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5 hours ago
@bemytravelmuse Sunsets are an obsession for me as well.
1 day ago
This sunset looks absolutely beautiful. Its getting me very excited to see if first hand when I travel there next year! 😊
3 days ago
One of life's most simple pleasures, that has the ability to leave us breathless. What a view over Lombok!
3 days ago
3 days ago
Awesome capture
4 days ago
@swissoceangirl aww thank you! So glad you liked it 💕
4 days ago
very nice pic 😍
5 days ago
Love this view !!
5 days ago
Very nice.
5 days ago
6 days ago


I realized the other day that the law of diminishing returns doesn’t apply to sunsets. It doesn’t matter how many I’ve seen, my enthusiasm for them never wanes. Maybe it’s in the not knowing how it will unfold. It could be spectacular and freeze that moment in time. I can remember my top ten sunsets so well - the place, the feeling, the emotion. Lombok is where I experienced one of the best. Naturally I came back to see if history would repeat itself in one of my favorite spots, with one of my favorite bags, the Venturesafe X anti-theft sling pack - now in purple - one of my favorite colors 💜 @pacsafeofficial has been with me from the beginning. I loved their theft-proof features then and I still do now! #safetravels #ad