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Matcha beer, healthy-ish beer? 🎥 @alexandramachover #spoonfeed
Why yes, you can absolutely make churros with pancake batter. 🎥 @alexandramachover #spoonfeed
Back in a jif (and with Jif). #spoonfeed
Is it just us or does this seem 167x better than hitting a traditional piñata? 🎥 @alexandramachover #spoonfeed
🎵Waffle baby, waffle baby, waffle baby, waffle (yeah), waffle baby, waffle baby, waffle baby, waffle (YEAH). 🎵 — V.I.C 📸 @heycortnay #spoonfeed
Apparently, you can legit make anything with pancake batter (including fried pickles). 🎥 @alexandramachover #spoonfeed
😭😭😭 (via @freerefills) #spoonfeed
There’s just no possible way you’re having a bad day if you’re starting it with this breakfast. 🎥 @alexandramachover #spoonfeed
When you catch bae (bae being this croissant egg and avocado sandwich) off guard, and she’s still lookin’ real cute. 😘 📸 @soha_eats #spoonfeed
I mean, this is a literal party in a drank. 🕺🏻🕺🏻 (📍@moxyhotels) 🎥 @alexandramachover #spoonfeed
Listen to the man with the sign, people. (source unknown) #spoonfeed
Serious inquiry: do you guys also get emotional when a glob of Nutella filling catches the light? 📸 @foodiemuse #spoonfeed
See the cheesecake rainbow, taste the cheesecake rainbow. 🎥 @mepaigemarie #spoonfeed
*Sigh* (source unknown) #spoonfeed
And we used to think a double-yolk was the best egg surprise you could get. 🎥 @afrank9 #spoonfeed
This vegan cinnamon roll is so dense that we’re betting if we threw both this and a padlock into a tub of water, this bad boy would sink faster. 📸 @sofiaeatsnyc #spoonfeed
Your frozen foods should be hanging (like bats 🦇 hehe). #spoonfeed
And @spongebob’s Pretty Patties legitimately set up the success of the rainbow food trend—you heard it here first. (via @mshannahfrazier on Twitter // @bustle) #spoonfeed
They’re like chips, but they’re not chips, but you can totally pretend they’re chips. #spoonfeed
Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make you say sweet cheesus. 📸 @twobetchesonefork #spoonfeed
It’s Sunday morning, which means you probably don’t want to have to think too hard about anything. (Like, anything beyond three ingredients 😉). #spoonfeed