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Taken in Fredericksburg, Texas

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1 tag and 0 profile in description#bestiesforlife
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1 tag and 2 profiles in description@anabreco ig stories ❤❤ @blanquitaperezg Que guapas #detalmadretalhija BONITAS ❤❤❤
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He’s so big!!!!! Where have the times gone??
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0 tag and 1 profile in descriptionI broke a shoe and got stung by a wasp and yet somehow @eafitzsi made it with a full glass of wine just in time for sunset 🤨🍷🦂
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“You are still the ONLY Nebai that I know in the state of Texas”-Kevin Fowler 🐴😄
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2 tags and 1 profile in descriptionThanks @takakojewelry for making a clip earrings for this hold out. They match my ring perfectly. #luckylady #turquoise
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8 tags and 0 profile in descriptionWorking some more on this one. #oldartist #newefforts #artlover #goforit #lifeisart #artislife #enjoythemoment #lifeisgood
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The black sheep
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Record setting old tree and friends younger than the tree.
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1 tag and 1 profile in descriptionToo late for a senior Sunday?🔅(thank you @_seth_cook_ for taking my photos!!📷) #classof2018
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Thanks Merritt and Dale for dinner and games
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Grandma getaway
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Pacific War Museum
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Peach (n.) — a round stone fruit with juicy yellow flesh and downy pinkish-yellow skin.
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Picked some sort of fruit this weekend.
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2 tags and 0 profile in descriptionIs it cool that you’re in my head? Cause I liiiike you 🍷😂❤️ #hakunamoscato #limolife
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1 tag and 0 profile in descriptionWe took a little Sunday drive and guess what we got to do....... yummy peaches were waiting to be picked and eaten. #SundayFunday
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I'm beautiful in my way 'Cause God makes no mistakes I'm on the right track, baby I was born this way
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Day out a bit ago with this lady ☺️😍
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3 tags and 0 profile in descriptionFredericksburg is kind of super cute! . . . . #texas #hillcountry #fredericksburg
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