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senior photos, part 2. i might make more.
@dillonfrancis & @youngashmusic released a new 🔥🔥🔥 track today and i made the official music video!!! link in bio. it’s my very first full length music video and been a dream of mine for a few years. such a fun process (and a lot of work!). hope you like it! special thanks to all the wonderful people who collab’d on this with me! DP: @samplertimes effects assistant: @davidofearth wardrobe: @paperbagwaist models: @louis_tamareva as dillon & @janiahlyric as young ash y’all the real MVPs!
senior photos, a new series, i think. maybe. it has promise. i’ll let you know. maybe.
sometimes i scroll through my collection and find pictures i haven’t thought about in a while.
hbd oprah!!! with ❤️ @melbrazilia remastered from a few years ago.
the joy of creating — sundays with bob ross part 6 ft. one of my favorite animators @samplertimes 🏆#mydaywithbob . for the 6th part of this series i met one of my creative kin and favorite animators, lawrence becker. some of his work has a similar feel to my stuff. he just moved to portland from new york and we talked about how neat portland is and how it’s different from the east coast (eg better). he showed me his little will ferrell heads he made from a series he did a while back with buddy from elf getting on and off elevators. they’re pretty funny and it was neat to see someone else’s teeny cutout heads for once!! you should check his stuff out (oh and the new videos he’s making for the @trailblazers are really rad. (i’m super jealous about that gig!!)). good to make a new friend! if you have an artist idea for someone i should include in this series, shoot me a DM! #bobross #stopmotion #create
happy 10 yr anniversary to these two cute chemists.
happy museum selfie day!
the joy of creating — sundays with bob ross part 5 with @housespecialpdx (!!!) and art director, gee staughton (@dontfretdotorg ) #mydaywithbob such a cool studio visit with one of my favorite production houses! had a blast looking behind the scenes and seeing how the sausage is made and the teeny sets and figurines that the creators labor over. so neat! have a good sunday people!
the joy of creating — sundays with bob ross part 4 featuring @jonburgerman (!!!!) #mydaywithbob go check out jon’s stuff. it’s great and his stories are super funny too! it was really neat to meet him and eat breakfast sandwiches at peter pans and chat about exploring the tools on social media platforms creatively. it was really funny because a woman sitting next to us at the counter sneakily took a picture of us from like the chin down (probably because of jon’s sweatshirt) and we started talkin about her taking our picture (we could see it on her phone) but she pretended not to hear us.
🔊part 5 of 5 love letters to new york films. #mydaywithnewyorkmovies (here l recreated the fake orgasm scene in when harry met sally (staring @mika_risque as sally ❤️❤️❤️) in katz deli.) and that concludes my NY film series. i hope you liked it and thanks to everyone who helped shoot with me and mika i hope you like your new sally wardrobe! ❤️