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My lounge all decorated like Santa's grotto!! Haha lol 😂 Merry Christmas ☺🎄🎄🎄❤👍Xx
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My Christmas tree!! ☺🎄👍Xx
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A pic of a honey bee I captured collecting pollen from my galardia isn't nature a wonderful thing! ☺ 🌻 🐝 👍xx
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British super bike racing brands hatch 23/7/17 those boys can move 170mph +!!
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My garden flowers!!! ☺🌻🌷🌹👌👍
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My dear mother & me at blackbrooks garden centre.☺👍xx
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Flowers from around my garden!! ☺🌻🌷🌹👌👍xx
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Some before & after pics of my garden makeover!! Nigel ☺🌹🌻🌷👌👍xx
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Hastings half marathon pics!! I raised over £500 for the diabetic society I'm all for helping those less fortunate than myself & helping good charitable causes! Nigel ☺🏃👌👍xx
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My back garden flowers!! ☺🌷🌻🌹
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Nighty nite all sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite!! Nigel 😴Zzzzz
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A couple of pics of my garden on a beautiful sunny day! ☺🌞🌹🌻🌺🌷👌👍xx
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