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2 days ago
#studentofthegame $856
2 days ago
@nickiminaj baby I’m crying now . I was scared. Terrified! I have to leave now I’ll write u later I love u
3 days ago
4 days ago plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz subscribe andddd sher your frends mere bhai addy ka chenal hai support me plzzzz
5 days ago
You're so mean though. Why you gotta call people ugly? Believe it or not some people are actually legit offended by that myself included to be honest, my self esteem is not great.
6 days ago
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6 days ago
Mentira que foi com a TINA FEEEEEEEEYYYYY eu ia surtar nesse SNL @brunodid
6 days ago
@nickiminaj which skits were you in?
6 days ago
Check your dm’s
6 days ago
1 week ago


@NBCSNL SEASON FINALE W|THE ONE & ONLY TINA FKN FEY. GOTTA BE FKN KIDDING ME. OMG. SHE & I are shooting our movie after Saturday’s show airs. Yikesssssssssssss. Get ya whole fkn LIFE HOES!!!! In fact, that’s the name of the movie. #GetYaWholeFknLifeHoes 🤫🙃 sike. It’s called #GetYaLifeUgly

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