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Hair: "😡🤜", Me: "✂️🙌" • My new name has been Chad since my brother gave me someone's unwanted clothing. Free stuff, woo! (The back has a HUGE "No Pain No Gain" design, therefore it never sees the light of day. Never.)
Woohoo a belated birthday extravaganza! I mentioned that I like that fatty blue whale #jinbesan and ☄️💥🔥. So much goodies from back home! I think it's hilarious that my fam sends vienna sausage but not complaining, keep it coming I love free food. 🤙 • #matsumotoshaveice #DowntownGeneralStore #bigislandcandies #hawaiisbestsnaxs #islandcravings #shrimpcrackers #spam
from Utah
Went outside in the rain (umbrella on the right). This is how every day should be, full of crazy colors! Granted, I've never been fashionable and wear clothes just so I'm not nekkid so maybe don't listen to me. 🤣 #oiwilife
from Utah
OMG THIS HAT. Stick a fork in me, I'M DONE! I think it was a limited edition (?), I don't see it on the website. Please bring it back! 😍🙏 @oiwilife #naupakasnapback
Bed head is hilarious. Wish I could have seen it before putting my hair up, but I do it automatically as soon as I wake up. 🤔
Pre-event shenanigans for the 3rd annual "King of the Sidewalk" event. #kingofthesidewalk17
Mum got me a sketchbook for my sewing ideas. Interesting when the pages are backlit. I finally christened it with one of the ideas that I've been rolling around for a while. #paperblanks #michikominiatures
Mentally I was a day ahead of reality - the skate event isn't until tomorrow! I hope I can get a spot next to the fence so this shorty can see. 🤞👀
See? Save the turtles! ❤️ @briankesinger
Old habits die hard. I still cut up all the plastic rings so the turtles wont get caught in them (even though I worry that they might think it's a jellyfish or something and try to eat it).
from Utah
Hello water, my old friend, I'd like to stay here 'til the end, Because I miss the sound of the ocean, Left behind in a different land, And the rhythm of that echoing refrain Still remains In the sounds of Utah. • • • (No clue what Paul Simon's song is about, but I started humming it while at the lake and kept saying hello to the water, so I made up my own lyrics. 😝) • (P.S. I didn't shave my legs hahahaha!)
Work in progress by artist Brent Atwood.
A gift pack for Dan's co-worker, for keeping an eye on him while I was in Hawai'i. 😉
2015 & 2017 editions of @alohaswapmeetshirts for the Steelers. (My husband and his mom are the fans.)
Hawai'i, Day 49 (7/25). The Bus! Recycling? 😳
Hawai'i, Day 48 (7/24).
Hawai'i, Hawai'i. Day 47 (7/23).
Hawai'i, Day 46 (7/22). Big Island! Donkey Balls! Graf-fish-tti! The Matrix!
Hawai'i, Day 45 (7/21). Still shot - I was trying to get a video of the ocean while the car was moving. I'm sooorta sorry, but not sorry enough to not post it. Don't worry, I'm sure that karma will get me.