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Taken in Cannes Marina

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Tanned alot for someone that does not need to tan 🇫🇷
Alessia’s current mood @emmalo_ credits for the spelling
All you need is someone who joins in on your weirdness.☀️🇫🇷 #loveher
Här är det härligt
Amazing girl @isabellajedler 🍷 . #fashionrisen
Really thriving on the bread, cheese, and wine diet 🥖🧀
You Cannes’t take us anywhere!
Ok prommis imorse ☀️
Ne demiş descartes? Onu da sen düşün! #cannes
Bubbles and late lunch 🥂
Good Evening 🌅 #sunset
🇫🇷Même si tu n’as rien, n’oublies jamais de dire “Dieu Merci” ou d’avoir de la gratitude, tu es en pleine santé! Petites douleurs aux jambes aujourd’hui mais je marche! 🙏🏿 🇬🇧Even if you have nothing in your life, don’t forget to say “thanks God” or to be grateful, you do wake up, you are full of health! Some tough moments for my legs, but I am alive! #swimmingpool #paris #cannes #donnut #omarsimpson #126 #rendezvousle12juin #ulule @blackhatsparis 📸 @irmaphoto
bom dia
Ainda sobre ontem... 🚢🙌🏻❤️