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Taken in Lehigh Acres, Florida

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How are my friends doin #goodvibes 😁
Its Been A Long Journey Full Of Expierences And Memories 💈
This girl came into my life and I can say that she is the most important person in my life.I love her so much and through my hardest times I been through this year she was there to help me.I love you baby girl 💕
#smoke weed everyday #thug life #i rock go follow me on musically i appreciate you only if you do
Chilling in my cousin house 🏡 and wife 😝😝😝😝😝
Carla you look so gorgeous today
This is what a snack looks like on a hot summer day!!!!!!♤♡◇♧
I met you when you were about 7 years old. I’ve watched you grow up into a beautiful 18 year old woman. You’re so smart and kind and I couldn’t ask for a better sister. You’re always there for me when I need you and you always have such a positive outlook on life. I’m truly honored to know you and to have seen you walk the stage into the official adult world. You did it kid! Happy graduation, congrats!! 🎉 🎓💕
Congratulations to my baby cousin @fanfane_123 I’m beyond proud of you! You did all it beautiful! I’ll be there soon boo! #issagraduate🎓
Are y’all even watching my story?!
Carla's party
We had a fabulous last day in Florida. Do not wanna leave whatsoever 😥😢😭☹️😓