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0 tag and 1 profile in descriptionI have contemplated whether or not to post these photos 🙇🏻‍♀️ I have been so open about my journey and in doing so I have been able to connect with such strong, inspiring badass women who without their support and guidance would not be where I am today. My fertility journey has been filled with so many lows that I decided it’s about fucking time I share our biggest high. Plus it’s super awkward to tell people the sitch in person, so hello social media. It is with great pleasure (and a large sigh of relief) that I can finally say we are expecting a BABY 👶🏻 Finding out we couldn’t carry was beyond devastating but we are so fortunate to be able to explore alternative methods for starting our family. We are so incredibly grateful to our surrogate who is a true angel for helping us on our journey. It’s difficult to express in words the emotional roller coaster we have been on and it seemed like this day would never come. PS. Thank you @ccrmfertility for the 🎈 we never would’ve ordered ourselves but so desperately needed to help us feel “normal”
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DEZ DUH 🌙✨☀️🌴🌵👄🌧👁
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1 tag and 1 profile in descriptionDEZ DEZ DEZ @coveteur #may31st
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