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ایران از گروهش میره بالا جوری پرتغال رو شکست بدع خودشون تو کف بمونن💪💪💪
44 minutes ago
ronaldo you shouldknow a The footballer who wants to play the game can be successful, and Spain just got one goal with a chance. We went for a climb and now I did not get to Spain, so I would definitely defeat Portugal. We are Iranians and the whole world must know that we are undefeated and no one can't stop us, and although over time, we will eventually be the best, and now it's time.
56 minutes ago
@jedhockin don't get it
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👏👏👏👏❤nice quote Cristisno
1 hour ago
ببین داداش ما ک باهم پدر کشتگی نداریم جان مادرت خیلی یواش😂
1 hour ago
Hey! Woof woof! Sono Any Mals, un cane parlante a sei zampe! Passate dalla mia page!
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In my mind, there’s only one winner. Believe. #justdoit @nikefootball

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