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Sometimes we have to wrestle the bigger covers into submission (like this 29er Envelope cover). Well done, team! #29er #29ersailing #sailmaker
After 4 stellar years and tens of thousands of tables cut, it’s time to retire our @autometrix_inc plotter surface.
Rudder covers that fit on the rudders of the Hobie® 14, 16, 17, 18, Hobie® Getaway, Hobie® Wave Club, Hobie® Miracle 20, and the Hobie® Wave Classic. (Will likely fit: Hobie® Performance EPO, EPO2, or EPO3 as well) The covers is made of a UV stable carpet (similar to dashboard covers). The inside is fuzzy to provide a soft lining which protects your rudder from damage. The outside is much denser and more robust to protect the rudders while in storage or transit. The rudder cover buckles on with a strap making it easy to put on and adjustable. The rudder covers we offer are dark blue.
The crew hard at work. _____________________ Right: The birth of @sunbrella boat covers. Our covers are designed in AutoCAD, drawn on our @autometrix plotter cutter, and hand cut with hot knives to ensure the cover doesn't fray, meaning you get to enjoy the full 10-15 year lifespan of the Sunbrella cover. (Colors shown: Jet Black, Toast, Pacific Blue) _____________________ Left Front: #force5 top cover (Royal Blue) // #lasersailboat top cover (Charcoal Grey) // #force5 top cover (Charcoal Grey). All 3 covers are made in our polyester fabric, which is a 600 denier solution dyed woven polyester with a urethane backing. Lifespan: 3-7 years. _____________________ Left Back: The pocket that holds the bungee around your boat's perimeter starts as long rectangles of fabric that are sewn into one long continuous strip. (Sunbrella Pacific Blue; Sunbrella Cadet Grey) // #sunfishsailboat top cover (Sunbrella Cadet Grey) // Custom Project: wine fermentation covers (Top Gun, AwnTex, WeatherMax) _____________________ Call and order yours today! #sailing #sailmaking #sailmaker #boat
Work hard. Play hard.
Jib Snorkels protect your roller furling jib from the sun and weather when you're not on the water. This jib snorkel will be hoisted on the main halyard via grommets on either end (one to hoist with and one to tie the bottom down) with a full-length zipper between. #jib #sailmaking #sailing
Finished custom insignia for the Nacra 5.2 jib #sailing #sailmaking #nacra
Custom insignia for a Nacra 5.2 jib #nacra #sailing #sailmaking
The birthplace of our floors and pads.
Layout for a #tanton43 sail made with 9.88oz Dacron #sailing #sailmaker
Our @autometrix_inc plotter system cuts/draws precision boat covers, sails, and custom jobs. #sailing #sailmaker
Constructing a Walker Bay 10 deck cover out of #sunbrella (pacific blue). #sailing #boat #walkerbay
Using our @autometrix_inc cutting system to plot a deck cover for a Megabyte sailboat out of #sunbrella (pacific blue). Just one of our many fabric and color choices. #sailing #canvas #boat #megabyte
Finished laminate main + jib set #sailing #sailmaking
Up close of our team laying down numbers. #sailing #sailmakers
Putting numbers on six club Capri 14.2 mainsails (foreground) and custom projects (background). #sailing #sailmakers #capri14
Hobie 18-SX layout (left) and custom project work (right). #sailing #sailmakers
Cutting out a laminate Hobie 18-SX main + jib using our plotter system from @autometrix_inc ! #sailing #sailmakers
Jeanneau 37 Genoa dragon graphic project took 10+ hours in total work from design, cutting, prep, and layout. It was time consuming and there was definitely a sharp learning curve but it turned out perfectly and we are ready for the next sail design challenge. #sailing #sailmakers #jeanneau37 #genoa
This is a full set of press rings with inside diameter sizes 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 20mm, 25mm, 35mm, 45mm, 55mm. The smaller rings are set by hand with a mallet. The larger ones are set using a hydraulic press that can take up to 50 tons to set the rings correctly. #sailmaker #sailing
Some of our favorite DaySailer spinnakers #sailing #sailmakers #daysailer