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trinsteza,somente trinsteza!!
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@biancwhite wow 😯 this is terrible
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@justinarcampos 😭😭
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Nosotros como consumidores debemos ayudar a reducir el consumo de plástico pero Las industrias deben dar soluciones de empaques a sus productos.
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Planet of plastic
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Miren aca biben peritos se ban a morir😢😢
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by natgeo
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Today, photographer @RandyOlson is taking over the @NatGeo Instagram feed as we launch Planet or Plastic? ( #PlanetorPlastic ), a multiyear effort to raise awareness about the global plastic crisis. All day, Randy will be sharing photographs he made on assignment for National Geographic, documenting plastic waste around the globe. ___ Since October, I’ve spent months photographing plastic waste across the world. So what have I learned? Basically, since the line in the 1967 movie, The Graduate: "I’ve got one word for you son: Plastics.” … the world’s plastic product has skyrocketed. The planet produced 448 million tons of plastic in 2015 alone — just one year! As much as 6.3 billion tons in total now sits in landfills, in the ocean, or scattered across the landscape of multiple continents. More than 40% of plastics are used just once, and then tossed. In the photo above, a woman is dwarfed by a mountain of plastic. She lives at this landfill outside Mumbai, and starts her day gathering plastic while a long line of garbage trucks roll in from the mega-city. Every dumpsite I visited was full of plastic pickers. There is so much more plastic compared to other recyclable materials. #PlanetorPlastic _________ These images are part of a multiyear effort to raise awareness about the global plastic waste crisis. Learn what you can do to help. Take Your Pledge:

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