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I had the idea that I was going to shoot a bunch of video & still photos at the opening of “From Whence We Came”, my photography exhibition the other night at @natgalcayman, but obviously that was very foolish of me- that’s not the way being the artist at your own exhibition works, hahaha. So here’s a quick walkthrough I got while the gallery was empty, then a little from opening night- I met a ton of awesome people who support the arts! My exhibition will be up from now until April 27th 2018, so if you are on Grand Cayman or are going to be there, stop by & check out the work! Admission to the gallery is free, but taking home a print is definitely not- there are 31 pieces in the show, all for sale, all in limited editions of just 10 prints- and no, you cannot buy Poppy the dog. Thanks so much to @digitalsilverimaging for the unbelievable prints, @natgalcayman for showcasing my work, & @themillcayman for facilitating this whole process. More from the show later! #fromwhencewecame #nationalgalleryofthecaymanislands #themillcayman #photography #leica #leicacamerausa
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