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Ka Mate haka performed by our middle school boys and a tribute to the Māori brothers and sisters. This one shook us. So proud of these young men. #haka #kamate
Our stage never looked more beautiful. Mahalo to Mr. Sean Texeira for his incredible vision of last night’s May Day show. 🌺 Mahalo to the students for your effort and hard work to make this event so amazing. And mahalo to friends and families for coming and supporting! #mayday #leiday #beautifulkauai #schoolshow #bravo
Our 1st and 2nd grades visited the Kilauea Lighthouse yesterday! What a great experience learning about the history, the bird sanctuary, and the northernmost point of Kaua’i. Mahalo to our guides! #kauai #firstgrade #secondgrade #fieldtrip #experientiallearning
It’s one of our favorite events of the year!! #MARKETPLACE 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏼‍♀️ We are SO excited to show off our handmade, recycled goods for you. Please come by and shop at our little entrepreneurs’ stores! It’s so much fun!! #littleentrepreneurs #entrepreneurship #littlebusiness #shoplocal #fundraiser #success
Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and tutus, all the aunties and stepmoms! It truly takes a village to raise our children. Thank you for all your ongoing support and your endless devotion. You truly deserve all good things today and everyday! ▪️ Our PK4 and PK5 celebrated our cherished moms with some (iced) tea time Friday afternoon. We hope you enjoyed a little afternoon tea with your favorite little ones! 🌺🤗💐😍❤️ ▪️ #happymothersday #loveourmothers #teatime
In celebration of Mother’s Day, we celebrate the Solemnities of Mary, Mother of God, the Assumption, the Immaculate conception; we expressed our love and devotion starting with a procession of flowers and adorning our Mother Mary. Father shared a beautiful homily discussing private liturgies such as the rosary, dedications to Our Lady, and many other devotions. Our recognition of the Virgin Mother of God as the Mediatrix of all graces and the Co-Redemptrix is in a more fitting way, our celebration of all motherhood. From our school, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the beautiful, hardworking, and nurturing mothers out there! 🌺💐#happymothersday #catholiccelebrations #catholicchurch
Congratulations to all our hardworking Students of the Month! April was full of All-Stars! 🌟 #studentofthemonth #april #allstars #hardworkpaysoffs #nicejob
The upper elementary students had Kauai entrepreneurs visit today. While in small groups, they got to hear the highs and the lows and the passion and the sweat of running a business. The students could relate as they are all preparing for their own Marketplace where they will be entrepreneurs, peddling their own handmade goods and services. Thank you to @pacificmirrorandglass , Lee the Beekeeper, Anuenue, owner of @malacologie , @justin_time_cs , and Sara Dooley of @lifevantage . Their time was truly appreciated!! #mahalo #littleentrepreneurs #marketplace #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowners #projectbasedlearning #bestschoolever
To all the teachers out there: You’re appreciated and loved! 👩🏽‍🏫👨‍🏫 Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!! We love you! #teacher #teacherappreciationweek #hardwork #bethelight
@profilesofscs elective is pretty cool! Thanks @andersonsinsd for your creativity and visions you bring to our electives and art classes! #photographyforkids #funwithphotos #profiles #catholic #catholicschool #elective #artwork
Friday was National School Lunch Hero day!! We love these women so much. They nourish us, keep us in line (literally and figuratively) and are incredibly kind and hardworking. We are so Thankful for them everyday! Chef Carrie’s food is ranked as the best school food across all the islands! #schoollunchheroes #nourishment #schoollunch