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Damn that just inspired me...newly single and was feeling down. Ty ty!! And beautiful couple...much love and happinesz
4 weeks ago
That's a powerful testimony!!....dont be afraid to wait! #Pray #Wait #DontSettle #Believe
1 month ago
Book?? 🤔🤔
2 months ago
Y'all winning.. 😍😍
2 months ago
Just beautiful
3 months ago
This pic right here...EVERYTHING
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3 months ago
@honeydipp24 girrllllllll i dont care about the workout but that girl is fineeeeeeeeee haha
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RP: @lutherfreeman . Few years ago I said I was going to change my way of thinking because I DESPERATELY needed to change my way of living! I was lonely & felt alone. By choice tho, I understood for me to actually get something greater, I must first make space for it by exchanging it with what I already have. NOTHING great comes w/out sacrifice therefore I chose to give up my "so called life" to be in position to receive a real life my heart truly desired. For a long time I worked, went straight home & then worked again until I wld fall asleep. I lived in the heart of downtown so I could hear the people laughing, screaming & the music bumping at night, EVERYNIGHT. It didn't bother me feeling "alone" but I felt as if I was the only person in the world DELIBERATELY choosing to be lonely when I did not like the feeling of loneliness. "Yo Luther, why do you do this to yourself?" I actually spent many nights walking around downtown asking the world that very same question. "People, why do you do this to yourselves?" You "Pop Bottles" & "Turn Up" to numb/avoid the pain so you never give your mind the opportunity to realize you do not have the life you want. It's a way more comfortable reality being a lost person when you surround yourself w/lost people every chance you get. You may not be alone, but can have all the company in the world & be just as lonely as the people always by themselves. I'd rather live in my reality, feel my reality, knowing I wld one day be rewarded for my sacrifices. I deserved more than just any woman, & because you are what you attract, I wanted to live my life like this in hopes tht there was some amazing woman out there in her own little world, who's also fed up w/ the world & its games & hopefully we cross paths by faith. Those were the odds I'd rather deal with. Everyone wants to find tht Rare someone, BUT it's not something you can go to a gym & workout for or just pick up any Friday night. You must be mentally prepared for tht person, believe someone AMAZING's our there & ACCEPT NOTHING less, even if it means being alone & lonely til they arrive! Kathy😍 made my lonely days well worth it ✋WatUWant 💪DontSettle #30DayTransformationTeam

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