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For a year a friend has asked me to join her in oil #painting #class taught by Evelyn Ritter at the #kauaimuseum . The #museum commissioned Evelyn to depict a series of #oilpaintings of the Hawaiian Heritage- A Journey Through Time. I’ve never painted; as I child I was drawn to art but did not have a creative outlet. This year I decided I’d #learn about #painting . It’s been an entirely new way for me to see things, often more #challenging and #rewarding than I’d expected. I’ve taken 4 Saturday morning classes; Evelyn has been a great #teacher . In just a few #lessons I feel a new #appreciation and way of seeing paintings. I’ve always held those in awe who can create art, now even more so. Though I won’t quit my day job or devote my free time to it, I’m enjoying 3 hrs every Saturday morning painting at the museum where I talk story & paint with a group of interesting old time #local #ladies , like the former Mayor during Hurricane Iniki while 88 year old fishing net maker Charles Perreira sits along side, hand making fishing nets and telling us wonderful and funny stories from days gone by. #thishawaiianlife in #kauai has been such a gift; I get to explore a different side of me, someone whom I’ve not yet met🌺 and learn about this #kauailife from the #experts #hawaii

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