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Taken in Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards

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5 tags and 1 profile in descriptionHello Summer! Goodbye weekends 😢#weddingseason #memorialdayweekend #gonetilldecember #cateringlife #malibu @hungrybearcatering 🐻🍴🐻
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15 tags and 0 profile in descriptionListens to Punjabi MC once... . . . Looking like Latin #drstrange Looking like a Latin Aladdin with no carpet Looking like a fly ass #yogainstructor #zoomin to the guy the upper right hand corner #hebelike #thisMF #isheevenindian #canttell #imaHateAnyway #heardhimspeakSpanish #hatersgonhate #fuckwithmeyouknowigotit #punjabimc and #therock #indianweddings are #litaf
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7 tags and 0 profile in descriptionWhen you work with a bunch of baddies 👯‍♀️🕺🏻🍷 . #WineNot #OpenHouse #RockyOaksEstate #WeTookSoManyPictures #GoodTimes #EliteAdventures #LatePost
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2 tags and 0 profile in description🍓🍓🍓#notmybirthdaycake #MalibuIDo
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7 tags and 2 profiles in descriptionMalibu Rocky Oaks Thursday Adventure💕🍷Had such a great time with my loves @happylovelymee and @kdub_real_world_ !#invitationonly #eliteadventuretours #itswineoclock #malibu #views #beautiful #mansion
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1 tag and 0 profile in descriptionWe made it, it’s Friday! Here’s some #fridayinspiration - the Sun is finally starting to peek out today! 🙌🏻
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4 tags and 3 profiles in descriptionCookies 🍪 for days! @dishcateringla @eliteadventuretours @maliburockyoaks #cookies #dessert #sorrynotsorry #yum
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4 tags and 7 profiles in descriptionbeyond gorgeous @natamals 🔥 i had to #repost this and i think u need to teach me how to take a selfie 🙈 #makeuptherapy #makeupbyTJD #makeuptherapyalex ・・・ Magical day ✨ shooting with @rebeccayale @poppydesignco @theelegantninja @makeuptherapy @gabriellehurwitz @kinsleyjamescouturebridal
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1 tag and 0 profile in descriptionFriday feels 💙 #MalibuIDo
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Great times at a gorgeous venue!
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Made it to Malibu Rocky Oaks estate 💙💙💙. So beautiful here!
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3 tags and 4 profiles in descriptionSmoked Salmon Pizza 🍕 @dishcateringla @maliburockyoaks @eliteadventuretours @rentmidway #smokedsalmon #pizza #bougie
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Issa vibe 👑🍷
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7 tags and 9 profiles in descriptionlet’s start with a fresh pretty natural glam look 💋one of the three looks we created for this beauty @natamals during our @maliburockyoaks styled shoot #bts✨ amazing team of creatives: @rebeccayale @theelegantninja @jessicariekephoto @poppydesignco @kinsleyjamescouturebridal @moniquelhuillierbride @jenniferbehr #makeuptherapy #makeupbyTJD #makeupartist #makeuptherapyalex #hairstylist #photoshoot
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1 tag and 0 profile in descriptionStarting with the “reserve” ... 👌🏼🥂 #cheers
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1 tag and 0 profile in descriptionOh hello IG.. 😅🤭The #royalwedding got me out of my hiatus so I’m finally back after 6 months! I’ve been wanting to detach myself from social media and it was a real good break for my soul!!! Will be back to regular postings of all our current & past weddings we haven’t posted! ;)
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0 tag and 6 profiles in descriptionMagical day ✨ shooting with @rebeccayale @poppydesignco @theelegantninja @makeuptherapy @gabriellehurwitz @kinsleyjamescouturebridal
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1 tag and 7 profiles in descriptionThis will always be a favorite 🍃! That view ⛰ 🙌🏼 #dinnerwithaview @jessicalaurenevents @foxtail_florals @borrowedblu @sweetsalvagerentals @happilyeveretched @poppyjackshop @sanazphotography
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0 tag and 14 profiles in descriptionWe’re all seeking balance, but does it exist? We feel that we have a balance when we feel happiness and peace of mind. However, I find that these emotions aren’t always the result of life being perfectly balanced. I’m not convinced that is truly possible! I have many thoughts surrounding balance - first and foremost, plan tomorrow today! I can’t stress this enough. There is power in waking up to a day that you know the schedule! Not every day goes according to plan, but having a plan will certainly lead to more success. Also, Let’s focus on our daily tasks. Does your to-do list include tasks that lack joy or that don’t bring more positive energy into your life? Remove the clutter, take action on only those tasks that matter most to you! This is your life. Next, I think it’s so important to surround ourselves with positive like minded people. People that will lift you up and remind you why you fell in love with your passions. Don’t isolate yourself. I believe we find the most happiness when sharing life with others - community is so important! One last thought I’ll share before ending my little speech here 😉 Always remember, you have enough time. Have you ever heard that saying, “you have time for whatever you make time for” - guys! This is so true! Carve out time for family, time for fitness, time for prayer or reflection, and especially time to celebrate yourself! If you complete all of your goals for the day, but not one moment was spent on the above list, are you really living? Do YOUR best! If you don’t complete your goals, know that it’s ok! Learning to let go a little is a good habit! My mom always says, “everything in moderation.” So so true! I hope this helps one of you - I’m speaking to myself here too! Scan by @richardphotolab | styling by @kellyoshiro | florals by @altflowers | Paper: @chasinglinen | Kimono & Dress: @shopgossamer | Hair and makeup: @chateaubelle | Tuxedo: @stitchandtie | Shoes: @bellabelleshoes | Tabletop: @theonicollection | Table & Chairs: @tacer_losangeles | Jewelry: @33jewelssb | Linens: @latavola | Cake: @lelepatisserie | Styling Assistant: @allieaiello
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7 tags and 9 profiles in descriptionSO much fun with this one! #tbt to yesterday’s gorgeous styled shoot @maliburockyoaks ✨ with an amazing team of creatives @rebeccayale @theelegantninja @jessicariekephoto @poppydesignco @moniquelhuillierbride @kinsleyjamescouturebridal @jenniferbehr @natamals #makeuptherapy #makeupbyTJD #makeupartist #makeuptherapyalex #hairstylist #photoshoot
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