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Late dinner (snack) from Wendy’s...yum
Lunch at the Poke Bowl, the Lanai at Ala Moana.
Bloody Mary with BACON
Happy New Year everyone!
Christmas Day, 2017
KekuaAloha Foundation now selling Pizza.
KekuaAloha Foundation Ice Cream Truck at the Kauai Christmas Light Parade.
Early morning raindrops on red plumeria.
Kaleo & Sam visiting Kauai.
Pedicure time with my sister😍
Drake's pool.
Happy Birthday Having fun in our pool
Beautiful Rainbow 🌈
Dee surprised us with new hats for fishing.🎣🐟🐟
Wishing my loving & crazy sister-in-law Junelle Marso a blessed birthday 🎉
Fun with my stick.
Two divers & a fisherman.#divers#fisherman
Debbie & Deedee, looking for shells.
Mikey & Kalapawai spear fishing together.
Trying to get cool!
Brownie cake for Deedee!