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1 tag and 0 profile in description#NinjaHomeWorkoutSeries coming your way the whole month of June! 💪🏻 A lottt of you replied to my story saying you’d be interested in a home workout routine, so get ready to sweat it out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 💦 No equipment, no gym, no excuses - see you here on June 1st 🙌🏻
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4 tags and 2 profiles in descriptionCalling all the trendy men out there. Share your pics showing me how you dress for #StadiumFashion and stay #OnTrendWithTitan . The best-dressed man gets a chance to win a watch from the latest Titan collection and get featured. (Tag me and @titanwatchesindia , along with the hashtags #StadiumFashion and #OntrendWithTitan )
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2 tags and 1 profile in description@titanwatchesindia , this is how I up my game for #StadiumFashion and stay #OnTrendWithTitan
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Somebody asked me why I hadn’t used a heavily loaded barbell in a while, well here goes 😎 Turn that frown upside down 🙃 Happy weekend folks!
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One of the very first things that everybody needs to learn is the difference between a hip-hinge and a squat. The demo is a combination of the two done in immediate succession. Ninja's secret 🙅🏻‍♂️: As I've mentioned in the video, use the kettlebell to give you feedback and push against it with your abs. This is a great way to learn to keep the core engaged throughout the movement 🙌🏻
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"Somewhere in every mind is an opening to crawl through" This is what I tell myself everyday when I have to make people change the way they look at fitness. This is also what I tell myself to always remember to have an open mind and not let my own opinions take control of me. The mind gets so easily conditioned, that without even realizing we get biased in our opinions and start judging everything and everyone who don't share the same opinion as us. It's important to have an opinion but it's all the more important to listen to what the others have to say with an open mind. That's the only way you'll see endless growth in yourself 🙏🏻
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1 tag and 0 profile in descriptionAdding an element of ground work to #animalflow front kickthroughs. Rolls have always been a favourite. They teach you how to move efficiently against the floor and the feedback is instant. You move well, you feel it. You don't move well, you definitely feel it 🤕😄
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The Marshmallow experiment was a series of studies on delayed gratification. In these studies, a child was offered a choice between one marshmallow provided immediately or two marshmallows if he/she waited for a short period of about 15 minutes, during which the tester left the room and then returned. In the follow-up studies, the researchers found that children who were able to wait longer for the preferred rewards tended to have better life outcomes, in education, health, career and bunch of other life measures. Now, this is something that's highly significant in today's world of instant gratification. Everybody seems to want the easy way out, make a quick buck and live the elusive King's life! If you want real lasting success, you've got to put in the work folks. Don't let the temptation of short term pleasure, get jn the way of long term abundance. There's a whole pot of gold waiting for you out there, if you resist the temptation to succumb to a couple of bucks and choose the easy way out. Think big! 🙌🏻
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This is my go to exercise when I'm short of time and want to pack in a punch 🤛🏻 Literally everything happening here - hinge, lunge, rotate, push, pull! Ninja's secret 🙅🏻‍♂️: All in the timing here folks. Row, transfer of hands, pivot of the feet and press. Go bare feet for better stability and added muscle engagement in the lower legs 🙌🏻
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A cocktail of front lever pulls that I've been doing to work on the front lever hold. Feet together, straddle, single leg, advanced tuck and tuck - the hardest to easiest in that order. Even if you're not working on the front lever, it still is a super effective exercise to add to your arsenal, for building a hard core and lats of steel 💪🏻
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To be better than what you are today, you have to tread on unknown terrain, there's no other way. Whether it's growing your business, getting fitter, improving relationships or anything under the sun, it cannot be done when you're stuck in your comfort zone. Once you understand that you have to push past your usual limits and explore newer possibilities, you also need to be aware that fear is your biggest enemy. It's the tiny voice in your head that puts an unnecessary seed of doubt in your head, that will never let you do anything that it considers new or out of the ordinary. Do yourself a favour, begin to recognize this self-limiting voice and put a lid on it 😉
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Spending time in the bottom position of the parallette handstand push-ups, playing around with different leg positions. The challenge to push up into the top position is not just having the strength for it but having the control and balance to maintain good form!
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