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Dimensions 750x750
@marco_moy high fashion
1 day ago
@nitro_licious I got a Xs im selling if you’re interested
2 days ago
@matthewlee2 hahaha
3 days ago
@jonahpyun pull up to sneakercon wearing this?
3 days ago
@afift ugly lol
4 days ago
5 days ago
They should have made the poncho safety orange as well then I could have stood out in the middle of the street directing traffic
6 days ago
What a crock of shit
6 days ago
6 days ago
I see anyone wearing this I’m knocking them out lol
6 days ago
1 week ago


What’s your favorite piece from the Off-White x Nike “Football, Mon Amour” Collection? Hit the link in the bio to check the full collection.

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