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S/O @djcamilo #KrippyKushREMIX. make sure y’all go listen to the Travis Scott version of this. Eif bodied the video as well. - 50 trucks when I pull up, we a fleet away.
I’m on my pivot tho. I’m just so pivotal. Bands I go get it tho. Weezy on his pedestal. Alotta gang shit. A whole lotta gang shit. All these plaques is piling up. It’s no where to hang shit. 🤫Go listen to #Dedication6 now! Link in my bio. Download on
Link in my bio to listen to #5Star with Lil Wayne & the rest of #Dedication6 #D6 @liltunechi @djdrama #YoungMoney 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥Merry Christmas to all. 🎅🏻🎄🎁☃️❄️
🎁 #Dedication6 on Christmas #5Star with my boss in real life. #WeezyFBarbie back for the ppl. By popular demand 💪🏽♥️ @liltunechi @djdrama #D6
🤤😋 I want some. 😻 [@myxfusions]
Someone dope designed my moscato bottle for my bday. Tonight I’m drinking Peach Moscato. Tmrw I’ll be drinking Mango Moscato wit a buncha bad btchs wit big knockers. @myxfusions to find all my products near you! #Moscato #Sangria #RedBlendWine MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! 🎅🏻🎄🎁🍷🥂🍾
In love with this #KrippyKush artwork. Thank you. 💛💚🔰◼️⬛️♠️🖤
BEHIND THE SCENES!!! “Pleasure to meet you” *innocent voice* - *sighs* I’m such a nice little lady. Link in my bio to watch the VIDEO. #KrippyKush 👅
😭 yo u niggaz iz gettin carried away wit these damn filters
U can’t lie to ppl with money about what things cost. Niggaz know what it costs. 🤧 don’t slip up & get caught. Ppl will come around purposely talking super duper loud & the calculator in my brain be like 😒. 😩🤣 don’t enter into new circles telling old lies. I need a new car @djclue. But I need a fkn discount 😅😩😂
Hair by Kim. Makeup by Sheika. This is #GarethPugh. Styled by Brett. Photo by @grizzleemusic #KrippyKushVIDEO on VEVO
Yo come lemme holla @ u for a second. I got exactly what you need.
Awl ah yuh friends’ll b dead. U could get hit wit dat UZI. [the only person that could’ve gotten me out of work mode tonight]. PHILLY MAKE SOME NOISE!!!! 💪🏽♥️😘 #TheWayLifeGoesREMIX
#BalmainBarbie #SaintLaurentDon
Performed w/my boo Uzi tonight. Love you Philly! 😘
#KrippyKushOnVEVO link in my bio @travisscott new verse bodied 😌🇵🇷 @badbunnypr 🔥@farrukoofficial 🔥 shot by @eifrivera 😉💪🏽
#KrippyKushOnVEVO link in my bio. @farrukoofficial @badbunnypr @travisscott 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥
#KrippyKushOnVEVO link in my bio- ensemble by #GarethPugh
I- 😩 sis said EABAOS - this my mood all 2018. That’s my auntie. She cray 🤑 #PlainJaneREMIX