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@lkimhill74280 Yes it is. Just as much as it would be on a WOMAN
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İftarda ezanın okunmasını beklerken😂😂😂 @canan.canakkale @m.emin1527
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Doğaya hayvana dünyaya bu kadar duyarliysaniz Filistin de yapilan katliama neden bu kadar sessizsiniz???
3 days ago
I hate Gay marriages cuz it’s Gay!
4 days ago
@cadillacjak Just because there are better conditions for LGBT people in America compared to other places doesn't mean no one cares, or that there isn't violence and discrimination here. It's just not true. Progress still has to be made because efforts to undermine freedom are underway.
5 days ago
@lkimhill74280 You have the choice to be kind. I make the choice to bow out of this dialogue and have productive conversations. Be well.
5 days ago
@blrlalnldloln I realized that and had to throw the second comment lol
5 days ago
@humanbrainrobotbody nobody cares in America do what you want. Nobody cares, it's the flamboyant gays that make people uncomfortable.
5 days ago
Evolution is creating more gays to combat over population. #thoughtProvoking
5 days ago
by natgeo
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Photo by @hammond_robin for @whereloveisillegal - “Things worsened when my face appeared in newspaper on the front page. I started receiving phone calls threatening me from different corners that they are going to kill me and my landlord threw me out, that he doesn’t entertain gay people. I became a security threat to my friends and to my organization where I work.” Refusing to be forced into hiding, Raymond, from Uganda (picture 1), became an activist for transgender rights. The threats and attacks did not subside. Raymond felt she had no choice but to leave Uganda. Now Raymond is in Kenya where she is an advocate for fellow LGBTQI+ refugees. - Also featured here: Picture 2: Mitch, from Malaysia, with his family. Picture 3: Amine from Tunisia. Picture 4: Naomi and Dolores from Cameroon. Picture 5: Ruslan from Russia. Picture 6: Rihana and Kim from Uganda. Picture 7: Kasha from Uganda. - Tomorrow, May 17, is #IDAHOTB (International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia). Our mission at @whereloveisillegal is to amplify the stories of #LGBTQI + communities around the world to counter the narrative of discrimination in places where persecution is rife, and make clear the impact of homophobia, transphobia and biphobia. For more stories of survival or to share your own, follow @WhereLoveIsIllegal . #IDAHOT

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