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Taken in El Carmen Restaurant

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Charlie's Angels ain't got shit on us.
... A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. - Marion C. Garretty
LA adventures with paparazzi photos from @k8golding
Nacho Libre! @elcarmenla
You can’t sit with us. #happyhourcrew #happyhour #tgif #workwives
See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the taco queen
Birffday vacation short crew
If Harry Potter took place in LA, El Carmen would be the Leaky Cauldron: Portrait paintings of masked luchadores stare at you while you sip fresh, tart margaritas under the ominous, red glow of the bar lights. Giant jugs of fruit-steeped tequila sit on the bar like mystery potions. Vintage posters of old luchadores fights plastered on every spare nook and cranny look like they could roar to life, and perhaps with a little tequila in your blood you can hear the crowds ooo and ahh. Linger at the cushy swiveling bar seats for a few minutes and a basket of warm tortilla chips with salsa (and guacamole if you’re so inclined) appear. The chips are delightfully salty and the perfect thickness — sturdy enough for salsa but still shattering under the teeth easily. All this is more magical during fiesta de hora, 5-7pm m-f, when your freshly shaken margarita is $5, chips and salsa free, and guacamole a mere $3 more. Two tacos with rice and beans are just $7 if you’re feeling like turning happy hour into an early dinner. A belly of good booze and eats with a tab under $30 for two people is really the ultimate magic trick, and you didn’t even need to tap your precious stash of Felix Felicis. Lucky you. #la #happyhour #dives
Can you believe I’m out on a Friday night?! My @oliversattic Top gave me courage. Thanks @risamae86
Mexican wrestlers, bull heads and beer! Celebrated Laura's last day in the best style, her style! . . . #friday #night #bar #drinks #cantina #restaurant #nightlife
To my lovely friend and former coworker Laura, I love you girl! Thanks for being such a total badass! You're going to be truly missed! Congrats on the new job!! Many adventures await even if they're not weekday dog walks or food truck raids! . . . #friendship #friend #friendsforever #fridaynight
Where Fleetwood Mac met to form their super group.
Mezcalera #losangeles #california