlife #babynumber2
Baby is certainly making its presence know!
Got to see baby boy today. 💙 He is perfect and growing perfectly. I got diagnosed with “marginal placenta Previa”. My placenta is really low and right next to my cervix. Doctor said they are going to have to monitor it closely. He said that if it doesn’t move then I will have to have a c-section. He said it could also cause bleeding and early labor if necessary. & is why I can’t feel his kicks as good. I get another ultrasound in 4 weeks to see if it has moved any. But our little man is growing and is doing great 💙......has anyone else had the placenta preveria? . . . . #placentaprevia #21weekspregnant #pregnant