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We moved the hens on to new grass over the weekend and they are loving life! Celebrating the first day of spring with the rest of us! #pasturedhens #freerangeeggs #firstdayofspring #freckledhenfarm
Gal pals Pippy and Ginger Snap. These two are trouble! But it always amazes me to see the connection animals have with each other. These cousins are just days apart in age and have been running together since Pippy could stand. Makes me appreciate that the gulf between us and other mammals isn’t all that wide. #goatkids #galpals #freckledhenfarm
Sending out a cute photo of Ginger Snap before we fly off to the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 Will miss these little cuties! Vacay. Starts. Now. #goatkids #goatsofinstagram #freckledhenfarm
The newest addition to #freckledhenfarm. Maude’s first kid - and it’s a girl! We’re still deciding on a name. Maybe Pippy? She joins the twins born last week to Penny, finishing our kidding season with three adorable, healthy goat kids. This never gets old 😍 #goatkids
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎶 A perfect way to start our Christmas Adam! We’ll be celebrating with my family tonight with Reindeer Games and all the siblings back home 🤗 Then off to Little Rock to spend Christmas Eve with Natalie’s family. Our Four Days of Christmas has begun! @nataliecreates and I exchanged gifts last night by the warmth of the wood stove. So much happiness and Christmas cheer! Natalie’s enthusiasm for the holiday has been rubbing off on me 😍🎄❄️ #itschristmastime #fourdaysofchristmas #freckledhenfarm
Breakfast time! And what a beautiful day! It might be unseasonably warm, but that sunshine sure does feel good 🌞 And I just delivered more eggs to the store if any of y’all locals need some fresh eggs for holiday baking this weekend #farmfresheggs #riseandshine #freckledhenfarm
I know it’s a little weird, but I really love growing cabbage. And this heart-throb is destined for a delicious batch of winter kraut! Might leave it in the garden for a few more days so I can keep looking at it though 😍 #cabbagepatch #brassicalove #freckledhenfarm
Without our pollinator pals, we wouldn’t have pumpkins, coffee or … apple brandy. 10% of the proceeds from each sale of our #PollinatorPushGardens go to the @PollinatorPartnership, all year round. • What’s more, our wildflower seed mix is curated to attract animals vital to our ecosystem, like hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. Help out our little flying friends—all it takes is a little push. • Better yet—donate directly @! • #GivingTuesday • 📸: @FreckledHenFarmhouse
I had a moment to harvest some broccoli and butterhead lettuce from the garden this weekend. And I had to have @nataliecreates snap a photo. Pure happiness 🤗 We had an amazing time at the beach on vacation last week but this was a reminder that the garden is my happy place. That broccoli has got me centered... 😍😍😍
Another shot from our first frost yesterday morning. I just may be obsessed with cabbage 😍 #frostedtips #brassicalove #freckledhenfarm #fallgarden
First frost of the season for us here in Northwest Arkansas ❄️ Such a beautiful sight this morning with the pastures glimmering and plant leaves frost-tipped. We got the last of the peppers and tomatoes harvested last night for preserving so all that remains of the summer crops are dried and withered vines. Seeing the seasons change before my eyes is one thing I love about gardening. Experiencing the rhythm of the seasons. #firstfrost #freckledhenfarm #fallgarden
Beautiful cabbage on a dewy fall morning 😍 I'm feelin' the season! #brassicalove #fallgarden #freckledhenfarm
I got our second sowing of greens planted over the weekend - a rare case of succession planting that is easier said than done! Our weather has been all over the place so I used these little pieces of row cover to keep the soil moist and warm. I checked last night and the seedlings were up! Just in time for the warm sunny weather we've got this weekend 🌞 #freckledhenfarm #fallgarden #successionplanting
First batch of fall greens harvested and sent to the store! Our favorite greens mix from @johnnys_seeds with spicy mustards, mizuna, tatsoi, pac choi, and Chinese cabbage. Makes a killer fall salad with dried cranberries, goat cheese and balsamic! #lastnightsdinner 😜#saladseason #spicygreens #getchasome
Spicy mesclun mix coming soon! 🤗 #cantwait #saladsallday #freckledhenfarm
The cabbage, broccoli, and kale are growing so fast with this warm fall weather. Seems like they're bigger every time I check on them! Also I've been trying to keep them sprayed with Bt to reduce the damage from cabbage worms. I'm seeing a little damage here and there on the kale, but nothing to drastic. So far so good! #brassicas #fallgarden #freckledhenfarm
Breakfast in the hen house 🌞🐓 #happyhens #freckledhenfarm
Summer crops are out and fall crops are in! We got our broccoli, cabbage and kale planted this week after cleaning up the summer beds. All those dried-up cucurbit vines are gone, replaced by waxy brassicas and soon-to-be lettuce seedlings. Still have zinnias, cherry tomatoes, and okra hanging on, but the reality of fall is starting to set in. #summersover #fallcrops #brassicas #freckledhenfarm
Early morning escapees 🐓😑 Some of the hens have discovered how to squeeze out of the coop to grab some early morning treats before Dad comes around with breakfast. Then they happily squeeze back into the coop to eat their feed before escaping again to free-range all afternoon. I guess it's not terrible, but I'm just waiting for the fox to find out about it. Just another fix-it project on the to-do list. 🙄 #alwayssomething #neverendingtodolist #farmlife #chickens #gottalovem #freckledhenfarm