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0 tag and 2 profiles in descriptionOff to the jungle with @tamanduaexpeditions And @radfordu . See you on the flip side with tons of dispatches from the field!
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Slowly climbing a tributary, every bend holds excitement and wonder. If you stay quiet, you could be rewarded with a jaguar, tapir, or giant anteater sighting. If you can’t, there’s always a curious monkey willing to stick around and observe you from the canopy.
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Wet, muddy, and full of content.
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1 tag and 0 profile in descriptionThis is what happens when you are trying to find a swamp by cutting through tall grass and you don’t notice the wasp nest you just violently disturbed. For your entertainment purposes I have provided the progression of of my histamine response after being stung being stung by the best of ‘em. #ifeelpretty
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0 tag and 3 profiles in descriptionYou would think that gracefulness would increase with every hour, day, and week logged in search of anacondas. At the very least it’s an opportunity to get dirty and laugh at how morphologically unprepared humans are to walk in the domain of this incredible apex predator. With: @paulrosolie @tbfrost and @canadian_explorer .
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Travel Itinerary: Virginia —> King Sized Palm Bed
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FOREVER! FOREVER! FOREVER! -Mr. Spongebob Squarepants
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0 tag and 1 profile in descriptionMy wife and I have spent the last 365 days designing and building our own food truck to serve people a genre of cuisine we affectionately refer to as “Pakalachian”. Our locally focused and sustainability minded Food Truck is called @thepakalachian , it is a representation of both of our cultures (Pakistani & Southern Appalachian). After years of experimentation and cooking for friends and family we have scheduled our opening date and our first menu is up and ready to go! This journey has also allowed me to practice my food photography, I’m really starting to enjoy it!
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This was a huge tree fall that lasted almost 5 years resting over a small stream by our station that we like to explore. This picture is the last time I saw it before the rainy season swept it away last year. Just imagine that amount of water it would take to lift this behemoth, drag it through thick foliage and mud until it is released to collect in even larger piles while traveling through the watershed. Incredible...
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“Manaova toy ny dian-tana jerena ny aloha, todihina ny afara” Translation: “Like the chameleon, one eye on the future, one eye on the past"...Or just take naps in the sun
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Two of the organisms in this picture look like they just got out of the field.
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The rivers a retreating, the streams are getting smaller, and it’s still raining everyday. The best time of year in the Peruvian Amazon. 30 days and counting!
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