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@punasty hourly
6 hours ago
@ritakostiv @saharm11 wait should I be moisturizing daily?
8 hours ago
@nickeee_p I’ll add sections on eye cream and recipes for fall.
21 hours ago
@tess_buteneers 😂😭
1 day ago
@4ineb ahah bennn noo ur street smart 😏
2 days ago
@juliakaplowitz part 2
2 days ago
@susankim1220 gieco
2 days ago
@susankim1220 I like that
2 days ago
@themamachihuahua Makeup looks it’s best on healthy skin😎 I can’t tell my guests enough, invest in your skin care. Your skin will thank you for it👌🏻
2 days ago
@ksdiduck what did we even pay for
2 days ago
by betches
5 days ago


School has failed to teach me how to survive in the real world. Check out the new @lovephilosophy from the link in the bio. #simplenotbasic #partner

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