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I’m so grateful for her ❤️ I love you mom❤️😘#happymothersday #iloveyoutothemoonandback #bestmomever
If you ever google the definition for mother & this comes up. Mother = a noun & a verb. - I saw a post on FB today a woman posted something about being a “Fur mom” & saying something to the fact that she’d never known what true Love was until she had her “fur baby”. - Well... another woman commented something to the fact that this particular woman STILL had no idea what true Love was because she had yet to physically bear her own children... 🤦🏻‍♀️(You can all see where this is going right?) - Over 100 comments on this post!! 😮 - At first I was in shock at the comments posted for/ against the “Fur Mom”. And I won’t lie I went back & forth wanting to respond to several comments. Then it hit me! - What was I doing? Why did I care either way?! Why was this even effecting me?! Then I realized. - You see I was raised by an amazing, strong, beautiful, hardworking, sweet, single mother. - As a single mom my, she had to wear many different hats, cover down on a lot of shit, but there were just somethings she couldn’t do (like spank me 😂 oh it was hilarious!! Sorry mom) & I know some of you are like “you shouldn’t spank a kid...” & in my case you’re 💯 right!! She should have whooped me till my ass turned blue. (Yea I was really that bad 😬 IM SORRY MOM!) (she still loves me 🤗) - But the truth is I was fortunate enough to have several mother like figures in my life & to still have some of them to this day 🤗 - I was blessed when there was something I needed (whether I realized I needed something at the time or not) if my mom wasn’t able to provide, another person would step up & help. I have to emphasize PERSON here. - I feel like we do get caught up on defining “mother” as someone who has given birth to you or someone but that’s not what being a mother is!!! - I have & have had many “mothers” in my life & they’ve helped me become the amazing woman I am today ❤️From my Granma, to moms good friends (AKA my aunts ❤️), to my friends moms, to my teachers (male or female) & to the many others THANK YOU!! To anyone who lives the definition of a mother to anything THANK YOU!! We need more moms in the world & not just for humans ❤️ #happymothers #grateful #thankyou
On Fridays we flex 💪🏼 Have I ever mentioned I ❤️ my Friday Bootcamp class?! It’s literally like adult recess! Which may I just say was the best part of school?! 😆 But this is even better!! 🙌🏼Not only do I get to hangout and play with my friends but I constantly get the chance to meet and make new ones! And!!! To top it all off we all leave drenched with sweat and exhausted (not to the point of hating life of coarse lol) but to the point where we all feel like we worked our asses off and yet had no idea we’d done it because we were too busy playing and having a great time! It’s the best!! 🤩 I hope you all have something like this in your life. Not necessarily a Bootcamp class but something that you can go to and get an awesome workout in and more importantly have fun! -Life can be hard and stressful, we need a place to let go, let loose (of coarse doing it in a healthy way is definitely a plus 😉) a place and time where we can forget about all that for a little while and just do something that makes US happy! Maybe it’s not a Bootcamp class, maybe it’s yoga or meditation or even reading outside in the sun (maybe it’s all of them 😍) All I wish for for you is that you find something that can help you break away from your normal everyday life so that you can remember to let loose a little, to relax and have fun and remember that amazing person who lies beneath all the stress we do often get caught up in. 😘 -Thanks to everyone who came on Friday to play! I mean workout really really hard 😁 I love you guys ❤️ #ilovethisgroup #bootcamp . . . . . #bootcampgames #fridaybootcamp #bestclass #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fit #fitsporation #fitspo #workout #weightloss #fitnessjourney #groupexercise #ymca #workouts #enjoylife #goals #friendship #bootcampfamily #workoutwithfriends #funworkout #healthylifestyle #healthy #happy #gym #cardio #weights #run #game
❤️ - If you really think about this for a second it will hit ya. I know for me it hit home pretty hard. It’s not that I try to focus on the the things I want to better all the time or even the ones I dislike, especially the ones I know I can do nothing about like the scars from my surgeries, yet sometimes I’ll hear myself making comments to myself or even out loud 🙈 about those things & I have to catch myself & give me the “WTF” Katie Jo?! Because I know I’d never say those things to anyone else or want anyone else to be saying them to themselves so then why is it ok for me to say them to myself?! 😡 The truth is I’m extremely grateful for my life! For my health!! My mind, body, relationships ❤️ but sometimes my old subconscious thoughts & way of thinking can creep back up so quickly I don’t even recognize it until it’s happened 🙈 We’ve been programmed for so long to notice & focus on the negative so that we can “work to make it better” that after awhile it becomes an obsession. Wether it’s our weight, the way our butt looks or even the wrinkles on our face, it seems we can go from focused to obsessed so quickly we don’t even recognize it. And let’s be honest here obsessing about something negative vary rarely leads to something positive. So! What if we changed it?! What if instead we focused on the good. The wonderful aspects of who are? Our beautiful & unique & different qualities. What if we embraced our “imperfections” & “flaws” and saw them for the wonderful qualities that make us us?! If we learn to love ourselves & speak & think as loving to ourselves as we do about ourselves our whole perspective of the world would change!! ❤️ So as cheesy as this sounds. When I catch myself saying something negative about myself, or brushing away a compliment that someone has so sweetly given me. I’ve made it a point to stop, to tell myself the opposite of what’s just come out of my mouth or come into my head & then think of 2 things I’m grateful in my life. I can’t tell you the difference it’s made. I know it’s cheesy but just try it & see how it goes. Make the effort to obsess about your good qualities, be grateful for your life & just see what happens ❤️ #fitspo
