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happy Thursday my mom just sent me this picture of Reggie 😭
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Happy Mother’s Day to some Very Important Women. Wouldn’t be who I am without you ❤️
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I miss you, Cait.
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Getting my International Women’s Day post in under the wire. So grateful to my mom, my grandmothers, and all the other women out there who raised their daughters to be strong (I was given a vacuum cleaner as a toy but I think I turned out okay)
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The first of (many?) Blugis family weddings to come🥂 Congratulations, Collin and Jamie!
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last photo of 2017 / only photo of the night
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merry dogmas
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take me back!
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An oldie but a goodie that popped up on my Facebook page recently. Honestly we were all SO dramatic re: winter formal for no reason, but – teens will be teens! Thinking about you every day this holiday season, Cait. I miss you ❤️
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goals: make friends with more stray dogs
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