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8 tags and 0 profile in descriptionSpruce root digging for birch bark baskets @ culture camp 2018 #alaskaliving #alaskaoutdoors #birchbarkbasket #birchbarkbaskets #spruceroots #sprucetree #alaskalife #alaskasummer
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Exhausted...but we DID it! Even the Alaskans think we’re crazy with our kids having hero status. Rain, snow, wind, snow bridges over too many river crossings to talk about...what’s even MORE, Logan DID it all! Carrying his own 20+ lb bag trekking 34 miles up and over countless mountains, traversing the Kesugi Ridge, then down into the backcountry of Denali State for 10 miles of greenery, marsh wetlands and beautiful lakes. We’re all incredibly sore, tired, more sore and in awe of what we accomplished and even more what HE did. Thankful to the Denali Gods that kept us safe and more, showed us the majestic mountain as we hiked along side it. To all that were waiting to hear from us though, we are out and no longer by ourselves in the wilds of Alaska and from here on will be perfect tourists 😜 to try and find the pizza we promised kids after hiking 14 miles today 😳
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Never leaving this mountain paradise🤩
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Ever been to court? Had the shitter in the corner?
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7 tags and 0 profile in descriptionVento frio + amô ✌🏻 . . . #noix #mozi #vida #rj #lifestyle #tudo2 #formouobonde
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1 tag and 0 profile in descriptionOne of the best trips I’ve taken in America!! Alaska, so beautiful and full of nature!! Definitely will come back! #alaska
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Winter photo
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사진찍어주기 힘들다..
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Today’s a good day to do this👍🏼❤️
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Santino [unenthused]: “This is a funny magnet.”
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Introduced the younger birds to the flock. They haven't been offered a very warm welcome.
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Aquí sigo, al sureste de Alaska, navegando, extrañando y disfrutando... sorprendentemente Alaska no es como me lo pintaron en las comiquitas, hay mas verde que nieve, mas aguilas que hielo y más magia que desolación, me encanta las ballenas saltando a metros de distancia de los pueblos llenos de flores y casas de sueño, Los atardeceres que toman su tiempo en llegar para que las plantas crezcan mas rapido y produzcan el virgen oxígeno que me llena de vida cada mañana, los bosques que esconden duendes ( y muuuuuchos osos), con místicos colores y canciones, texturas que mis pies jamás habian sentido, pantanos que jamas habia experimentado y una tierra que jamas habia soñado... Gracias a los sea otters ( porque se como se llaman en español) a los aguilas, alos puffins, a las orcas, a las ballenas, a los salmones, a los leones marinos y a las focas, gracias a las cascadas, los atardeceres, a los osos pardos y los negros, a los alces, a las corrientes marinas y los glaciares que hacen de esta vida que llevo increible ❤️ Los extraño a todos
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Ojo jeru jeru lek ngePush, bisa sakit 😚 -mbahbuyut -
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aku jatuh cinta pada segala keindahan Tuhan. bunga, senja, kupu-kupu dan "kamu" . . harusnya bakso, mi ayam, tahu tek dan makannya sama "kamu" . . Sante ae
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14 tags and 0 profile in description#freecamping #views don't get much better than this.#alaska #mountains #roadtrip #rvliving #rving #travel #vlogger #youtuber #solotravel #solorver #scenery #nature
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0 tag and 1 profile in descriptionOne of the best trips i have ever been on. Had a great time @lo_ra_from_mars
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Quite foggy up here!! Haylllloooooooooooo again
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7 tags and 0 profile in descriptionSunsets in Alaska at 10:30pm.. cannot get much beautiful than this ! The colors are outstanding, and the picture does not even give enough credit to how it looks in reality! #crystalcruises #crystalsymphony #seamanlife #cruising #traveling #alaskaseason #alaskasunset
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these shades of blue 😍
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1 tag and 0 profile in descriptionThese views though! #ALASKA
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2 tags and 0 profile in descriptionHello!! Welcome to the first ever official semi pro soccer account in Alaska! I will be posting info about this team and a lot of photos of the future men on the team! Please like this page so you can find out upcoming news and pictures!! #semiprosoccer #alaskafc
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