Bootcamp buddies!! @5stiddystidham kindred spirits ❤️#derbyparty #bootcampbabes #fitchicks #derbygirls
Excited to run my first team relay race with my awesome team!! And thanks to my awesome friend Jamie for our getting our shirts ready and looking amazing!! #shesthebest #chesapeakerunclub #growlerrelay #vabeach
Thank you 🙏🏼 again to all of you who came out today to support Terry & me (mostly Terry I just had the honor of being able to teach the class 🤗 she put this whole amazing thing together ❤️) as we raised money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society!! I hope you all had as much fun as we did!! You all are awesome!! And we love you!! ❤️❤️❤️ #thankyou #grateful #youguysrock #blessed #weloveyouguys . . . . . #mswarrior #curems #multiplesclerosis #fundraiser #fundraising #funday #fun #spinforacure #spinforacause #findacureforms #findacure #believe #love #strongertogether #thankful #ms #msfundraiser #cityofchesapeake #757 #fitsporation #fitness #firnessmotivation #fitspo #spinning #cycle
Have you ever met someone who’s love & strength just blows you away? Someone who you look at & listen to & know deep down that the love & power you feel from them comes from deep within? That their purity & genuineness resonates so loudly that it just fills your soul with love & a desire & drive to be as wonderful as they are? That’s truly how I feel about this woman. * I met Terry several years ago when she came into my spin class with a cane. I won’t lie when I say I was nervous at first but this amazing woman got on that bike & rocked it! And she’s been doing it ever since! She was diagnosed in 2004 with MS ( Multiple Sclerosis) & has been fighting it ever since. Her love, strength & commitment have been such an inspiration to me as well as many others. * I remember times during my struggles w/ breast cancer when I’d find myself throwing a little pity party for 1 & I’d come in on a Saturday to teach my class, & there she’d be. Smiling, ready to go, & I’d just have to smile. I would just feed off her energy & strength!! She just inspires everyone around her! * Today I had the honor of being able to lead the spin class for the amazing fundraiser she put together, Spin for MS. We helped to raise money for the National MS Society, a foundation that’s so dear to her & so many that suffer from MS, hearts. I feel so blessed & grateful for Terry & to be able to be a part of her continued efforts to help the MS society as they search for a cure for this horrible disease. ❤️ Thank you Terry for putting this all together! And thank you everyone who came out & helped to support her!!! You all rock!! ❤️ #inspiring #shesamazing #sheinspiresme #multiplesclerosis #ms #strongertogether #fighter #beautifulsoul #amazingwoman #nationalmssociety #fundraiser #curems . . . #sheinspiredme #fitandstrong #fitspiration #fitspo #fitsporation #msstrong #msfighter #757 #visitvabeach #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #noexcuses #strongwomen #spin #love #inspiration #spinning
I truly don’t know where I’d be without her ❤️ She’s been the light in many of my dark times and I can express what she means to me. Happy National Kids & Pets Day. (To me she’s both ❤️) I love you Pillie 😘 @millie_amelia_earhart #iloveyou #happynationalkidsandpetsday #imforeveegrateful #lifesaver . . . . . . #doglover #ilovedogs #runningwithdogs #dogsmakeyouhealthy #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #healthy #happyandhealthy #sofluffy #fitness #fitchick #workout #workoutmotivation #fit #fitsporation #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #furbaby #fitnessmodel #sofluffy #puppylove #puppy #sosweet #blessed #ilovemydog #bestfriend #goals
Do you ever have those moments when it hits you and you think “Omg this is my life! “. * I’ve had that thought come at good times & even at the worse times. Today I had that thought & I couldn’t help but smile inside & out because I felt nothing but pure joy from everything I done & created & where I’m at in this moment of my life! * I feel like I’ve been having serval of these moments lately & today was definitely one of them. This afternoon I got to be part of the very first ever Baby Goat Yoga in Virginia!! * I was asked to teach for this event by the lovely Jennifer Barnes who is running for city council. This was her way to spread her message of her love & support for agriculture & our local community. And of course when she asked I jumped on it!! Yoga and baby animals?! Those are two of my favorite things!!! How could anyone turn that down?! * I’ve always loved animals! I mean really loved animals! Especially baby animals 😍 And yoga has always held my heart for all of its many wonderful benefits so the idea of bringing them together just made me elated! ♥️ * Yet it was only after teaching today & seeing just how much everyone else’s hearts were filled with the same love, excitement & pure joy for these sweet silly little animals & watching them as they went through their yoga practice with me & these sweet babies, that I truly realized how blessed I was to be there sharing this experience with all of these amazing people. Yes the animals are fun & absolutely adorable!! But seeing them bring so many people together for yoga today was so powerful!! People who had never even done yoga were willing come & try it today because of these sweet little babies. It just solidified in me the power animals have & even more the power of love. My heart is so full tonight!! Thank you again to everyone who came out today. I feel so honored & blessed to have been a part of all of this ❤️ #sograteful #ilovemylife #goatyoga #yoga #breathtaking #love #yogi #gratitude #yogaclass #yogaoutside #fitnessmotivation #fitsporation #fitspo #fit #fitchick #fitness #yogaeverywhere #farm #yogainspiration #757 #yogainstructor #workout #chesapeake #inspire #fit #757fitness #community